Please give me some fun things to do (not quests)?

  1. I have completed all the quests and im looking for some more fun things/places to do/explore?

    User Info: heath41

    heath41 - 8 years ago

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  1. When i am bored of Fallout 3 save your game go to tenpenny tower and all other places of high population and kill them all. Thats what i do when i am bored :)

    User Info: Smoothy08

    Smoothy08 - 8 years ago 3 0


  1. I say get all the weapons and armor that are green on this site.
    and get one of all of these
    I did it and i have added about 5 more hrs to my play time.

    User Info: keithmerkle

    keithmerkle - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. And if you want to just go out and find places go here it has all spots on the map pick one and go lol.

    User Info: keithmerkle

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  3. There are nine radio broadcasts that you turn on your self in the wasteland and once you turn them on and pin point the mores code you find a secret location.

    User Info: gaintman13

    gaintman13 - 8 years ago 1 1
  4. Why don't you check YouTube? They allways have something, like killing Tenpenny with 40 frag mines. (He flew quite far.) Or then you can just collect Achievements.

    User Info: XboxHelper

    XboxHelper - 8 years ago 1 0
  5. I have competitions with my friends that have this game to see who can get whatever weapon, or all the bobbleheads first. It keeps it fresh.

    That video where he kills tenpenny with 40 mines is hilarious!

    User Info: happyspartans

    happyspartans - 8 years ago 0 0
  6. Well theres one thing u can do .... kill wuteva u see!!!!!

    User Info: D_Nyse

    D_Nyse - 8 years ago 0 4
  7. Hey do you find out what that moris code is saying...its driving me nuts because i have done everything as well. To the original question... i to have done all quest, but i have all the armor, weapons(except 2) etc. i make it a point to walk every square foot of the waste land. leave no stone unturned, no enclave unkilled. i like going through and just seeing how much tesla armor i can put in my lockers at home. same with cool stuff. like i have a huge wall of cartons of cigs. like 125 of em. and i have a giant mountain of cash so that if they reinstate old money i will be the richest man in the wastes!!! i do pointless stuff like that. basicly trying to make my house full of cool rare stuff. that has kept me busy for the last like 100 hours or so. lol. the possibilitys are endless in fall out brother....just use your imagination!!!

    User Info: projektpat

    projektpat - 8 years ago 0 0
  8. I will now tell you some of the most fun things to do in Fallout 3.
    1. Go to little lamplight and shoot and beat the little kids there, they are invincible, so it is hours of enjoyment (be sure to save before hand so you can load and get all of your stuff back)
    2. Just for fun, pickpocket random people and put grenades in there pants and watch the show.
    3. If you haven't taken the Capitol Building, get the Shishcabob or Ripper, get as much physco, jet, and buffout as you can, take them all at once, then run into the HUGE fight that is going on in it and kill everything with just those weopons (it is easier this way I'd say)
    4. Go on a complete rampage and kill EVERYTHING that moves and is able to die, even importent people.
    5. Do to everything to Moria that she made you do. Beat her with the repellent stick, shoot her alot, make her step on mines.
    6. Shoot people in the face with teddy bears.
    7. Enslave people for no reason at all (Mezz them basically).
    8. Punch a Deathclaw to death with your fists (No powerfists).
    9. Try to take on all of the Brotherhood of steel in your UNDERWEAR.
    10. Blow up Megaton.
    11. Beat up more little kids.
    12. Anything else you could think of.

    The possiblitys are endless. Wait.......just thought of another one.
    13. Kill all of the old people you can find.
    Have fun.

    User Info: Kainscommando

    Kainscommando - 8 years ago 1 0
  9. You know the doctor in megaton well be4 goin into the clinic use a stealth boy and sneak by him then pick pocket him and put a frag grenade in it and he will explode and no one in megaton will be after u

