Review by Bahamut_MXII

"A great game for those who go above and beyond"

After reading through a number of reviews on this game, due to the fact that I was considering purchasing the game, I decided I had to get a copy.

After the first 6 hours of nonstop play I could understand the majority of review by others.

This game is what I would consider an upgrade to Oblivion. All the mechanics and overall game play seem very similar but I would suggest that this story is easier to relate to considering the premise of the game. I also feel that I can get into a story much better is the weaponry is SOMEWHAT modern versus using swords and maces to destroy my opponents. The overall addition of the theme could be compared with Bioshock providing that 1950's feel which is always fun in my opinion! Not to mention the quality voice acting that adds to the feel of the game, which reminds me of the amazing job that BioWare did with Mass Effect.

I would also like to say that for those reviewers that stated that the game is entirely to easy even in the harder difficulties (I have been playing it on hard) are completely mistaken. Unless you are willing to go above and beyond: steal what you need, kill what need, and quest for what you need it would be very difficult to continue in the direct storyline.

Another thing I should mention is that I have not played the previous fallout titles and it would seem that the majority of those reviewers that have played the previous titles do not enjoy the newest addition to the series. So I guess I should say that if you have played them expect a difference in mechanics. Everyone I know who plays RPG's on a regular basis including myself describe the game as addictive.

The game does also offer some replay simply in the fact that you can redirect a new characters skills and abilities and make them a different kind of person with a different kind of story (an evil character that eats the bodies of those he/she kills or a good person who can hack any computer, etc.).

Overall if you like going the extra mile and doing all the quests (like final fantasy games for example), completely conquering games, you will thoroughly enjoy this game.

The Sound is great, music is memorable.
The Graphics are quite beautiful.
The Gameplay will ultimately be what you make of it.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/08/08

Game Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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