What's the best S.P.E.C.I.A.L. set up?

  1. i can't decide, im going for intense training all the way to lvl 15 ( btw,i have rank 3 swift learning and educated, that why my goal is lvl 15 lol ) currently i have INT 10 and AGI 10 what should be my third or should i just balance the rest of the other attributes? also, if my attribute choices are gimp let me know thank you in
    advance! =]

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    Mariko_91 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Stats all depend on what you want to do, there is no best build, that's the beauty of all Fallout games.

    If you want to raise a stat Luck effects everything so it's never a bad choice, it also increases critical rate. Still at this point, if you seriously aren't gimped in any area you want to use, I'd say skip adding more stats to SPECIAL. You're missing out on some great perks by just using Intense Training.

    Example, let's say you spend a perk in "Intense Training" to add 1 to str. That gives you an extra 10 pounds you can carry. You could have bought the "Strong Back" perk and got an extra 50 pounds instead. (The increase to melee damage is moot since you're most likely using small guns with your AGL being at level 10.)

    Same if you bought 1 point in Charisma, that 1 point raises your barter and speech by +2. Instead you could have got the level 4 perk "Scoundrel" which raises barter and speech by +5.

    In short, I'm saying I would only use Intense Training so you can meet the requirements for that rare perk you really want, but are a point shy of in SPECIAL.

    Educated is fine if you get it at level four when it's first available, waiting later wastes it's usefulness . Swift Learning isn't really necessary , yes it's great if you take it early, but the downside is there is enough XP in game to get to 20 without it and it takes up the space of other better perks if you don't care about the extra 2-6 exp(depends on rank) from a 20 exp reward.

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Other Answers

  1. I forgot to mention, once a stat in SPECIAL is level 7 you can get any perk associated with that stat. Build your SPECIAL around the perks you want later for your character and you really don't need to go above 7 in any stat if you can pick a perk in it's stead.

    Lastly, there is one collectible bobble head for each SPECIAL in game, find it and it raises the corresponding stat by 1. If your really willing to hunt, you can raise your stats to 6 and find the bobble to go to 7.

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  2. I went 10 Luck, Perception, Int, and Agility.

    Int is a must because you get more skill points every level. I'd say luck too, cause it boosts your crit strikes and provides s small boost to all skills.

    Perception/Agility or Str/Endurance is up to you. I chose the former because I enjoy sneaking around and getting 1 shots to the head.

    I put about 7 points into intense training, which I feel was a waste. Don't put more than 5 simply because bobble heads and quest boosts can help you out too.

    I wouldn't put any points into charisma though, none of the speech rewards are ever really that great, aside from xp ( which you can get many other ways ), and if you're having trouble getting the speech achievement you can always save and reload to attempt a failed speech game over and over till you pass.

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  3. Highly dependant on what you want to do; Melee types like Strength and Endurance; "gun bunnies" like high perception and agility; and so on.

    However, a good "default" / "JOAT" build would be ... 10 Intelligence, 5 everywhere else, and burn some Intensive Training perks on meeting the prerequisites for other perks. The reason I say it's a good "Default" setup is ... it's a ton of skill points, and with more skill points, you can do more things ... and even do them all _better_.

    If you plan on gettign the Intelligence bobble-head, and think you can pull it off before levelling up more than a couple times ... you can drop your INT to 9. I think I'd put the other point into Strength ... strength is useful to everyone, simply because it caps your weight limit for Loot/Gear.

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  4. For me it's a choice between intelligence and endurance. I'm building my character around Nerd rage!. It grants you 50% damage reduction. Sure it only works if you are below 20% health but thats why you should hav a lot of of it. Maximum DM tops out at 85%. I reached that long before I had power armour. Just add: toughness +10% Nerd rage! +50% Surviving guru (Tough) +6% Barkskin +10% Cyborg +10% = 86% Hell you won't even need a armour at all

    Say that you have max end, that gives you 300 HP. Take 20% of that. You'll end up with a margin of 60 HP add Life giver +6 and it will give you 66 HP. But those HP will be damn hard to take away.

    So this is my tip: Go for high endurance. Worked for me and it saves you a lot of stimpacks.

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