1. What is the best armor in the game and how do you get it. also what is some rare/good/secret armor.

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  1. This question has been answered so many times. Simply do a search and it will come up

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  2. The tesla armor from higher leveled enclave soilders is one of the best. as for good rare armor not to sure, brotherhood of steel armor maybe?

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  3. There is no definite answer to that question, its just a matter of your skills in the game compared to what you prefer to use. I myself have the game of the year edition and hooked my character up with the "Leather Rebel" armor with the "Lucky Shades" and "Red's Bandana" while rockin' the "Perforator" rifle. But that's just cuz "Leather Rebel" has 24 DR, can be fixed with regular leather armor, and it looks like something rambo would wear! lol

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  4. It really depends on your preference. I always have a hard time deciding which of these to use:

    Hellfire Power Armor-- +1 strength, +30% fire resistance, +15% radiation resistance, +50 damage resistance, 40 weight and it can be found on random spawns (Enclave soldiers and Enclave Hellfire Troopers). Broken Steel DLC required. Heavy armor.

    Winterized T-51b Power Armor-- +25% radiation resistance, +40 damage resistance, 40 weight, and it's condition never wears down. Operation: Anchorage DLC required. Heavy armor.

    Chinese Stealth Armor-- +24% damage resistance, +15 sneak, 20 weight, and +5 stealth field while crouching. Operation: Anchorage required. Medium armor.

    Ashur's Power Armor-- +40% damage resistance, +1 strength, +1 charisma, +1 luck, -1 agility, +10 radiation resistance, and it has a skull for a shoulder pad, I'm not joking it seriously does. The Pitt DLC required. Heavy armor.

    Vance's Longcoat Outfit-- +10% damage resistance, +10 small guns, +1 charisma, +1 perception, 4 weight, can be repaired with leather Armor, and it is relatively easy to obtain. Light armor.

    Ranger Battle Armor-- +39% damage resistance, +10 small guns, +5 Action Points, +1 Luck, 27 weight, and it can be repaired with common armor, Combat Armor and Talon Combat Armor. Medium armor.

    Now head gear is a whole different story. There are hats, helmets and glasses. Most hats and glasses can be worn at the same time, helmets, however, cannot stack with the other two. If you play your cards right, and by that I mean build your character's skills, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, and perks, you can max out all of your skills and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats without the bonuses provided by your armor. Since boosting your stats, breaking regularly, and making your character look more awesome is all head gear really does, your headgear has very little use once your character is strong enough. However, while you're leveling up is a different story, you'll often find yourself needing that extra 5 lockpick skill or w/e to finish a quest or collect loot. Here are some of the head gear that I use:

    Ghoul Mask-- +3% damage resistance, 1 weight, causes Feral Ghouls to see you as an ally (until you start killing them of course), counts as glasses for some reason, and it makes you look like a zombie... er, I mean Ghoul.

    Winterized T-51b Power Helmet-- +10% damage resistance, charisma +1, +8% radiation resistance, 4 weight, and it counts as a helmet.

    Lucky Shades-- +1% damage resistance, +1 luck, 1 weight, and it counts as glasses.

    Shady Hat-- +1% damage resistance, +5 sneak, +1 perception, +1 weight, and it counts as a hat.

    Hellfire Power Helmet-- 10% damage resistance, +5% fire resistance, -1 charisma, +5% radiation resistance, 4 weight, and it can be found on random spawns (Enclave Soldier & Enclave Hellfire Trooper). Broken Steel DLC required.

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