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"Another amazing game from Bethesda, that holds revives and enhances the Fallout experience."

To simply start out, this game is amazing.

The leveling system holds solid to the Fallout way and provides many different ways in which you can customize and create your character so you can easily make a character that you love and can work with.

One very noticeable, but welcomed change from the other games in the series is that this game is played in either 1st or 3rd person instead of an overhead form and it is no longer turn based, everything is real time. This creates an great environment in which people can play the game as a First-person shooter, first-person slasher (as in TES4: Oblivion), or you can even add difficulty to the game by swapping to the 3rd person view and taking away most of your aiming helpers.

Another mind-numbing surprise is how they've kept most of the enemies and have even brought back some characters from previous series such as Harold the Ghoul. These enemies, though not the perfect AI, are still smart enough to know that if you shoot the weapon out of their hand, the need to grab another one or something bigger to take you out. Even better to this is the sheer fact they will chase you and they don't seem to mind playing hide and seek with a player that thinks they can escape by hiding in the shadows or another room. The way the system is setup for these characters is a very nice change as well. If you shoot a person's leg, they feel it, and so does the enemies on this game. You shoot their legs, they will limp. You shoot their arms, they will drop what they are holding. If you shoot their heads, providing you don't blow it off, they will grab their head in pain. Its lifelike in the sense of say you shoot someone in the arm with a rubberband. Most people will drop whats in their hand and grab their arm from the pain. Now, this isn't true with some people and the same rule applies in the game as some characters just shake the pain you inflict off as a minor inconvenience and keep going.

Of course though, I must mention the story and graphics of this game. They are few games with graphics this intense, that you can actually see the cracks in the road and buildings as they have decayed from the apocalypse, time, and of course constant attacks from animals, humans, and ghouls inhabiting them. But with such graphics, they capture the storyline to an almost perfect picture. Just imagine walking outside in DC and seeing nothing but ruined buildings, the Washington Monument is standing in front of you. This building has parts falling out and looks as though you could kick it and it would fall on you. These poor words could never do justice to the sight of walking through the Mall in DC and seeing what the carnage could be if there ever was to be a nuclear war. When you first play this game, you will see it just as you would if you were the character. Emerging from a Vault that is clean and pure with working facilities, clean food and water, and no crime, out into the wastes, where the world is almost destroyed, where there are very little food and water and you must choose each time you eat if you want to do so as each meal could kill you with its radiation and in this land, there is no law and people willing to take advantage of this fact, killing or enslaving people. It actually makes you thankful for what we do have here and now.

The only real thing that I have to say against this game is the difficulty and the some of the bugs yet to be worked out. First off, the difficulty is pretty easy. Even when you play on Very Hard mode, once you get past the first few levels, you will be able to overcome just about anything the game can throw at you . Then of course, there are bugs with this game. For example, there are screen tears are a major case after you start getting a 100+ saves. This can be difficult to avoid because no matter how many saves you delete, its still going to place the highest one. Its these two things that prevent this game from being flawless, but in all though, this is one of the best games that has been put in in recent years.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/08/09

Game Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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