How do you get your own house?

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    User Info: TDRdr14

    TDRdr14 - 8 years ago
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    Well, i'm trying to look for my dad near Rivet City at the bottom RIGHT at the map... still no sign of a house, just a boat...

    User Info: TDRdr14

    TDRdr14 - 8 years ago

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  1. If you are talking about a house as in one that you own and can buy furniture for/keep your stuff in, the earliest one I think you can get is through "The Power of the Atom" quest in Megaton, like GTA Assassin said. If you save the town instead of blowing it up, you can buy furniture "themes" from the chick in the supply store there, and it comes with a stand that holds all of the bobble heads you find.
    If you sleep in the bed in your house, you get the buff Well Rested, which (I think) gives you an EXP bonus. I think this works in hotels, too, but I'm not 100% sure.

    User Info: Echoes11111

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  1. Through missions like Megaton or you can rent a hotel. With missions like Megaton you get a place AFTER you decide what to do about the bomb and do it. I won't spoil it. But hotels let you just rent a room. And as far as I can tell forever. I didn't find my first one until I found Rivet City which is in the bottom left of the map (literally) and if you just started DON'T try going there right away. You'll get mauled by creatures your not ready for. Unless of course you don't mind swimming in radiation the whole way.

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  2. If you blow Megaton up then I believe that you get a permanent place in Tenpenny Towers

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  3. Yes, blowing up Megaton grants you a key to a Penthouse Suite in Tenpenny Towers. Very upscale and features the same things your house in Megaton would (Bobblehead Stand, Bed, Storage). I don't know if you get Wadsworth though, which is a crying shame considering free Purified Waters and tastelessly geeky jokes = epic ("Supercollider? But I just met her.").

    The downside is TT is pretty isolated from the rest of the map, vs. Megaton being right smack in the center. So unless you like Fast Travel, expect some hiking through dangerous terrain.

    User Info: AzureLivesOn

    AzureLivesOn (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 1
  4. From what I can tell renting a room is fairly permanent, and it _does_ give you the rested bonus.

    Unfortunately, it seems there's no way to actually do anything more than *sleep* with the hooker that comes with the rented room in Megaton.

    GTA: Rivet City is on the bottom-right. Is there another city on the bottom-left?

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  5. You have three options if you want a room somewhere.

    You can rent a room, usually paying in the neighborhood of 100 caps or so.

    If you speak with Lucas Simms in Megaton and agree to deactivate the Atom Bomb, you will be rewarded with up to 500 caps (depending on your speech skills), karma, and a key to the empty house there in town.

    The final option is to destroy Megaton for Mister Burke. Doing so will earn you up to a maximum of 1000 caps (again, depending on your speech skills), an ungodly amount of negative karma, and a penthouse apartment in Tenpenny Tower.

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  6. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK LISTEN UP Y'ALL!!!! The only way to get a permanent "home", home meaning you have the robot butler and can buy the upgrades such as a nuka-cola machine or a personal lab, is to complete the mission "The Power of the Atom" in Megaton. There are two ways to complete this, and each has a different "home".
    To get a house in Megaton, disable the bomb. Simms will give you the key and you can buy upgrades from crater supply. To get a "luxury" suite at tenpenny towers, rig the bomb to explode, then meet Mr. Burke at the towers and watch the town go BOOM!!!! (This is pretty awesome to watch, so i recommend saving and doing this, then if you want to be good, reload and disarm the bomb.)
    By the way, if you report Burke to Simms, he will try to arrest burke, providing you didn't already convince Burke to leave town, ( I used the Black Widow perk and convinced him to change his mind). Burke will agree to come along quietly, then when Simms turns his back, Burke will shoot him in the back with a silenced pistol. You are then free to kill Burke without anyone thinking poorly of you, or affecting your karma. Now you can take Burke's sweet glasses (1 DR), Simm's cowboy hat (or burke's hat, both give 1 DR and +1 Perception), Simm's Chinese Assault Rifle( one of my favorite weapons), and Burke's Silenced 10mm Pistol( slightly weaker than an unsilenced pistol, but great for stealthy characters). Also, both houses come with a handy collector's stand for displaying you bobbleheads, allowing you to reduce clutter in your items menu.

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  7. Sorry for the multiple posts, glitch in my browser :)

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