How do I get into the other side of Rivet City (possible spoilers)?

  1. I'm trying to do the quest about the history of Rivet City, and apparently the guy I need to talk to is on "The other side of the ship" Well as you know, the ship has been cut in two, so I have no idea how to get to the other side. Anyone know?

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    FFVIICloudSSJ27 - 8 years ago

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  1. If you have a lockpick skill of 100, you'll notice a wharf leading to a door in that broken section of the ship. You can pick the lock, or swim.
    If you choose to swim, get as close as you can to that locked door, and then jump off the left hand side of the metal wharf. Swim along the ship towards the part where the ship has broken in two, until you come to nearly the corner. Submerse a little bit and you will notice a submerged metal walkway that leads to a door. Taking that door will lead you to the person you are looking for.
    Fair warning: There are traps, mirelurks, and a few flooded rooms down there with air pockets near the ceiling.

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  1. Well there's a section of water inbetween the two halves of Rivet City. If you swim to that section you should find a little tunnel under water that will lead you to a door to the other half of the ship. The tunnel will be on the side closest to the shore.

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