Is DC scary yes or no and how is it or how is it not?


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    I dont want to be freaked out because i dont know that is why im asking the question... ^^ soz

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  1. Yes it is scary, lots and lots of super mutants, but lots of stuff to discover!

    I recommend you ease yourself in. Kill a few bad guys/good guys, find a new location then use your pipboy to fast travel to a safe place and rest/heal/reload. Then go back and push on a bit deeper.

    Have fun

    Peace out

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  1. Not really scary, there are more Super Mutants there though. It's a little tough because of the Super Mutants, and the Behemoth at the GNR Building.

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  2. Its not that bad if you have the right weapons to take out super mutants and talon company mercs lol

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  3. if you have your guns skills high enough and the necessary gun perks DC becomes nothing more then a mere play ground

    I find myself using the combat shotgun hunting rifle and Chinese assault rifle a lot
    hunting rifle/sniper rifle for long range, medium long range, Chinese assault rifle for medium range and combat shotgun for short range

    and most important, head shots are your best friend.

    Carry a bunch of items that you can heal with,
    basically come well prepared and you will be fine.

    you can always lower the difficulty so the super mutants are easier to kill which helps if your passing through trying to get somewhere.

    i think the town Old Olney is just as scary because the only enemys that lurk around there are deathclaw lol

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  4. When exploring DC, make sure you have some health regaining items, like Stimpaks, or Purified Water. Try looking for a bed to sleep in, instead of using items. I have 40 Stimpaks, 17 Nuka Colas, I've used 25 Stimpaks. Anyways, for weapon of choice, I'd recommend the Lincoln's Repeater or Terrible Shotgun. If you don't know how to get them:

    Lincoln's Repeater:
    Gain entrance to the Museum of History, which is slightly North East of The Washington Monument on your map. Enter the museum. Go into the room with the big mammoth display, and the broken T-Rex. Turn left and go through the door to the Lower Halls. Be warned, there are an unusual amount of Feral Ghouls down here, so if you have the Ghoul Mask from the Tenpenny Tower Quest, or bring Charon who can take them out with ease. I've tried both, and the Ghoul Mask is alot more effective. It makes Feral Ghouls friendly to you. Anyways, in the corner of this room, there should be a door. Go through it, proceed through the museum. You will come to one of the door locked doors. These are Very Easy locked, so unlock them. You will come into a room where some Feral Ghouls should be fighting a Gun Turret. Take it out, and head up the stairs. Look for a big hole in the wall, go through it. Go through to the back of the room, and turn left, voila! There it is, Lincoln's Rifle in the glass case, perfect condition, doing a whopping hit of 40. You can repair it with normal Hunting Rifles. Beware as well, as there may be a Feral Ghoul in that room who is directly in front of the case, just move towards him, pushing him to the right. Don't shoot him, he also might have Raider armour on, which he most likely stole from the dead Raider close to the glass case.

    The Terrible Shotgun:
    Head over to Evergreen Mills, I'd recommend bring Charon for this one too. Fight the large amount of Raiders outside, and beware of the Super Mutant Behemoth they've managed to lock up in an electric fence field. Don't let Charon get too close to the door, otherwise, he will open it, and if you don't kill the Behemoth within 10 seconds, it will kill Charon. Anyways, once you've cleared your way through the outside of Evergeen Mills, head into the Northern Shack. Go up and down the steel stairs, killing off all the Raiders for EXP gain. With that down, return to the bottom of the Stairs, or close to it. Look for a door that will take you to the Evergreen Mills Bazaar. Go through the door, and be prepared for a bloodbath. Many Raiders lurk in this underground hideout. They're not too strong, but can kill you fairly quickly if you don't watch your back. Once cleared out, head into the area that tunnels down. In here you should find a bar. There should be two Raiders here. Kill the one shooting at you. Talk to the other one named Smiling Jack. Hes an okay Raider, and won't shoot you. You can buy things from him, but if you want the shotgun. Go behind him, and pump a bullet into his skull. I'd recommend using Lincoln's Rifle, or a shotgun. Anyways, with him dead. Search his corpse, and he will relinquish the Terrible Shotgun. Quite possibly the most powerful Shotgun in the game. Also take his Key. With that in hand, open the locker in the corner of the room. There is some ammo, Stimpaks, and various other goodies in here.

    Thats basically it, with those two weapons in hand, your traipse through DC shall turn into a pleasure stroll through the USA's Capitol.

    Hope that helps, and by the way, the ammunition for The Terrible Shotgun is Shotgun Shells. The Lincoln's Repeater takes slightly rare .44 Magnum Ammunition, which you can purchase from Flak 'n Shrapnel's in Rivet City, and various other places, including Smiling Jack if you choose to steal it from his inventory and not kill him.

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  5. I used to find places like this scary until around 3 months ago when i got my 360. After playin left 4 dead with all the sudden surprises and gears of war 2 with all the gore i got used to things like this. All i do now is instead of gettin scared i just wonder how i didnt notice them whenether i get surprise attacked and usually laugh when i use VATS to blow off their heads(may seem disturbing). If your worried or scared of the area just go there and yourll get used to watever happens because its really frequent in a game like this when you get surprises at such an alarming rate.

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  6. Its heart of rad roaches ciniotars those crab sharks and Munants no help but the Enclave bots so yes

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  7. only bright side dex's hor house XD

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  8. Dexs hor house? Where's that?

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  9. Dude above me look around while heading to rivet city it should be by the water by a long fence you'll know when you see it.

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