How do I beat (The crazy man with the bombs)?

  1. ok so i was finishing up the Riliey's Rangers quest, and you enter the area where the Talon Company and the Super Mutants are fighting. There was a man yelling over what sounded like a loud speakers, saying "Dont come any closer or i'll blow you up". But i cant find him anywhere and he keeps droping nukes on my head!

    Anyone know where this guy is so i can put a Fatman right up his you-know-what?

    User Info: Synthblade92

    Synthblade92 - 8 years ago

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  1. He's down the alley, behind the wastelander stood on top of a broken building.

    There's some mines and a mini-nuke around the base of the house, you can either detonate the mines (and thus the mini-nuke) by walking over them, or if he sees you get too close, he will do it himself.

    There are various ways to deal with it:

    1.Shoot him from a distance so you don't take damage from the nuke if he survives, remember to take the mini-nuke if he doesn't blow everything up.
    2. If you have a high enough Charisma, you can convince the Wastelander to try and "talk him out of it", and he will run and detonate the mines and the nuke. Make sure you're far enough away.
    3. You can shoot one of the mines.
    4. You can sneak up and disarm the mines and take the mini-nuke, then sneak away. Note that if you are detected, you're dead.

    User Info: Ashora_

    Ashora_ - 8 years ago 31 0


  1. I don't know where he is, but you can convice a wastelander to make the run for you.

    User Info: VaderBR

    VaderBR - 8 years ago 2 10
  2. Uper right side of the allie standing next to a work light inside a broken houes

    User Info: robbietarr10

    robbietarr10 - 8 years ago 10 4
  3. I am convinced that there is no way to get him to stop peacefully. I had 9 charisma, plus the bobblehead for a total of 10. My speech was 85 plus some apparel to make it 90 in total.

    I found no way to get him to come to a peaceful resolution.

    I tried at least a dozen times to get him to come down peacefully by getting as close as I could until I heard him say his "Not one step closer" routine while looking towards him, but I could never get him to communicate with me.

    You'll likely have to shoot him, or his land mines to silence him. If this is the true way to get him to stop, there is no experience for this mini quest.

    User Info: BagelsAreTasty

    BagelsAreTasty - 8 years ago 0 1
  4. If you stand near the entrance to the alley by the wastelander who's complaining about the guy, you should be able to look up and to the left and see him standing in a broken section of the wall. I couldn't find a way to actually get up to him and talk to him, so I shot him in the head with my .44. I actually found 3 mini-nukes in the alley afterwards, as well as a few mines, so it's a pretty handy way to stock up on them.

    Otherwise you can convince the wastelander to go talk to him, thus setting off all the bombs, or sneak through and steal all the nukes and bombs, but it's hard to do without being seen.

    User Info: pseudopsycho

    pseudopsycho - 8 years ago 0 1

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