Review by DarkLordMorsul

Reviewed: 02/16/10


Are you ready for easy to understand controls? Are you ready to fight mutants , giant bugs, evil soldiers and hit squads? Are you ready for random encounters with unique people and places? I hope so because that's what you get in Fallout3.

Audio: The music of the game when the radio isn't in use is very low and adds atmosphere without being overpowering. The radio has two main options(A third can be obtained) for your listening pleasure. Firstly, GNR the news and oldies station. The host Three Dog spins fun old tunes while providing up to date information and news regarding tips for survival and even Quests you've done. The other is Enclave Radio, this station plays the messages of President John Henry Eden, he plays Patriotic music. The Third I will not reveal how to get it, but the third station is all violin music, well played too. and voice acting is Really good all around. Liam Nielson does a passable job(I just think he sounds the same in everything he does)

Visuals: Stunning exciting and detailed. Now to be fair the first time I saw an old cell phone in the road I was amazed, but you can see some recycled textures. That being said they do change up formations and buildings every area seems and looks unique. Monsters are all great.

Gameplay: With skills stats and various perks you can make virtually any character type you wish. I myself do not take full advantage of this never being a berserker type always sneaking rogue-like. But you want to toss grenades and follow up with a minigun sweep go ahead! Want to Punch someone in the face with a robotic arm, why not. You can also "reverse-pickpocket" humanoid enemies and place live grenades on them. killing most of them instantly.

Replay: Infinite practically most missions have multiple endings and rewards based on techniques. You aren't locked in a specific order of doing quests either, for example if you go to certain location you can skip a fair bit of the early main quest. Karma gives you numerous paths to follow. You can even change an entire town over by reverse-pickpocketing folks to make them wear armor or different ckothes. You'll always learn something new and find something amazing to do.

I suppose if there were any problem and it's a matter of perspective it's whats known as the scrap metal glitch. A glitch allowing you to have infinite experience. This game is so much fun you won't use it though until after a few plathroughs. I've put about six hundred hours into this game(probably more.) and only used this cheat on one file.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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