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  1. I'm new to the game so this is my first time through it. I'm lvl 20 and I have only done like 18 quest. Exploring the land is what i do. My question is. Will this effect some of the story by just roaming the land? Also can you get any extra perks after you get to lvl 20.?

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    McClain87 - 8 years ago

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  1. Im pretty sure that roaming around the lands won't affect any of the quests. I have a lot of active quests, and I usually just walk around looking for Raiders or Mutants.

    And no, level 20 is the max level that you can get to. No xp can be earned and no further perks can be acquired (besides quest perks, like Ant Might or Ant Sight)

    User Info: Evilcatftw

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  1. If you explore the land you may in fact stumble across important NPC's that are vaulable during Side Quests and may be accidently killed by you or a random encounter. It is also possible to skip large portions of the main quest. just remmebr to not kill anybody that has an actual name.Although Arkansas in minefield is a target in a quest he is not important in completeing the quest.

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  2. I explore too but it won't effect any quests, by the way when Operation Anchorage and Broken Steel DLC come out you can level up to a higher level and in Operation Anchorage you can get the Gauss Rifle

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  3. We also have been known to wander in games that are open like this, and it is possible to skip huge portions of the main quest. Be careful who you talk to, and if you haven't done anything with the main quest don't ask questions about your dad if you go somewhere.

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  4. Lol, something funny happened to me. While at the West Jury Street Metro I noticed a man named Wes Wilkins, and I thought, "Well he has a name so he must be inportant" so I tried to talk to him, but i noticed he was hostile and shot me =[, so I decapitated him, does anyone here know what he was for?

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  5. No you might as well meet new foes,guns....and may even find random encounters like the firelance but a glith happened and had it too times once in the middle of nowhere and the other the ancorage war memorial ahhhh in that one the firelance HIT AND KILLED A MERC THAT I WAS FIGHTING !!

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  6. Glitch*

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  7. Too is two

    glith is glitch

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  8. If you get the DLC it would be worth your while you'll get to level up to 30 it gives you and extra good 100h of playing (if you take it slow) and yes you get a few more perks after you get the DLC: steel ingots, and if your traveling around no it wont effect the game later on unless your slaying everyone or stealing, in fact its a little better for later on in the game while doing the quest because it lets you fast travel to the nearest area around that quest.

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