whats happens if i explode the bomb at Megaton?

  1. What happens if i explode the bomb at Megaton? (the power of the Atom quest)

    User Info: nobberjr

    nobberjr - 8 years ago

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  1. Nothing major providing you prepare for it first.
    1- Get the 'Blood Ties' quest (Saloon)
    2- Fix the water pipes (Water purification plant)
    3- Get Jericho as a follower (Wandering around town)
    4- pick up the strength Boobblehead (Lucas sims' house)
    5- Find the location of your father (Saloon)

    If you do those 5 things you should have gotten everything you could out of megaton. Then just head to tenpenny tower and admire the show.

    User Info: sampj

    sampj - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. You may miss a bobble head. You could miss some missions as well (except the Wasteland Survival Guide from Moria). You also get negative Karma. You do get a cool sceen of the bomb blowing from a distance, and a room in TenPenny Tower (if you don't blow it, you get a room in Megaton) and you may miss the Ten Penny Tower missions, but I am not sure as I blew up Megaton during my playthrough.

    User Info: revtoken

    revtoken - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. You wont miss they tenpenny tower missions if you dont blow it up. and the waste land survival guide is still available at underworld.

    User Info: NoTalent132

    NoTalent132 - 8 years ago 1 0
  3. a really cool explosion, but just like what revtoken said you may lose a bobblehead. and the law inforcement of the wastes will be your bounty. plus you still run into the talon mercs on a regular basis, just not as often. Go back to megaton ruins and the soul surviver will be Moria as a ghoul, you can still continue the wasteland survival guide if u havent done so. everything over there has a foggy baby barf green everywhere and you can bearly see in the dark. also the megaton survivers are pissed and will kill you on site. good luck :)

    User Info: TrippleSixMan

    TrippleSixMan - 8 years ago 1 0
  4. When you blow up Megaton you get negative karma, a room in Tenpenny (which is better than the room in Megaton you get for defusing the bomb), 500 caps, or 1000 if you did the speech challenge with Mr.Burke in Megaton. You will get exp and 20 gamerpoints (if on 360) for completing 'The Power of the Atom'. You do miss out on a couple missions in Megaton, but Moira survives so you can still do the Wasteland Survival Guide, Moira will either be near the Megaton Ruins, or She'll be in Underworld with a bunch of other ghouls Downtown. You can no longer enter Megaton, you can only be around it, The closer you get to the center of megaton, the higher radiation you'll recieve.

    And the explosion is fun to watch :D.

    User Info: NoctisVulpes

    NoctisVulpes - 8 years ago 1 0
  5. The explosion is really cool but i think prolly the worst is u miss a bobble head. It does nt affect the story line really at all. You end up being a bad guy. And you have to watch out because Megaton Survivors are all over the map. And if they see you they are likely to attack you. Altho easy to kill. Gets you bad Karma points. To be honest its better to be a good guy and not blow up megaton. You can still get to go to Tenpenny tower anyways. You can trick the guards to let you in

    User Info: NashobaLusa

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  6. Just take the bobble head from lucas simms house before you blow it up

    User Info: NoctisVulpes

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  7. You can get the blood ties quest from arefu

    User Info: NoctisVulpes

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  8. and you don't have to go to the saloon to do finding the location of you father, if you head straight to rivit city or even Tranquility lane I think, you can just start from there

    User Info: NoctisVulpes

    NoctisVulpes - 8 years ago 0 0
  9. Basically what everyone is saying, blow it up and you end up being evil. Leave it alone and disarm the bomb you save the town. Also a funny thing that I tried is that after I received the quest from Burke, I reported it to Lucas Simms. What this does is get Lucas Simms murdered by Mr Burke himself, you also get threatened by Burke with him saying for you to watch your back. Throughout the game assassins try to kill you, it's pretty cool. This is just another alternative for being good if you want Lucas Simms' equipment.

    User Info: Rocha415

    Rocha415 - 8 years ago 0 0

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