What is the best strategy for (Repair skill)?

  1. How do I get my repair skill up without growing a level

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    G_wizz - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The biggest gear boost (Vault Utility Suit/Roboco/Red Racer Suit) you can get is 5.

    Raising Intelligence gets you a +2 to repair per point of intelligence, to a maximum of +20 (at 10 Intelliegence). If you've 4 Intelligence naturally, Button's Wig will give you a +1 and Mentats a +5 (to bring you up to Intelligence 20). Don't forget that the mentats will wear off and you can get addicted to them.

    Finally, you get 1/2 your Luck score to all skills (and thus Repair). The Lucky Shades, Ranger Armor, and Lucky 8-Ball all raise you Luck by 1 (for a total of 3). Luck also rounds up (so you get +5 at both luck 9 and 10). If you've got at least a 6 luck, then equipping all 3 will bring you up to 9, netting you a total +5 to repair (over your previous +3).

    The Repair Bobblehead in Evan King's house in Arefu. You'll need to be able to pick an average lock (Lockpick rank 50 or higher) to get in. The Vault Utility Suit gives you +5 lockpick, Mentats increase perception like intelligence increases repair, (treat this the same as the intelligence paragraph) and luck also effects Lockpicking.

    Finally, there are the Dean's Electronics skill books, with give you a +1 per reading, or +2 with comprehension.

    Overall, you can get a permanent +60 boost to Repair and at least a temporary +79 to Repair. Of course, you're bound to level up in the process of chasing down all those books and items. So you're early on 'easy' bonus is about +15-25 depending on how early you can open an average lock.

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Other Answers

  1. Find a robco jumpsuit or a red racer jumpsuit (both can be bought from Pottomac Attire in Rivet City) or a vault utility suit. Those usually up your repair skill by 5 pts. Or 'Deans Electronics' books up it by one per book.

    User Info: Bahamut_42

    Bahamut_42 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. As soon as you get the Comprehension perk, reading Deans Electronics will up it by 2. There's quite a few in the game.

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