Can't find dogmeat?

  1. After finishing the raven rock mission i went to the scrapyard to find the dog but only found the three raiders, is there a time limit that you have to find him, i also dismissed fawkes to see if that would help but there wasn't any change in the outcome when i went to the scrapyard

    User Info: boredguy9

    boredguy9 - 8 years ago

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  1. Dogmeat always goes back to Vault 101 after you have found him.

    User Info: jason9832

    jason9832 - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. there is no time limit. Either he is there and you simply missed him or its a spawning glitch. Sorry.

    User Info: Yoshimarue

    Yoshimarue (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 5
  2. He is in the scrapyard....look in corners not in the very middle of the place and you might have to go around cars and stuff because they can block his way from getting to you

    User Info: 1KingOfGames

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  3. He is in the scrapyard. if you cant hear him barking near the eastern side then yea it is probably a spawning glitch or he could have died

    User Info: TheWeaveX

    TheWeaveX - 8 years ago 0 6
  4. You'll find him in the scrapyard area in the northeastern part of the CW. You'll most likely find it when you're looking for Canterbury Commons. But be careful. Unlike other chars you can recruit later, Dogmeat can die pretty easily.

    User Info: Grandstream

    Grandstream (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 5
  5. Well, to start look all around in the Scrapyard and keep a lookout on your compass to find someone friendly and follow it. Then set up a perimeter and look outside of the scrapyard and keep a lookout. If that doesn't work, and if you've got multiple saves before you went to Raven Rock, try and load one up and immediatley search for him. Possibly look around vault 101's entrance too. But if you cant find him, it is highly possible that it is a spawning glitch. Dogmeat also holds a reserved follower spot too, so dismissing shouldn't matter.

    User Info: XxM1GxX

    XxM1GxX - 8 years ago 3 1
  6. Its weird i was fighting raiders at bethesda ruins and all of a sudden dogmeat showed up and started helping me kill them. and yeah dogmeat can join you even if you have another follower. I sooooo wish there was no follower limit cuz then i could build the ultimate wasteland army!

    User Info: loskilla

    loskilla - 8 years ago 2 1
  7. He is in the scrapyard south of Minefield.

    User Info: Metanub

    Metanub - 8 years ago 0 3
  8. I didnt get him at scrap yard, i havent even discovered scrap yard, all i did to get him was when i went into lucas simms' (rest in piece) house i just waited and waited for hours (game time) for harden simms to see if the house had a safe, like billy creels when you talk to maggie with child at heart, and after waiting i saw a dog and aimed at it and saw its name 'dogmeat', it might just be a glitch but it worked for me

    User Info: ja70key

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  9. you get dogmeat in the scrapyard (eight blocks from the top and six blocks from the right in the top right of that block) just north of Bethesda Ruins by 3 blocks, in the scrapyard he's to the east of the middle building behind some cars by a red train car if you can't find him there use the wait function and he'll eventually show up

    Theres also johns treasure box with three skill books in it to the northwest between a red train car (left) and a puddle of radiation (right) inside of a burned out bus (middle) in an ammo box with a hard lock I believe unless you've got johns key (mini encounter)

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  10. Try outside of Vault 101. That was where Dogmeat was waiting for me after Raven Rock and The Pitt.

    User Info: STONECUTTER02

    STONECUTTER02 - 8 years ago 1 1
  11. If the player reaches the Scrapyard and does not enter it, or somehow manages to pass by and trigger the event without speaking to Dogmeat, it is still possible to encounter him later in a random encounter.

    User Info: Rambo_Style

    Rambo_Style - 8 years ago 0 2
  12. Dogmeat was said to be found in a random encounter, which would appear in different places depending on where the player ventures to, but was meant to appear early on to help develop your bond with the dog. This was scrapped and in the released game, Dogmeat is found in a fixed location all the time, the Scrapyard, south of Minefield. He is found attacking and killing several raiders, but approaches the player peacefully and will join him if asked.

    If the player reaches the Scrapyard and does not enter it, or somehow manages to pass by and trigger the event without speaking to Dogmeat, it is still possible to encounter him later in a random encounter. He will sometimes come to your aid when you are facing overwhelming odds, such as a larger group of Talon Company Mercs in the wasteland. If during your travels you see the words "Dogmeat is unconscious" appear at the top of the screen, it means he is nearby somewhere and is likely being attacked. Dogmeat cannot die before you have recruited him.

    Shooting Dogmeat in the initial encounter without talking to him can make it impossible for the player to recruit him. He will appear outside Vault 101, but cannot be engaged in dialogue.

    All of the information above was from .. .. Copy and paste into your URL its a complete guide for fallout 3 xD

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  13. Go to the scrapyard north east of megaton you'll see a busted metro rail falling apart once you cross the river and you'll come up to some raiders that means your close then enter the scrapyard and go to the back and youll find him fighting some raiders lol.

    User Info: edgehead38141

    edgehead38141 - 7 years ago 1 2
  14. He should be in the north east corner of the scrapyard

    User Info: amboris

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  15. You don't find him he technically comes to you.

    User Info: Brandonvenom

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  16. If he's not in the Scrapyard he'll eventually come to you through a random encounter. :)

    User Info: Death_Reunited

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  17. He's at Vault 101.

    Also, get the Puppies! perk as soon as it becomes available. That way, if Dogmeat gets killed, one of his puppies will spawn at Vault 101 for you to have as a follower.

    User Info: Doolz2024

    Doolz2024 - 7 years ago 0 0

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