Unique Rare Weapon Locations, ALL Bobblehead Locations?

  1. So Im almost positive that these are the locations of all the unique weapons for XBOX360 . If I have missed any PLEASE let me know the name and location of said weapon Thank you

    A3-21's Plasma Rifle: Rivet City-Harkness-Replicated Man Quest

    Alien Blaster: Crashed UFO: N. Minefield, N.W. Greener Pastures Disposal Site

    Blackhawk: Agatha's House-Music Sheets-1 in National Archive Building, 1 in Springvale E. School, you only need 1

    Board of Education: Clifftop Shacks- S.E. Oasis

    Burnmaster: Hubris Comics-Chain Gate to Falls Church/Mason Dist. Metro, Franklin Metro Utility

    Butch's Toothpick: After "Trouble/Homefront"-Kill Butch/Follower

    Colonel Autumn's Laser Pistol: Jefferson Memorial-Take It Back

    Eugene: Rielly's Rangers Quest

    Experimental MIRV: National Guard Depot-Need Keller Family Passcode
    1: Grisly Diner-N. Temple of Union-N.E. Minfield
    2: Abandoned Shack-N.W. Rockbreakers-Far N. Little Lamplight
    3: Wastlander Pylon-N. VAPL-58 Power Station-W. Afreu
    4: Hollowed Moors Cemetary-N.E. Hamilton's Hidaway-N.W. Meresti Trainyard
    5: Military Tent-N.W. Anchorage Memorial

    Firelance: Random Event-In Beginning of Game,dont discover Super-Duper Mart, find Wilhelm's Whorf, SAVE, Swim to discover Anchorage Memorial, No Green Flash in Sky, Reload until UFO gets shot down, then go to Scrapyard and get Dogmeat follower, return to Anchorage Memorial, have Dogmeat search for the weapon and all 24 alien power cell (ammo)

    Fisto: DMPL-13 Power Station-Derelict Power Plant

    Gauss Rifle: Anchorage DLC

    Highwayman's Friend: Canterbury Commons-Domonic and Machetes House

    Jack: Deathclaw Sanctuary-Enclave Soldier

    Jingwei's Shocksword: Anchorage DLC

    Lincoln's Repeater: Museum of History

    Man Opener: Pitt DLC

    Metal Blaster: Pitt DLC

    Miss Launcher: Fort Independance

    Occam's Razor: Fort Banister-Commander Jabsco

    Ol' Painless: Republic of Dave-Dave's Special Key

    Perferator: Pitt DLC

    Plunkett's Valid Points: Arlington Cemetary-Arlington House

    Reservist's Rifle: Dickerson Tabernackle Chapel

    Rolling Pin: ??? i have one just dont remember where I found it.

    Smugglers End: The Citadel-Elder Lyons Safe

    Stabhappy: The Raid Shack-E. Bethesda Ruins

    Sydney's 10 mm "Ultra" SMG: Find Holotape in Statesman Hotel, During Stealing Independance make sure Sydney doesnt die

    Tesla Cannon: Hard Steel DLC

    The Break: Paradise Falls-Pool Table in Front of Eulogy's Pad

    The Kneecapper: Girdershade-Roland

    The Mauler: Pitt DLC

    The Shocker: Flodded Metro near Arlington Library

    The Tenderizer: Anchorage Memorial-Storage Room w/ Broken

    The Terrible Shotgun: Evergreen Mills-Smiling Jack

    Trench Knife: Anchorage DLC

    Vampire's Edge: Mesteri Station-Vances Sword Cabinet

    Vengeance: Deathclaw Sanctuary-Pool

    Victory Rifle: W. Rockbreakers Last Gas-Abandoned Shack

    Wazer Wifle: Little Lamplight-E. Side Great Chamber-Biwwy

    Wild Bill's Sidearm: Pitt DLC Find Wild Bill-Report Death

    Xuanlong Assault Rifle: Museum of Technology-Passcode-Jury Street Metro Station-Prime

    Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol: Falls Church L.O.B. Enterprises East Wing


    S: Megaton-Luccas Simms House
    P: Republic of Dave-Museum of Dave
    E: Deathclaw Sanctuary-Beside Brahmin
    C: Vault 108-Cloning Lab
    I: Rivet City-Lab
    A: Greener Pastures Disposal Site-Offices
    L: Arlington Cemetary-Arlington House

    Barter: Evergreen Mills-Smiling Jack
    Big Guns: Fort Constantine, CO Quarters
    Energy: Raven Rock Colonel Autumn's Room *ONE Chance
    Explosives: WKML Broadcast Station-Sealed Cistern Manhole (Behind Station in Rocks)
    Lockpick: Bethesda Ruins-Office East
    Melee: Dunwich Building-Virulent Underchambers
    Medicine: Vault 101-Doctors Lab *TWO Chances
    Repair: Afreu-Evan King's House
    Science: Vault 106-Living Quarters
    Small Guns: National Guard Depot-Armory in Basement-Switch on 3rd Floor
    Sneak: Yao Guai Tunnels-Yao Guai Den-Top of Metal Box
    Speech: Paradise Falls-Eulogy's Pad
    Unarmed: Rockopolis-N. Girdershade, W. Casey Smith Garage-Next to Argyle's Body

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