Gauss Rifle?

  1. Which gun is used to repair the gauss rifle?

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    Shadow16659 - 8 years ago

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  1. It can only be repaired by merchants. Try Crazy Wolfgang, the traveling trader.

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  1. Gauss Rifle? Its found in the Operation: Achronage download for 360 (after you complete the simulation, then open the vault ) but for some reason when i got all the items they just attacked me for no reason, though i did get their weapons and armor) ALSO you get a power armor perk (i forgot name) but you can wear all types or power armor with it.
    Items in it:
    -Winterized T-5b power Helmet and armor
    -Missle launcher (and rounds)
    -Gauss Rifle (and rounds)
    -Plasma Rifle (and rounds), Plasma grenades
    And...i forgot the rest but i think there was a Fat Man
    Oh and they might attack you after you get the stuff (as they did to me, but killing them all will get you their equipment =3)

    User Info: epyon22149

    epyon22149 - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. There's several things you can do, bring stuff to repair to certain merchants. As aforementioned here Crazy Wolfgang is a pretty good candidate. Basically you just want him to repair things and get his repair skill up so he can repair it to higher levels. Otherwise there's nothing no other guns that can be used to repair this monster.

    There is an alternate solution though. You can do the glitch which allows you to take the gun from the simulation with you into the real world. In order to do this just do the following steps:

    1. Grab a dead body, preferably the Gary clone in the locked room near the simulation pod.
    2. Drag the body into the simulation pod with you and make sure you can access the body from the chair. You can lay the body across the footrest for example. (I know, sounds disgusting.)
    3. Play though until you have the speech option to get the Gauss Rifle inside the simulation from the guy who gives you guns. SAVE BEFORE YOU DO THIS. Once you save keep trying until he gives it to you.
    4. Play through the rest of the simulation and when you talk to the Chinese General choose "I'm going to kill you SO MUCH". SAVE BEFORE YOU KILL HIM! Because you might mess up.
    5. When the simulation starts ending and you see the little clock symbol that shows that it's loading you back into reality. Start tapping A rapidly and start pressing the R Stick downward getting your cursor over the dead body. And if you can access the inventory while the backround is still black or sometimes white, you can now deposit the Gauss Rifle onto the body and retrieve it after you leave the simulation. What is happening is that there's a period of time, a few seconds after you have control, you still have all your equipment from the sim, be it takes away all of your stuff after that few seconds.

    The Gauss Rifle from the sim is yours! It has a crap load of HP and gives off the feeling that it's basically indestructable, in truth it just degrades really really really really slowly. And will probably never need repairs for the rest of the time you play.

    User Info: Rob_Indahood

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  3. epyon22149 < they killed you because you stole their advanced weapons they were after.

    And if you dont want to cheat the only way to repair it is with a merchant. Hopefully in the next expansion there will be a loot item you can use to repair it or able to use the plasma rifle.

    User Info: Stewjoe

    Stewjoe - 8 years ago 0 1

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