How do I locate "The Family"?

  1. In the "Blood Ties" mission, how do you find "The Family"?

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  1. The Family is hiding in Meresti Metro Station which be reached via the tunnels under Meresti Trainyard or via the adjoining tunnels from Northwest Seneca Station, but the train yard offers the most direct route. Beware of mines and traps inside the tunnels, and two Mirelurks if you take the Northwest Seneca Station route. The front gate to The Family's hideout is guarded by Robert who will allow the player into The Family's home for 100 caps, or for free if the player passes a Speech check or has the Cannibal perk.

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  1. You should have three undiscovered places on your map after you start the quest. They're in the station Northwest of Arefu.

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  2. Ya the underground railroad place is where they are and you will meet a couple of gouls in there and if u talk to one he will give u a quest. but go through and one of the rooms has a sewer thing in it then u activate it and u will be underground. Follow through that and then through the railroads and speak to a man down there and for 100 caps u can go through

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  3. When you got the quest to find the Family, several locations around Artifu were added to your map as possible places they could be.

    They are a baseball field, a drive in movie theater, a "hide a way" with a grounded yacht and a metro station.

    The family isn't actually at any of these locations. But at one of them is an NPC who will tell you where to go and mark the exact place where they are on your map as well as being able to sell you stuff and give you an unrelated side quest.

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