Head of State Glitch??

  1. At the end of the head of state quest, I met Hannibal at the Mall Metro and sold him all the lincoln items and he told me to meet him at the Lincoln Memorial to complete the quest. The group walked to the museum metro and entered it. Other answers to this question say to wait about 6 hours and they will show up. It has been about a week gametime and they have not arrived, so I have not gotten the quest complete message. The quest arrow on the compass keeps directing me back to the Mall metro where I first met them but they are nowhere to be found. Anyone else have this happen? suggestions?

    User Info: farr7097

    farr7097 - 8 years ago

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  1. Yea that happened too just wait a while, if you want you can reload your game and run with him to the spot

    User Info: Loglog365

    Loglog365 - 8 years ago 3 0


  1. Yes the same thing happened to me because I waited about 6 days gametime and they didn't show up at that spot where the marker points at in front of the Mall Metro Station. Finally after waiting in game they finally showed up. I think it just takes time and it alters with each game because I saw my friend do that side-quest and they instantly showed up at the marker. But then for me it took me about a week in game time for them to show up so I could complete the quest.

    User Info: IMonKI

    IMonKI - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Yeah, it happened with me too. What I did was, instead of telling Hannibal everything is good to go and just fast travelling to the memorial, I stuck around (and rested a couple of times) at the Temple of the Union until I saw them all gathered in single file outside the Temple. after that, they should begin their trek to the Memorial. When that happens, fast travel to the memorial and rest a couple of times (by rest, using select). If you go forward by a whole day, they should spawn up right at the marker a short time later.

    User Info: Grandstream

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  3. It happened to me on the Xbox 360 version, but I solved that problem by waiting for several days.

    User Info: Shockwave_S08

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  4. Go to the Lincoln Memorial and wait for 24-72 hours. If that doesn't work then fast travel to The Temple of the Union and a guy should be there(Sorry forgot his name). Talk to him and then fast travel back to the Lincoln Memorial. Hannibal should be there if not look around the memorial. This worked for me on 360, not sure about PC and PS3

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  5. Also, note that if you kill all the slavers at the Memorial before they arrive, you can't complete the quest. Happened to me. :-/

    User Info: omni_mech

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  6. Have you tried going back to the temple of the union?

    User Info: djxd101

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  7. I killed all the slavers before they got there and wait and they didn't show up but then went to the entrance and they were there.

    User Info: HaseoZero

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  8. It can take awhile. You could try to meet them on the way, not sure if that would work or not, but if you travel from the Lincoln Memorial back to the slave camp, you might bump into them.

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  9. Just Wait awhile, he will be there eventually

    User Info: Suicide-Panda

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