I need help finding the special fat man?

  1. Is there an easyer way to find it?

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  1. No, you need to get all of the tapes. But making a run to the Armory is very profitable. Provided you pack light.

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  2. It is in the barracks of the national guard depot(completely south of vault 108) and you cannot enter unless you find the Keller Family Transcripts witch are at: #1 Travel to the VAPL-58 Power Station, directly southwest of Arefu, then head north following the electric towers until you reach the pylon shack (it's more like a fenced-in area at the last electric tower), where you will find the tape on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

    This tape is NOT needed to enter the bunker; as it does NOT have one of the 4-digit code numbers. It simply provides backstory for this quest. #2 Travel to Hallowed Moors Cemetery north of Big Town. Go in the front entrance of the church, and the second of five Keller family transcripts will be on the left on top of the podium.

    There is a captive inside, and a mini nuke on the table inside a wooden crate. Also three frag grenades in an overturned wooden crate behind the table with two ammunition boxes near it. Near the captive there is also a small crate with two boxes of either Abraxo Cleaner or detergent in it; there are two stimpaks underneath them. There is also a Big Book of Science in the podium and a Chinese assault rifle on Makeshift Bedding in the center of the room as well as a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine on the shelves on the left before the captive. Travel to the Grisly Diner and head inside, then go to your right and out the back. The third Keller tape is located on a desk at the back (outside).

    The Grisly Diner is just north of The Temple of the Union or due North West of Canterbury Commons

    Note: There are traps around the diner and there are raiders either in the diner or close by if they aren't in the diner setting the traps off they will come attack

    There is also a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor inside the diner on the first set of racking. Be aware of a trap that swings from the ceiling activated by the pressure plate on the floor.

    Caution: There are mines around the front and rear of the diner and raiders will also attack you. #4 Travel to Rockbreaker's Last Gas and look to the west. On top of the hill, you will see the sniper shack, at the top of a cliff; it's the location of the fourth of five Keller family transcripts. Make your way around the cliff on the southwest side of the cliff (there may be some super mutants/centaurs along the way). Inside the shack, the tape will be on the workbench on the left. (A copy of Dean's Electronics can be found in a box below the workbench, a copy of Guns and Bullets is on the night stand under the pre-War book, under the night stand is a Hard safe with loot and the Victory rifle is locked in the Very Hard locker.) #5 Travel to Anchorage Memorial and head north-northeast. Across the river there is a semi-truck and a tent behind it. Inside the tent on the table is the fifth Keller tape, along with a wasteland captive. There is also a copy of Pugilism Illustrated in one of the two open trucks(the one closest to the river) to the right of the tent with the fifth Keller tape.

    There can be any type of super mutant (depending on the player's current level) and two centaurs there. There is also a captive inside. A super mutant overlord only appears if you have the Broken Steel DLC.

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