Continuing the story after Take It Back?

  1. I was told that if I downloaded Broken Steel, then I could continue after completing the main quest. And that I'd have to sacrifice Lyons to do it. So I did. But all I get was a credit roll, and no save to continue from. So how is this supposed to work, exactly?

    User Info: Fear_the_Reefer

    Fear_the_Reefer - 5 years ago


  1. Well no and yes, if you get broken steel then you don't have to sacrafise anyone just sacrafise yourself and you gain karma for it. When/if you downloaded broken steel then reload your game or restart the xbox/PS3. And when you punch in the code you have to wait till the credits are over and it should load up and say-- 2 Weeks Later--. If you need anymore help just post another question

    User Info: Tommywx

    Tommywx - 5 years ago 0 0

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