How do I get past Tranquility Lane?

  1. I was wanting to know if there is a way to complete Tranquility Lane with out losing any Karma

    User Info: ZERO_Mech

    ZERO_Mech - 8 years ago
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    come on there's got to be way. What about the master reset button in the abandon house? is there some trick for that?

    User Info: ZERO_Mech

    ZERO_Mech - 8 years ago
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    Thanks that helped a lot ;)

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    ZERO_Mech - 8 years ago

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  1. Fail safe terminal combination:

    User Info: ArikardoX

    ArikardoX - 8 years ago 10 0


  1. There is no way of not losing karma but if you do just go to the church in Megaton and donate money...

    User Info: LegendAssassin

    LegendAssassin - 8 years ago 1 9
  2. Talk to old lady dithers (something like that).
    you can activate an invasion program, getting karma

    User Info: Fellock

    Fellock - 8 years ago 5 0
  3. there's the good karma way and the bad karma way
    1. Tell Timmy that his parents are getting a divorce. then come up with something else. I told him his parents wanted him dead. If you fail at that then just punch him until he starts crying.
    2. Break up the rockwell's marriage by either reading Mrs Rockwell's diary found on her night table or do what I did first and go to Ms. Simpson's house, steal her Lacey Underwear off the bed. Place it on Mr Rockwell's workbench in the basement, then tell Mrs Rockwell that he's either cheating on her or that he likes wearing ladies clothing.
    3. Kill Mrs Henderson. This one is easy. just follow mrs henderson into her house. Then go to the console in her kitchen and (WHILE SHE IS STILL IN THE HOUSE) activate the security lockdown and then tell Mr Handy to kill everything. He will set her on fire.
    4. Pint Sized Slasher! Go to the dog house, get the mask and the knife. run around and kill everyone. You will have to kill Mrs Henderson again for some reason.
    Talk to Betty. Enjoy your new bad karma, but wasn't it fun?

    User Info: MaqAtaq

    MaqAtaq - 8 years ago 1 1
  4. Go to the Abandoned House; in the living room are several innocuous objects; "touching"/activating them in a very specific sequence will unlock a "failsafe terminal", with which you can activate a "Chinese Invasion" scenario - everyone, and I do mean everyone, in Tranquility Lane will DIE ... except you, "Betty", and your father. You and your father can then leave the simulation ... and "Betty" (a.k.a. Doctor Braun) will get the eternity of boredom that he deserves.

    The correct item sequence for unlocking the Failsafe Terminal is:

    [ Radio / pitcher / gnome / pitcher / cinderblock / gnome / soda bottle ]

    You will know if you make a mistake, due to an extra tone/sound that plays. You will know you've completed the sequence correctly, because an entire wall will ... *change*.

    User Info: GM_Pax

    GM_Pax - 8 years ago 0 0

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