    User Info: wheresware

    wheresware - 8 years ago 0 0
  10. 1. Make a save file of right before you blow up Megaton so you can watch the show over and over again.
    2. Use the Mesmetron on various people - some will attack you and others will jump in on your side and attack THEM. I got rid of Confessor Cromwell this way so I didn't have to hear his preaching anymore and everyone acted like nothing happened. Save before you do it, as the results can be random. I've made people's heads explode with the Mesmetron somehow. This seemed to happen to Nathan a lot. This might have been because I had destroyed everyone in Paradise Falls and didn't have slave collars. I couldn't help it. I liked Eulogy's suit.
    3. Kill "The Family". They'll have some neat stuff to take. Vance has a Shishkebab and the schematics for making one, so that's nice.
    4. Wipe out Arefu while you're at it.
    5. Have a few save files where you can do whole town shootouts and go back to them. Megaton is a pretty good one because they have hidden snipers at the top of the town and the Settlers just seem to keep coming out of nowhere. After a while everyone hides indoors and you have to stalk them.
    6. If shooting gets too boring, try baking them with the Flamer, using a knife, police baton, or whatever implement strikes your fancy.
    7. Try to to do the Grand Theft Auto approach to fights - get people to fight other people and watch as they die and you get no karma penalty. It's harder than it sounds. They might have to shoot at you and you move and then the bullets hit someone else.
    8. Find out just how much a mailbox can hold.
    9. After a long day of killing and slaughter, relax with an Ice Cold Nuka-Cola.
    10. Start over and try to actually enslave Arkansas if you haven't already but make it hard on yourself, low sneak, no stealth boy, and keep your level low.
    11. Start a new game with an Intelligence of 1 and forbid yourself to pick up bobbleheads or get an Intense Training Perk, and sell every skill book you come across. If you manage to beat the game, kudos.

    Just make it your own. I'm sure you have enough ideas, combined with the other submissions, to alleviate your boredom.

    User Info: the_quickness

    the_quickness - 8 years ago 1 0
  11. The first few things that pop into my head are:
    A. Set mines all around you, set them off and then see how far you go.
    B. Use VATS alot to see if you can get 'funny' deaths
    C. Throw grenades randomly around in towns and see how many people you can blow up in one.
    D. Fallout may seem a bit repetitive after a while like GTA but its always a good game to once in a while go on a massive killing spree.

    User Info: straven333

    straven333 - 8 years ago 0 0
  12. Something i like to do when im bored, i like to go to the top of Tenpenny Tower and drop a few land mines then get out the good o'l Fat man and blast the railing so that my corpse flies over the edge and out into the wastes. As of right now the farthest my body went was just outside of Megaton. Can anyone beat that? Have fun =)

    User Info: ThymeControl

    ThymeControl - 8 years ago 0 0
  13. At Jury Street Metro station is a grocers. Inside is a Rube Goldberg trap that's well worth watching. If you've been in there before and looted, chances are you ruined the fun, so only go there if it's not been touched or visited.
    Look on the floor as you enter, follow the arrows and set the trap off. Do not disarm the pressure pad. Watch as the Brahim head sets off a domino topple of boxes, which sets off a baseball pitcher, which knocks a fire extinguisher on to a bear trap, which explodes setting off a grenade bouquet that ignite a gas leak, which sets off a generator explosion, which shakes the whole building and makes a skeleton and loot fall from a hole in the ceiling.

    User Info: Rob_E_Coyote

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  14. Save when you are doing the goat and make different characters,test their power.It never gets old.

    User Info: sinarahim

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  15. My husband and I have collections. We go around colecting random things. I'm currently collecting garden gnomes and the nuka cola trucks and brahmin skulls.

    User Info: ladeereynolds

    ladeereynolds - 8 years ago 0 0
  16. Go find every single skill book for every skill, and every will visit some interesting places..before you get all of them

    User Info: 1KingOfGames

    1KingOfGames - 8 years ago 0 0
  17. See how far you can get using the baby glitch.

    User Info: LWS666

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  18. I like to truly pimp my suite in Tenpenn tower by collecting loads of cash, drugs, unique goodies. (I also got a lot of mutilated body bits to lay around my place cuz they don't expire, great with a pre-war theme)

    User Info: OrokenDuMonger

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  19. What is the baby glitch.

    User Info: gaintman13

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  20. I dont know what the mores code says or where the location is all i know is that there is a secret location(the guide says so).

    User Info: gaintman13

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  21. Brahmin tipping, that never gets old.
    (no weapon equipped, crouch, press A, LOL)

    User Info: AbnormalFire

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  22. You could if you haven't already, get a job or get money and buy the dlc for fall out =D get the man opener it's fun! even without the bloody mess perk it's nasty and pure extacy!

    User Info: Fitzler

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  23. Go after all the super mutant behemoths. They are difficult to beat and with all the raiders/other enemies around them, it'll usually take a few tries.

    User Info: sonicboom713

    sonicboom713 - 8 years ago 0 0
  24. Get a Fat Man. Find the Washington Monument. Stand in front of said monument. Aim Fat Man at your feet. Fire. And see how far up the monument you can make it.

    User Info: Prophets_Blood

    Prophets_Blood - 8 years ago 1 0
  25. I found an old Nuka Cola Truck and converted it into a base, as long as I go buy there every few days the stuff I leave there stays. Try making a makeshift base.

    User Info: LEGOslayer

    LEGOslayer - 8 years ago 0 0

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