Tenpenny Towers generator?

  1. A while back, I had done the Tenpenny Towers quest and all that and got the key to the generator room. However, when I went in to use the computer to unlock the generator room door, I didn't successfully hack it. At the time, I gave up and figured I'd let it sit a few days and it would let me try to hack it again because that's happened before. I did a couple other quests and went back to try the computer again, but it still says that mess about contacting an administrator. I'm level 30 right now so I doubt I'll be able to get anymore perks so I can get the computer whiz one... is there any other way to still get in the generator room? What all is in there anyway and does it even matter if I get in or not? Or do I have to load an earlier game and lose the other quests I've done since then?

    User Info: shay0428

    shay0428 - 6 years ago


  1. It doesn't really matter to be honest, it's just a shortcut to the metro tunnel's and the ghoul's hideout.
    you can still get into the hideout by going into the metro entrance which is south west when you're facing the entrace to tenpenny tower. there's nothing in there. not worth it. :)

    User Info: ferdel4nce

    ferdel4nce - 6 years ago 0 0

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