Review by ColdCrisis

Reviewed: 02/17/09

Great game, but minor problems keep it down

How should I start? Fallout 3 is a RPG that can be easily thought of as a shooter. If you are considering buying this game and wanna try playing it as only a shooter, good luck with that.

Fallout has great graphics, the detail is good, but some of the areas it really seems that they became lazy. I'm not saying that's bad, but the game still looks gorgeous, especially when running around the wasteland. The characters faces look greatly detailed and you can see the effort put into them, but alot of the faces seem emotionless from what they're saying. There are points in which they'll be mad, have a mad face, but their voice is the same calm voice, this isn't that bad, but only a few characters have this problem.

The gameplay in addictive in Fallout 3 is extremely addictive, once your in, it's hard to get out. VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) lets you select a body part and target it and it will show you the chance of hitting, and how much damage it will do, and even the condition of the limb. Though some people think "Wow, I get a chance to choose where to shoot, that's really stupid," It's actually fun and requires thought. It's always fun to see a slow-mo view of a bullet hit a head off or go into somebody's eye. And one can't just choose limbs randomly. Let's say your low on health, trying to get away, and the enemy is gaining on you. Your best bet is to shoot their limbs and try to knock their gun out of their hands. Or if you wanna gain the upper-hand and shoot their gun out (Shooting the gun also lowers its condition) and then attack any limb, so they'll sprint for their gun and give you a chance to land a couple shots on them. VATS will test ones mind with the "Should I hit the head or body " dilemma. The world is filled with little ammo (It will become easier to find at higher levels though, so don't worry), so you can either test your luck and hit the head, or keep it safe and attack the body, (At higher levels a headshot is extremely easy to land). Leveling is a key in this game, you can't have it work like oblivion where you can easily max out all stats, you have to know what type of character you want to make from Point A to Point B. Small guns users will have their luck with rifles, pistols, anything in that category, from the beginning and it's extremely useful. Energy weapons users will have it hard starting out and not until later in the game can they actually become complete tanks. Explosive users generally just have to have tons of caps handy, because they could easily run out of grenades or mines. The hardest is those who don't major in lockpick/speech/science/etc., seeing as they won't be completely accurate like the others they can bribe others for equipment, lockpick into a room that a person majoring in small guns couldnt get into, and maybe find a rare weapon, or more weapons, money, ammo, etc. than in other places.

The sound is absolutely great. You can listen to the 50's music, or choose to listen to the enchanting music and sound of the wasteland, which all set the mood for adventure among the wasteland. And listening to the radio (Enclave or the Galaxy News Radio) while during VATS is always fun. But to those who absolutely hated the few voice-actors of Oblivion, you're a bit lucky. There's quite a bit more (not a lot, I don't know the number they had, but they have more), but you can easily see who had the same voice actors, and kills the wonder of the wasteland a bit because you'd think that the wasteland would be full of so many different people who would have different voices, so that's a bit of a disappointment but can easily be looked past.

The game itself does have problems, though they don't always happen, they can be irritating. For instance the AI, is full of idiots. Not to say they just charge you, they will move behind walls and duck behind cover to reload, and they hardly charge, but they do alot of the time. They usually just send a couple of people to charge, but it's obvious when they do, cause they come straight for you. Also your teammates will attack when you might be going for a sneak attack, which can become a great hassle. And teammates can't jump, which is a problem when getting around, because they can lose you, and maybe die because they encounter the enemy and they might kill your ally. The enemies sometimes will be sitting there mindless while you attack them too sometimes, or they might just attack you for no apparent reason which gets annoying if you actually want a fun fight, but if they're completely brain dead then you can just sit there and wait for them to start moving, plus it usually lasts only 10 seconds.

Fallout 3 is absolutely great, not the best in the series, seeing how Bethesda made it different, but pulled it off. I defiantly recommend this game to any RPG lover (Might be a bit iffy though with turn-based RPG lovers) and maybe shooter lovers. You will spend hundreds of hours playing this game, and you'll enjoy almost every minute.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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