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"Fallout 3 is definately worth $60 bucks...till you reach the lvl cap."

What do you think about wondering around the wasteland, looking for scrap of food, water, or even weapons? In Fallout 3, you'd need a lot of things to survive. If your the kind of gamer that takes his time, likes a lot of action, sniping, and RPG, then this is the game for you. The vast abandoned wasteland when you walk out of your vault takes your breath away. At first, you'll be lost, and don't know where the hell to go. The game, I agree, is pretty difficult at the beginning, but it gets very fun once you learn the game's mechanics. As for the introduction, Fallout 3 is a new installment from the Fallout series, and it does not dissapoint.

Story [4/10] -
Yeah, let's be honest here. The story was just plain bad. There are no plot twists, no awesome cutscenes, or any omgwtf story moments in the game at all. To get to the point, the story is about how the world fell to a full blast nuclear war, and left the world into a vast wasteland. The game takes place in the state of Washington, where you, a Vault dweller, resides in. Now vaults were bomb shelters created by the government, incase something like a nuclear war happened. Since it did happened, most of North America's citizens moved into these vaults, and maybe stay inside forever. Now, you, a vault dweller, start out as a baby, then to 8, celebrate your birthday, then to 16, you take your G.O.A.T test. After all of this, chaos ensues when your dad leaves the vault, and you go out to pursue your dad. Yeah, after that, there's really nothing interesting about the story at all. The sidequests are unique however, and the computer terminals with journal entries make up for the bad storyline. In conclusion, the story could've been polished up, and could've been better.

Gameplay [8/10] -
Now, let me ask you some questions. Do you like to blow your enemies' head off? Do you like being an evil jerk? Do you like scouring through the wasteland, looking for food? Do you like explosions? Well, those questions make up about 1/4 of the game probably. The game starts out as you build your stats up from the vault. As you get out from the vault, these stats are vital for your survival against the dangers of the wasteland. Such dangers can be giant scorpions, human raiders, and much more! Your stats are important for your survival. Such stats can be Lockpicking, which can enable you to unlock locked doors throughout the wasteland, or Sneaking, which can make you sneak and pickpocket people, or do a surprising critical dmg on an unsuspecting enemy. There are also perks, which you pick from when you lvl up every time. Perks are unique abilities that helps you throughout the game. Some can make you talk your way out of things, increase your dmg resistance, or even mark all the unexplored areas you didn't find onto the map. Another vital gameplay element is the VATS system. Now the VATS is an awesome way for you to aim better, and kill better. If you can't aim well from afar, or if you want a 100% headshot, you can use VATS, which is a multiple aim system that you use with your action points. Using these action points, you can target various parts of your enemy, and deal dmg to them. For example, if you only focus your target on a raider's arm, you can cripple it, which can make them unable to use weapons. The VATS system is very fun to use. An awesome reason why is that every time you use VATS, the game shows your character in a slow motion firing bullets onto your enemy. If you liked the stuff I just listed above, you can expect even more gameplay elements in the game. Overall, I think that the gameplay was really engaging and fun altogether.

Graphics [9/10] -
Detailed, full bright graphics envelop the world of Fallout 3. Around every corner, you can find great details on cliffs, dead trees, your enemies, and NPCs. The characters look great, the explosions are blinding even, and the texture is very well done. If you liked Gears of war's graphics, then you'll like Fallout 3's graphics. I've had my eyes tear from the crazy graphics from this game. (Which weren't emotional tears, of course.) Overall, the graphics are amazing, and Bethesda did a splendid job with the graphics.

Music/Sound [9/10] -
Another great highlight of the game. The sounds are realistic, awesome, and clean. From the launching of your Fatman Nuke launcher, to the rapid firing of your assault rifle, you'll love every sound of it. The voice acting is also very good, and professional. There weren't any bad voice acting, and the voices matched with the character a lot. It really showed their character and personality. Now, as for the music, the music is plain awesome. Especially once you pop in the Galaxy News radio channel, and listen to the old school music. The old school music is very catchy to listen to, and may even sometimes go along with your kills. There's nothing wrong with hearing a soothing oldies song while sniping your enemies from afar. Good game, sir. Overall, I give the music and sound section a 9 out of 10.

Final Word -
To say the least, Fallout 3 is worth the $60 bucks. It's probably worth more than 40 hours of gameplay, let alone, maybe even more with the replay value. The game never gets old, but it does sometime get repetetive. Word of caution though, the game gets boring once you reach the level cap of 20. You better hope they release a downloadable content to raise it up, for more fun. Overall, Fallout 3 is a great western RPG. A definite buy for RPG fans. Maybe not for JRPG fans, but definitely for the Western RPG fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/09

Game Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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