Is it possible to max out both your skills and you S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats?

  1. I've only heard of ways to do one, or the other, but does anyone know if you can do both?

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    Mercernary_01 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. start with 9 Intelligence and 9 Str and what ever other stats you want and tag any skills you want, when you level to 2 you will get 19 skill points but then in all skill but your taged ones but only 8 per skill, then go to rivit city before anywhere else get the Intelligence bobble head then go to magaton get the str bobble head and deal with the bomb and get a house this you can get 10str even if you blow it up and you get max carry weight early, at level 3 you will get 20 skill points add then to any skill but your taged one or skills you added 8 to already, get whatever perk, at level 4 get educated and 20 more skill points witch you can use the same as before, at level 5 get comprehension and 23 skill points witch you can use the same as before, after that you have all the skill points you need from leveling and once you get all skill books, skill bobbles and max your special you will have 100 in all skills

    after level 5 you can do what ever with your skills and perks till level 30 where you need almost perfect

    DO NOT pick up any special bobble heads but int and str to raise them to 10, and don't read any skill books with out comprehension
    YOU CAN pick up all skill bobbles at any time, also if you want you can use exploits for infinite science and big guns skill books but it is unnecessary

    you only need to start with 9 Strength if you plan to blow up megaton as you need to get the bobble to get 10 Strength, but it is always nice to have 10 str from the start so you can carry more loot

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Other Answers

  1. No, you can only max out your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats is by having the Almost Perfect Perk and all the Bobbleheads. There is no way of making out your skils as there arn't enough skill points to go around without another increase in the Level Cap.

    User Info: itwizz

    itwizz (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 5
  2. the perfect perk intel at 10 from the very begining 9 intel stat = 19 points
    lvls 2 19 points- go strait to rivert city ignoring everything you come across
    lvls 3 & 4 = 40 points lvl 4 education perk =3 bring more points bringing 23 pts per lvl
    5-20 total of 368 w/ out the cap
    10 more levels 230 bring a total of 598 points
    13 skill bobble heads 130 points 728 point
    tag skills 45 points = 773 + the extra tag skill if you get 783
    all skills 20 points instantly to all skills cause of perfection 260 + 783= 1043
    now skill books + comprehension skill + 2 per book
    now add about 20 lvls w/ various skill enhancing perks so it might be quite possible to be completly perfect If you play your cards right.

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  3. Yeah, you can
    My friends kinda got OCD about skills
    (He restarts his final fantasy game about every three weeks because he thinks he did it wrong)
    and he got ALL skills to 100 and all of his SPECIAL to 10
    Lol, I've got every skill at 100, except Barter which is at 36
    If you have Comprehension, you can get all 25 skill books for each stat which is 50 skill points per stat, plus the bobblehead which is 10, so technically you only have to get a stat to 40 and you can max it out
    So if you got atleast all of your stats above 40 using skill points only, then it is very possible

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  4. to get all ur SKILLS maxed you raise them all to atleast 50. Then you get the Comprehension Perk (the1 that givves u 2 skill points instead of one whenever you read a book) BEFORE (BEFORE!!!) you read any skill books. then you try to find and read all the skill books in the wastes, which should be enough to max out every skill to 100.

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  5. you can. the best way IMO is to get almost perfect, then the bobbleheads. for the skills you shoul get an intellegence of at least 7 then comprehension and the one that gives you +3 extra for every level. the get all skills to 50 then 60 and so on. when you hit 30 or beforehand start collecting skill books. my best advice is to store them till you know you can max the stat to avoid confusion. same with skill bobbleheads. also with almost perfect watch stuff that increases skill when equipped because that screws it up

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  6. with almost perfect, every bobblehead, the lucky 8 ball ( i think it boosts luck to 11) educated, Tag! and every other perk that increases it... you can with broken steel. But it would be very difficult.

    User Info: TheBonsaiSlaya

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  7. For Skills,:
    1. Get the Educated and Comprehension perks immediately.
    2. Use most of, if not all of the skill books with the Comprehension perk active.
    3. Start off with high Intelligence (preferably 9 or 10). This is optional, as1. and 2. can do this with your starting Intelligence at 1 if you collect every single skill book in the game. This is probably best left to hardcore players as there are over 300 of those books in the wasteland, and some are very hard to obtain.

    Getting 10 in all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats is much simpler:
    Don't obtain any S.P.E.C.I.A.L. bobbleheads until after you get the Almost Perfect perk at level 30. Once you have Almost Perfect, obtain all the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. bobbleheads to increase your special stats to 10.

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  8. also its worth noting YOU CAN MAX ALL SKILLS WITHOUT BROKEN STEEL, but you can not max your special
    if you raise you special as much as you can you will only need 104 skill points from leveling and you can get 427 skill points in 20 levels or if you where an idiot and started with 10 int then you can get 428 apposed to 427 but you also wasted a special point cuz you made the bobble head useless and as such lost a like 6 skill points from your special

    if you have broken steel you only need 80 skill points from leveling and you can also get 657 skill points by level 30 or 658 if you started like an idiot with 10 int rather then 9 either way math says you can always max your skills

    its also worth noting I did not factor in the exploits for infinite science and big guns skill books witch would lower the amount of skill points need from leveling even more

    DLC or not you do not need to get any perks that increase skill, but i would still advise cyborg cuz the other effects

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