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"Utterly amazing. I can't put it down."

Never playing a Fallout game, I was thrilled to play in a post-apocalyptic universe full of mutants, psychopaths, and people trying to get by. Enter Fallout 3. I did a little research on the Fallout series, and on who made it. I was thrilled to hear our dear old friends at Bethesda were making the next Fallout game. Now, let's fast forward to about a month ago. I had the money to get it, but I was still unsure about it. I had heard people raving about this game, and went to go look at some screen shots, and I was pretty impressed. Since I owned their other game, I was expecting the same system that was present in Oblivion. After getting Fallout, I was shocked, and here is why...

Graphics: Now, Bethesda has a impressive reputation for making beautiful games, such as Oblivion. Fallout is no different. Even as a decaying, murderous, wasteland, it can still be an enjoyable sight if you pay close attention. This game, like Oblivion, uses the Gamebryo engine, and like Oblivion, isn't particularly advanced when it comes to glitches. People still get stuck, and they can float in the air, but I do admit, it is pretty fun to watch. Overall, this game's graphics are top notch, making this a very brutal, yet somehow beautiful at the same time. An improvement made is that you can now blow people away! If you get up close to them, or snipe them, or cut them up enough, you can see their limbs pop off, and they bleed to death. I find that very amusing myself.

Graphics receive a 9/10

Game play: This is the moment of shining glory for Bethesda. They incorporate a First Person Shooter, and RPG, and a horror game (At some moments in the game) all in one moment. I love all three of those, and I never get bored managing my character while blowing away some Feral Ghouls. As far a interacting with people goes, I find it very real. By real, I mean, is that when I talk to someone, some responses come up, and almost all of them I would say in real life. I also think that the Capital Wastelands have some colorful characters as well, ranging from sheriffs, people stricken with dementia, and cannibals. But anyways, all of the skills that help you get around are bunched into one nice word: S.P.E.C.I.A.L. which is short for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Agility, and Luck. These affect your skills and how good you are in them, but I won't get into technicalities.

Game play get a good old 10/10.

Storyline: I'm not going to spoil the entire story here, but here is the primary basis of it. You were born in Vault 101, and it is there you will die. Your mother died during your birth and your father is the only one you have left. After 19 years of living in the vault, your dad runs away from the vault, and like father, like son/daughter, you run after him, trying to find him. What will happen? Will you find him? What will happen? Who knows. You have to play it to find out! But let's just say that things turn out less than desirable for this family of vault dwellers. The only problem in this game is that the game ends after the final mission, so once you beat it, you're done, which sucks, but that is going to be solved with....

Overall, this story gets a 9/10

Downloadable Content: Now, as I am writing this, the people at Bethesda are working on new downloadable content right now! It's supposed to be released for the twenty-seventh, so let's keep our fingers crossed. As for DLC in general, Bethesda has always been one to live up to their expectations, and let's hope the same for Fallout 3, what with the upcoming Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, and Broken Steel downloads, I'm pretty sure these will provide plenty of hours of game play for those who have finished off the main game, which as of now, I have no qualms with. Possibly the one thing that Fallout 3 players can scream about is the fact that Broken Steel continues AFTER the main quest, opting for plenty of hours after you finish the main quest, making it more like its sister game Oblivion.

Downloadable content gets a 10/10 (from previous experience)

Overall: Fallout 3 is a grand game, and come March, can provide many hours of merciless hunting for rare items, killing of innocents, and finishing up various side quests. Currently, this is one of the few games I play, and I don't regret it. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, that Fallout 3 is a gem of a game, and can be remembered for times to come, and let's hope it will live in the lives of the many gamers that have played it for a long time.

You have done a grand job Bethesda for making this game, and I can say that you have made a gem in the video game world.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/23/09

Game Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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