What is the best strategy for starting the game?

  1. Hey im new at the fallout series and im havin troubles can someone tell whats the best way the start the game off?

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    nugget903 - 7 years ago

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  1. Start with good explosive skills and science skills. you need them in order to complete the first couple of quests easily and quickly. plus it's better to get your strength up aswell as you journey and trek quite alot too and you may come across animals in the wild. when you do, don't bother to fight it, just keep running and take the hits, eventually it will either hold back, or it will start to slow down. no matter what, just keep going.
    Don't buy things and blow all your money straight away too. just save it for the expensive things as it's really worth it.
    Complete as many quests in cities as you can be bothered to before moving on as it can get your XP up (in order to increase your skills) and get money too.
    Don't be afraid to not rush the main quest. take your time! no rush.
    explore the wasteland. get to know your surroundings.
    you cannot ambush enemies, don't try tactics like ATTACK ambush. trust me, it doesn't work, you can't even flank them. so don't waste about 30 minutes trying to get behind your enemie's patrol.
    you can sneak and use tactics and get past them without being seen. use their patrol patterns to time when you need to move.
    don't worry about the radiation. you have ages until you start getting affected, so don't worry about the puddles and the water.
    SAVE your stimpaks, don't blow them all. use it on your limbs most of all, not your main health.
    use the VAT thing (or whatever it's called) it's immensly useful to combat and planning. shoot their legs if they run away. shoot their heads if the chance of hitting it is over 80%
    if not, then shoot their torso.
    don't use your pipboy's light if you are trying to sneak, it advertises your presence more!
    pay attention to your item's effects (i.e sneak, strength, speech etc)

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  1. I think it's best to try what you like...experiment, if you don't like the playthrough try a new one. The game was made for many,very fun playthroughs...good luck!

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  2. The way YOU want to play, but having a high intelligence for more skill points and a 3 agility level if you don't wanna use vats often aren't bad ;)

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  3. I completely agree with these guys. If you disarm the bomb in Megaton, (city close to Vault 101) you will get a house to put your stuff! An awesome tip too by the way! If you talk to the sheriff about disarming the bomb and have high enough speech, you can get some more caps from doing it. And if you show the sheriff (Lucas Simms) the fusion pulse charge that Mister Burke can give you, he will confront him and die and you can take Lucas' sweet gun and outfit! My build looks like this:

    Don't put a lot of points into Perception like I did. Or you will see locations miles ahead of you and it is annoying to walk all that way or even enemies that are very far away from you but you think they are nearby! XD

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