I really like this game, but I'm horrible at it. Help?

  1. I've had this game since the day of release and love it. Graphics are nice, open-world is amazing, VATS is just plain awesome. The problem is that I'm horrible at this game.

    Most of the time, I usually don't know what I'm doing. There's so many quests and the main story of course. I get stuck a lot, fill my inventory up with stuff that I don't know if I even need.

    Can you guys give me tips?

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  1. either blow up the bomb in megaton, or disarm it. that gets you a house with storage. sell things like crappy armor, guns you don't need, and i sell the chems i find too (except radaway and stimpacks). the caravan merchants tell you of a place called cantebury commons, where you can pay to upgrade the merchants (better gear, more caps). Then i say follow the main quest (focus on small guns, it's most guns in the game) until you get to the museum of technology. across from there is the museum of history, in there is lincoln's repeater and charon (a follower, makes combat easier).

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  2. Here are a few things that you should get a head start:
    -Finish "Power of the Atom" ASAP. The reward it nets you (on the good or bad karma side, it doesn't matter which) is one that can help you out a lot in the long run.

    -Look up the schematics for weapons you might want to make in the future (these can be found on GameFAQS.) and save the required ingredients. You can utilize the reward from "Power of the Atom" to make this easier. It'll make sense once you finish PotA.

    -Any food that you get (Sugar Bombs, Squirrel on a Stick, etc.) that doesn't heal a lot of HP should be eaten the moment you pick it up if your HP is not full. If it is full, then don't pick it up. Weak food piles up after a while, which gives you less room to carry good equipment.

    -Hoard ammo like no other, even if it isn't for your weapon. Ammo weighs nothing and its worth a lot per unit. If you use energy weapons and you have 1000 rounds of .556mm ammo, then you can make an easy 700 caps with a low barter skill.

    -Unless your weapon is harder to find (like an energy weapon), its easier to do repairs on the fly than it is to carry "extra" weapons to fix when its needed. More often than not, your weapon can be fixed by weapons picked up from corpses.

    -Ignore the following perks when they arise later on in the game: "Computer Whiz", "Infiltrator", "Nerd Rage", "Lady Killer", "Entomologist', "Here and Now", and anything relating to Rad. Resistance. Also, only specialize in either Small Guns or Energy Weapons. Pick one and stick with it, otherwise you waste stat points.

    -Finally, make sure you cap out your INT ASAP. Find the bobblehead, use the SPECIAL perk to up it, and anything else you can think of. Higher INT means more skill points to be handed out to individual abilities per level.

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  3. Oh, and one more thing: When in V.A.T.S. and your opponent has a dangerous weapon, cripple the arm used to carry it or the weapon itself (if the chance to hit the weapon is good enough). This way they have to resort to melee or unarmed attacks, and you can finish them off outside of V.A.T.S as they rush toward you. Then, when the fight is over, go check out their weapon. Flamers/Miniguns and the like are good for Big Gun specializers, or you can sell them for a good price (so long as you can repair its condition if you had to cripple the weapon)

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  4. Turn the difficulty down to the easiest and check your quests screen on your pip boy often

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  5. i was in a similiar position to you when i got this a while ago i got better at it eventually must this is a list of what you must do in order to improve
    Get a house in order to stash your gear by following the quest the power of the atom which you can either blow megaton up in order to get a house at tenpenny tower or save the town by disarming it and get a house at megaton

    You can change the difficultly settings to very easy and when you feel more confident make the game harder

    i found this website dedacated to fallout 3 and it includes everything
    this has info on everything for people new to the game and the quests and rewards that you can do and info on locations and perks that you can get

    i hope i helped your fallout 3 experience

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  6. to avoid dieing alot change the difficulty to easy or very easy if you have the dlc operation anchorage get the winterized power armor it is the best armor in the game. if you dont have that go on the internet and find a map (
    (planetfallout.gamespy.com/maps/1/Capital-Wasteland) and use it to go to the mueseum of history it is near the capital bulilding.If you go in the mueseum of history there is a place called underworld it is not hard to find underworld there are TWO doors in the mueseum of history my five year old cousin found it while i wasnt there. When your in underworld go in to the local bar and talk to a guy named mister crowley he is a ghoul. If you dont know what underworld is it is a city of ghouls so dont scream ZOMBIE and start shooting up the place. Talk to mister crowley he will ask you to kill dave from the republic of dave, allister tenpenny from tenpenny tower, ted strayer from rivet city and dukov who is in dukovs place. If you have a good karma profile you can convince them to just give the keys to you if not just kill them What your supossed to do is take there keys and give them to crowley. DO NOT DO THIS first you have to got fort constatine(before you go make sure you have weapons that dont suck if they suck you will get owned bad there are lots of robots and raiders) if you have lots of items on you drop them in your house or somewere you can find them again after because the armor weighs 45 lb. For getting easy stimpaks go to fort independence and give protector casdin your old crappy laser or plasma weapons and he will give you give you a choice stimpaks, 5.56 ammo, and some othe useless stuff. Away to get good weapons is to do the quest the replicated man and if you do it so you find pinkertin in the bow of rivet city he will tell you how the android is you must find harkness and tell him he is an android and after a conversation he will give you A3-21's plasma rifle (this is a very good gun) an easy way to get xp is by doing quests. The easiest way to get familiar with the game is just walking around the capital wasteland (if you are a low level and you haven't taken my advice stay away from the top right hand corner it is a very dangerous area if you have fought a deathclaw you will know what i am talking about i am a level 30 and i have trouble killing them the are silent , fast and very strong). The perks that you should get as soon as possible is animal freind all ANIMALS will not attack you not but NOT insects or any thing that is not a mammal. If you are on xbox or pc buy the dlc's. save up ammo and DO NOT sell the ammo keep it that is what i did i have over 40,000 caps and 2,000 stimpaks. Once the difficulty you are on is EXTREMILY easy and it is no longer a challenge move up a difficulty you gain more experience and it makes you get better at the game that is what i did and i dont get shot anymore and i play on very hard and it is no longer a challenge. Another gun to be on the look for is hte alien blaster if you are confident enough to go up to the top right corner ther is a crashed alien space ship the is the alien blaster and glowing blue cylinders which are its ammo (do not use this gun to kill raiders, mole rats, enclave, super mutants or any thing else that is not hard to kill) only death claws and huge super mutants. There is a gun similar to this it is called the firelance it is almost the same to the alien blaster except if it doesn't kill the imediatly it will set them on fire it uses the same ammo as the alien blaster there is a limit to the ammo in the game there is around 400 if you find it all.

    I hope this helps gamertag rich963 or richard963

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