Is It A Good Idea To Use Big Gun's,Small Gun's,And Energy Weapon's For One Character?

  1. For my character i was thinking about using Big Gun's,Small Gun's,and Energy Weapon's all of them for my first character but the thing is i want to make sure if it's ok or not like what will happen if i choose perks for Small Guns,Big Guns,and Energy Weapons and will anything mess up?

    User Info: MTG2786

    MTG2786 - 6 years ago


  1. Its mainly personal preference on what skills to work toward but, the most Favorited skills are small guns, lock pick, and science. Since Big guns has a skill book infinite re spawn glitch, adding any points to that would be useless unless you don't want to glitch. But, I would recommend trying small guns, energy weapons, lock pick. Big guns is just a major waste of points along with explosives.

    User Info: RequiredPanda

    RequiredPanda - 6 years ago 0 0

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