Review by Dethcloxy

Reviewed: 02/10/09

Fallout 3, A roundhouse kick to the face, (in a good way!)

Okay people, this is my first review ever so bear with me! I'll try my best and hopefully persuade you to buy, or at least rent, Fallout 3. Let us start with the graphics!

Yeah that's right, I went over 5. What're ya gonna do about it?! I personally think these graphics are just great! Not as epic as Assassin's Creed, but still pretty friggin' great. People complain: Oh, not enough color, just like 7 billion shades of brown.Well, ever been to Oasis? It almost seems like a place ripped from Oblivion it's so colorful. Also has some....strange folk to say the least. Not to ruin any...."surprises", I'm gonna go on to the gore!Brains! Guts! Eyeballs! KIDNEYS! It all looks soooo real it'll make you grin, and cringe sometimes.Especially with the bloody mess perk ! It makes your enemies practically EXPLODE in a mess of gore and guts.( Oh and it makes you deal 5% .more damage with all weapons!) On to the story!

Story: 7.5/10
This is where Fallout falls short...The story starts as you being birthed...born...whatever. Doctor asks you your gender, then they pull out a weird screen that shows what you'll look like later, which is where you customize your appearence.Then you go to a baby (Lol)and learn walking controls and picking your stats (Strength, all that stuff).Fast forwards 9 years on your 10th b-day! You get a
BB Gun and learn the VATS. More on the VATS next!

Damn this gameplay is fine! The third person sucks....but the first person will blow you away! Bethesda brought back the VATS from the original Fallout games. VATS stops time, zoooms on an enemy, and lets you target body parts. Only simple stuff like arms, legs, head, and weapons. No groin shots today sunny! It would be nice to have a little more option with the VATS, like shooting hands or sometihng, but oh well!

Smooth as butter. Every action is mapped to a comfortable button so it all feels right.VATS is the RB, so hitting it is very easy during an intense firefight. Picking things up is the right sticks job. Click it and pick-up anything lightweight. Like a cup, or a chair, OR a body!

1: The fatman. Simply put, it's a hand-held NUKE LAUNCHER! THAT'S RIGHT! works like a rocket launcher,but more......radioactive.....
Well, that's really all there is to other lol.

FINAL VERDICT: BUY BUY BUY! A must own for RPG fans and FPS fans. At least rent this baby and play the crap outta it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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