Tennpenny Tower Quest?

  1. I was in the middle of doing the Quest Strictly Business, so I had to enslave Susan. I took her in her room, closed the door, and used that slaver device which was successful but when I told her to go to Pacific City, all hell broke out. All the security came up and started to attack me. Instinctly, I fought back and killed the Security Cheif. There were too many guards so I used a stealth boy, and I wasnt hostile anymore. I keep asking the residents about the situation with the ghouls and they tell me to the cheif but he is dead so its kinda hard to ask.
    What I want to know is wether if I can still get the quest any other way?????

    User Info: SoulSurvivor43

    SoulSurvivor43 - 7 years ago

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  1. I really do not know if this will work but its worth a shot. But there's two ways to do the tennpenny tower quest. that is help the ghouls or help the guards. since u killed the cheif u should try and talk to mr tennpenny himself he would be on his balcony top floor of the tower. i killed tennpenny in my game before i got the mission and i was still able to do it. so try him. It might just work

    User Info: Cherrybombxx1

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  1. ok....hhmmm since u killed the chief then yeah i agree wit Cherrybombxx1,just help the ghouls

    User Info: Drascore258

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  2. All you need to complete the quest for the Ghouls is the key to the room downstairs, which the Chief has.... BUT one of the residents also has the key (the adventurer guy, white hair, I forget his name). Get the key, Speak to Roy, open the door in the basement, kill everyone in the tower.

    The other way of doing it is still open to you, just kill Roy and his followers, but you wont get the Ghoul Mask for it.

    The 'neutral' way of doing this quest is to convince the residents to allow the Ghouls in, this can be done when Gustavo AND Tenpenny are dead anyway so dont worry about it. These are the people you need to convince, Edgar Wellington II, Millicent Wellington, Anthony Ling, Lydia Montenegro and Susan Lancaster, you can also get rid of them by various means to accomplish the task (Which means you dont need Susan Lancaster since she's already moved out).

    User Info: Rikkx2kRules

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  3. Help the ghouls and you won't have to worry about it. You still get the ghoul mask as a reward and you won't have nearly as hard a time completing "You've Got to Shoot 'em in the Head" quest later. Plus, you can probably get the basement key off of the security chief's body instead of having to pickpocket it.

    User Info: siege924

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