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"A great game with some unforgivable flaws"

I have decided to write this review to show my appreciation to Bethesda and give some more information to people who might want to purchase it. Fallout 3 is the sequel to the brilliant Fallout RPGs, developed by Bethesda instead of Black Isle Studios who developed the predecessors. Like them, you play a character who has grown up in a vault, a secure fortress built to house people during the atomic war of 2077. It is now 2277, two hundred years later, and your father has left the vault, leaving you to follow in his footsteps, and step out into the capital wasteland.

The graphics are simply superb; The wasteland is a large and awe-inspiring land, and the Weapons and Items look great. There are a few minor problems with NPC models at times however, with some noticably jagged edges around characters. Character models are also reused frequently, as are area designs, especially when concerning metro tunnels. Another massive problem is the animation.

The story is rather weak for an RPG, very similar to previous fallouts, with water as the theme. You must escape the confines of the vault and pursue your father into the harsh reality of nuclear war ravaged DC, before you have to work together to start a water purifier, which might just give some hope to the people of the wasteland. There are some great quests and areas however, which more than makes up for the rather lacklustre main quest.

The gameplay in Fallout 3 is rather weak. The VATS system is decent, but becomes old fast, and the alternative is difficult, because the FPS targeting in Fallout 3 is incredibly innacurate and frustrating. If you can ignore some niggling flaws however, it is very rewarding, the scavenging aspect is very satisfying and addictive, with some interesting enemies to fight and locations to discover.

The sound in Fallout 3 is okay, with a few radio stations that pump out old hits, with the DJ mentioning your exploits from time to time. The combat and general in-game music is lacking and usually isn't present. Bethesda uses the same few voices for hundreds of NPCs, apart from a few key NPCs such as your dad who, strangely is voiced by Liam Neeson...

This is where the game shines. Just one playthrough can last you hundreds of hours, just completing quests and scavenging for loot. You can always make multiple characters and play the game in a different way, or complete quests differently.

An amazing game let down by a few annoying problems. Another thing which contributes to the main score which I have failed to mention is the horrifying amount of glitches. The game is drowning in them. It's the price to pay for a massive living world like Bethesda usually come up with.

Definitely buy, renting such a large and epic game as this simply wouldn't do it justice.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/10

Game Release: Fallout 3 (EU, 10/31/08)

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