How to get three followers?

  1. i beat the mission in raven rock and got fwackes(put he died by a behemout) so i got jericho and clover put they got seperated by the mission and know i can only get jericho or clover but not both and i would like to get charon
    P.S. dogmeat got killed

    User Info: jet5698

    jet5698 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    It saids i can only have one follower???

    User Info: jet5698

    jet5698 - 8 years ago

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  1. You've got to exploit the system. Firstly, like mikeortiz410 said, you start with a companion. For example, at the end of Raven Rock, where you were captured and you just escaped, you see a friendly (Fawkes). Let him finish off the Enclave soldiers. But before he comes running to you, fast travel to Megaton (Note: this exploit is said to only work if you never did this beforehand). So, with evil karma, talk to Jericho and buy him. Fast travel back to Raven Rock once you gain good karma (purified water to the beggars outside of Megaton or Rivet City gives a significant amount; or donate caps to the church at Rivet City which gives 1 karma per cap) let Fawkes talk to you. He'll join you no matter. Now you have two. Gain neutral karma and go to the Underworld. This is where I had trouble getting Charon to join. I ended up firing Jericho and getting Charon and Fawkes (Fire one of your current companions and obtain Charon's Contract). Now, I went to get RL-3 (outside of Tenpenny Tower and near the Robot Co. Facility). Get near his owner, fire one of your companions, and before he/she walks away, talk to the owner and buy RL-3, RL-3 will attempt to talk to you, don't let it talk to you and go and get your fired companion back, then let RL-3 talk to you and now you have three companions. Now you can get evil karma and do the same thing to get Clove from Eulogy Jones. You will then have four companions. With good karma, go to the Citadel and you will see everyone gathered up. Talk to Star Paladin Cross. She will tell you to go talk and listen to Elder Lyons. Once you finish listening, Sentinel Lyons will ask if you are ready, tell her no. Now talk to SPC again. She will talk to you and give you two options: 1. Tell her to join, which she won't, 2. "I suppose I can't stop you." Pick the second one and she will join you. This means five companions. Get Dogmeat and kill him. You will now have another slot to pick up either Butch (neutral karma and obtained after you finish "Trouble on the Homefront") or Jericho. I got Jericho and fired RL-3 to get Butch. You can interchange your companions by firing one and getting the other. I took all the humans because I can equip items on them. Just make sure you do this after Raven Rock and make sure you do a few saves here and there. Good Luck!

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  1. SPOILERS-well first you need to find dogmeat, next you must get either fawkes or jericho now u need to go buy buy charons contract(the ghoul in underwolrd) or u could get jericho (evil karma) then go to paradise falls and talk to eulogy jones and ask to buy a slave clover(bad karma) heel say no cus u have jericho so fire fim realy quick then buy clover and get him back now go to underworld and get charon(no karma). also you can get followers by just letting them follow you and never completeing a quest like trouble in bigtown. Remember this all starts with dogmeat because when you get him he takes up a spot so then you must kill him and it opens 2 slots hope it helps

    User Info: mikeortiz410

    mikeortiz410 - 8 years ago 1 2
  2. Ok i kno how to have nine followers its alot of work though first you get jerico then go to paradise falls fire jerico buy clover before she talks to you hire jericho again then go to the scrap yard have dog meat join then kill him then go to under world buy charons contract or kill greta and then get neautral karma then fire charon go buy a robot from tinker jones then rehire charon then go to rivet city fire the robot and hire butch (note he wont be there unless u let the people of vault 101 out after doing the mission for vault 101 the 2nd time around) then get good karma go to the cithadel talk to paladin cross u need to do this exactly the way i say it or close to it tell her u knew my father then say i loved my father and ill never forget him then say i dont suppose i can stop u then say id be honered then go to little lamplight tell stickey that u will take him to bigtown but dont just keep him then go to the german town police and find shorty and red and dont take them to big town either (note u have to give them weapons and ammo) then go to the national archives find sidney have her follow u

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    wheresware - 8 years ago 1 1

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