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"An atmospheric and breath-taking experienced that can't be missed!"

Today I will be reviewing a long awaited game, that has been made for the Xbox 360 , the PS3 and the PC by Bethesda, this game is the atmospheric fallout 3. The mountains and ruins in the deserted wasteland will suck you into a game, that you will never stop playing. Despite not beating Fallout 1 or Fallout 2, I picked up this game not knowing if it would be worth the wait or not, but I am going to tell you one thing, this game is near flawless!


The story in fallout 3 is very good, with tons of plot twists and many different characters to encounter, you will enjoy this story very much. So, the story is like this, as the future became closer and closer, more terrible events started to happen, so in 2077, the Great War started. The Great war was the most devastating war in history, cause the unique thing about it, is that it only lasted a few minutes cause all it was , was a few nuclear bombs dropped then BOOM!. The only way to survive this catastrophe was by forming a new life in these underground facilities called Vaults, and this is mainly where the story of you begins. 200 years has passed since the Great War, and you, a person that you will have to create lives in Vault 101. You will actually have to start the game, right from the beginning, as your mother is giving berth to you, your 10th birthday party and more. As you grow older, suddenly, your father, escapes the vault, to activate the purifier, that will bring pure water to all of the wastelands. In Vault 101, it was not looking to good, cause, no one is allowed to escape the vaults. So, your in the middle of all these complications, but you need to do something, so you finally find a way to escape Vault 101 to encounter your father and maybe, finish Project Purity. So to some things up about the story is that, I love it, its great, its innovative, and you will keep wanting to play fallout 3 cause of the engaging story.


So, this game is made by the developers of Oblivion, so that means,....its a HUGE game, there is so much to cover in this department, so to make this a bit easier for myself and you guys, I shall split it up in a few sections : Exploring, Quests, Combat, Decisions and the RPG System.

Exploring : A huge part of the insanely huge game : Fallout 3 is the sense of discovery and exploring. You can literally explore any piece of land that you see, like a lonely shed in the woods, even a creepy mansions in the wastelands or even a town called Megaton. And every single location you find will be added to your map and you can teleport to that location instantly. This is a great feature cause of the slow running speed. Each location or area that you discover always has new characters to meet and endless stories to be told.


Other then all the exploring you can do in Fallout 3, most of the things you will be doing in this game is the Quests. No mission in Fallout 3 feels even a bit repetitive because of the vast amounts of things you can do in this epic adventure! There is a number of story quests to complete before beating the game and a great number of side and mini quests to accomplish when the main adventure ends.

Combat :

The combat in Fallout 3 mixes 2 genres together the RPG genre and the First Person Shooter genre, and it blends them together to make a perfect experience. So as you escape the vault you have this ability called the vats system. You can instantly freeze time, lock onto an enemy and choose which limb to hit your enemy at. It also represents the percentage you have of hitting them. This system is very cinematic , especially when the gore plays in and, there is alot of that. The game can be played in first or third person, but first person is way more preferable.There are many guns to use and repair and even a handful of guns to create with schematics hidden around the wastelands like : The Death-claw gauntlet and the Railway rifle. There is even a mini nuclear bomb launcher to spice things up.


In this game, you can choose to be good, neutral or evil. I will give an example of the situations that you will be in. So a lady has a nice gun that you like so you can. Smooth talk her (if you have raised the speech skill) and take her gun like that. You can steal it when she is sleeping or you can blow her head off with a shotgun and take it like that. Each way changes how the story concludes and you will be tempted to play the game again and again with different traits.

RPG System

Since Fallout 3 is also an RPG game, there are many RPG elements that were in Fallout 1 and 2. You can level up your skills by : Killing enemies, discovering locations and even finishing quests. Once you level up you can choose a perk to customize your experience and upgrade many skills like: Big Guns, Barter, Sneak and small guns. Each trait can change the experience to how you want to play it. You can also customize what you look like with many different armors and clothing to wear. There is also a vast selection of items to heal yourself and some are needed to complete quests and other tasks. This and other options can be tweeked and customized with the-Pip - Boy 3000, a Handheld data base.

Graphics :

The atmosphere in Fallout 3 is outstanding it actually makes you feel like you are in a Wasteland filled with dried up ruins and mutated creatures. There is a night and day cycle and you can swim in radiated water to replenish your self. The character models can look stiff at times but the creature models are outstanding. The lighting and textures are good even for a open world game. The physics in Fallout 3 are great when the gore is put into place, but some of the environments look awfully stiff, but this does not harm the overall experience in any way.


There is so much to do in Fallout 3 after you complete the main quest. You can find bobbleheads around the wasteland to enhace your skills, you can complete side quest and you can even take your time and find more locations. There are also many DLC packs to buy, that are well worth the money ,especially Point Lookout. I have spent about 60 Hours with this game, and thats including DLC, and I still have hours of exploration cause of the endless possibilities


Even though I haven't played Fallout 1 or 2, I enjoyed this game so much , that you cant miss out on this extreme experience of survival and adventure. I give Fallout 3 a 9.7 /10. This is easily one of the best games ever created.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/03/09

Game Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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