What is the best and fastest way to get your level up?

  1. I'm leveling up slowly and i dont know if there is a specific ay to level up faster or easier.

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    I meant to say way there

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  1. Quests are the single best source for XP, as most quests have you doing things along the way that will give you XP and you get a big chunk when you turn it in, so get used to doing side quests. I would suggest avoiding the Swift Learner perk, as you could find better ways to redeem those three perks that will make killing things easier, which makes gaining XP easier, thus compensating for the reduction of XP received per kill.

    Something else to think about: If you find a terminal that unlocks a door, safe or some other such thing, particularly one that you can unlock with your lockpicking skill, why not pick the lock, then go back and hack the terminal, giving you double the XP? Aside from Hacking/Lockpicking, Combat a quests, I do not believe there are any other ways to gain meaningful XP, (I know you get 10 XP for discovering a new location, but that is meaningless beyond the first few levels and extremely time consuming to boot) so just look for ways to more efficiently gain the XP that you need. Don't work harder, work smarter.

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  1. Turning up the difficulty in the options menu will increase the XP handed out. I don't know if that also applies to quest XP, if it does in theory you could boost the difficulty just before you hand in quests if your wanting to munchkin your level.

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  2. If you want the _best_ way to level up, check out GameFaqs' very own cheats section. The exploits will likely be patched soon, so if you want to cheat your way to victory, now's the time.

    Alternately, just complete quests and crank up the difficulty like the Pegasus suggested. It also helps to invest some points in lockpicking or science skills, as hacking terminals or picking locks can result in some very easy experience early on -- if your skill is high enough to attempt the locks/terminals.

    Every 25 skill points allows you to attempt a new difficultly lock/terminal. 0 = very easy, 25 = easy, 50 = average, 75 = hard, 100 = very hard. I think you get 40 exp for average locks or terminals, which is pretty sweet considering that it's not too hard to rack up the 50 lockpicking or science skill points needed to open them. Additionally, there's usually some pretty cool sh!t in the locked containers -- especially the ones that are very difficult to open.

    Granted, both skills take a bit of finesse to get the hang of, but I'd say lockpicking is probably easier to accomplish. Happy thieving.

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  3. Another fast way to level up is to use the sandman glitch. If you dont know where Andale is, just look on the Q/A's. I posted where to find Andale there under other.

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  4. I don't know if it's the best way to level up, but there is a fast way. Try to sleep often to get rested exp whenever possible, that will add 10% to all exp gained for 12 in game hours. There is also a perk that adds 10% bonus exp that you can take 3 times. I think you can get it as early as level 4. If you max that, and stay well rested as much as possible, you can gain 40% more exp than normal, no matter what difficulty you are playing on.

    And as said above by ArsMoritoria, if you see a terminal near a locked safe, that terminal unlocks the safe. Pick the lock if you can first, for exp, then hack the terminal for extra exp.

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