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"Fallout 3: Your going to need alot of time to finish this game."

Fallout 3. I rented this game about two days ago to see if it was any good since people were all like omg this game is freakin raw man! So I decided. Hey why not try it out. So I was playing it for a total of 6 hours so I don't noe much since the game is probably like a freakin two day game to complete!! Anyways to my review.

Gameplay 7/10. Well it's pretty good I like the way your character moves around and fights monster but it's not like some call of duty game were u can just run around and expect to live when ur fighting super mutants! It's like very simliar to oblivion. So it's like a of feels like ur playing on the computer for some reason Lol. I love the V.A.T.S system I think that's wat it's called I like of because I can like take aim at a certain part of the body and fire that's pretty awsome! Yea so game play pretty good. What I hate though is that the like animal food u get from killing the animal barely heals ****! And I mean I noe teres other types of healing methods. But since u noe u just started at least it can heal like some hp!

Graphics 9/10: the graphics are really nice. The bulidings look freakin beautiful! And the people look really realistic. And the enemys look really nice too. The lighting is pretty good too. But I advise for people that play at least 4 hours straight to take a break after 3 hours because yours eyes are gunna hurt. The graphics are so realistic that I focus way to much! Like the lighting sometimes make u see colors cause it feels like ur looking at the sun when ur actually looking at the t.v. But other then that yes the graphic are very very nice.

Story 7/10: So for a little info. The begining ur a little baby that was supposely born at the vault and they say that the outside world is like destroyed and that it's horrible and stuff. So after that u and become older and older then u decide to ask ur father about the outside world. So he says it's not safe out tere and u question why it's not safe so then he just says dnt worry about it ur safe at the vault and that's better then being at harm. So then one day ur father leaves to the outside world then u follow him and so ur adverure begins. The waste land! The bigest place ever! So after that u take on ur own missions and u do as wat I wanna do.

Overall Score 8/10: yes this game is pretty good but I dnt recommend renting it because well u would want to own because of all the things u hav to do in this game it's really nice! So it's better to own so u can try to achieve all the quest,skills and see all the interesting monsters in the waste land! And remeber u heel lots of patience to play this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/30/09

Game Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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