The "Puppies!" approach isn't working, and I'd like to know why?

  1. Now maybe not everyone is familiar with this exploit, but supposedly if you kill Dogmeat after you get the "Puppies!" perk, and even if you have a companion following you already Dogmeat's death will free up another humanoid/non-humanoid companion slot instead of just a regular non-humanoid companion slot...

    Basically just keep killing Dogmeat over, and over again, and you can keep picking up more and more companions since the Puppies perk will make him reincarnate as "Dogmeat's Puppy", and Dogmeat wasn't programmed to take up a companion slot at all so even if you've got Sergeant RL-13 (Or whatever it's name is) you can still have Dogmeat join you as a companion.

    Now that being said this exploit isn't working for me, and seeing how well known it is I highly doubt that this exploit was just some tiny little fabrication some troll, with nothing better to do with his life, came up with in his spare time... I just killed Dogmeat inside of Underworld, and I already had Butch as a companion so I was trying to pick up Charon with this glitch, but well every time I tried recruiting him he'd tell me a bunch of bull**** about how I have to many people following me (Seriously why have a companion cap? It's not like it'll make the game that much easier anyway, and the only bad thing that would come from it would probably be the increased lag, but hey that would be the players choice to make their game crash like that...)

    In closing keep in mind that I'm playing the original game, not the GOTY edition, and that I've never once patched my game, and also if it helps I didn't kill Dogmeat in plain sight of any of the ghouls in Underworld since Charon tried to kill me once he saw me strike Dogmeat (Makes sense I guess).

    User Info: CHIMOUR

    CHIMOUR - 5 years ago


  1. the perk has to be first then redo what you were doing,
    I myself didn't even know if this was possable esp. for the Xp's and leveling ups.

    User Info: HAYEDERSAL

    HAYEDERSAL - 5 years ago 0 0

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