Someone knows why I can't here the characters voices?

  1. I can't hear the voices of the rest of the characters when I enter a dialogue,
    I tried reinstalling the game and it didin't work.
    I have the game for PC.

    User Info: game_break

    game_break - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    nope, dosen't work, I have the volume at max, and I can hear everything else except when i reload a weapon. But I can only hear the voices when I am not on a conversation.

    User Info: game_break

    game_break - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Try turning up the volume, or go to settings and audio, and turn up voices. If all else fails, you're just deaf.

    User Info: F03Guru

    F03Guru - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. Yeah, go to settings on the game, you might have turned Voices down or something like Radio up.

    User Info: chrisyg103

    chrisyg103 - 8 years ago 0 0

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