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    Astaroth by matseb8

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        SSSSS       OOOOO      UUU     UUU   LLL
       SS   SS     OO   OO      UU     UU     LL
       SS          OO   OO      UU     UU     LL
        SS         OO   OO      UU     UU     LL
         SS        OO   OO      UU     UU     LL
          SS       OO   OO      UU     UU     LL
           SS      OO   OO      UU     UU     LL
      S    SS      OO   OO       UU   UU      LLLLLLLLL
       SSSSS        OOOOO         UUUUU       LLLLLLLLL
      CCCCCC   AAAAAA   LL       II   BBBBBB    UU   UU   RRRRRR
      CC       AAAAAA   LL       II   BB   BB   UU   UU   RR   RR
      CC       AA  AA   LL       II   BB   BB   UU   UU   RR   RR
      CC       AA  AA   LL       II   BB  BB    UU   UU   RRRRRR
      CC       AAAAAA   LL       II   BB   BB   UU   UU   RR RR
      CC       AA  AA   LL       II   BB   BB   UU   UU   RR  RR
                             444   44     44
                             444   44     44
                             444   44     44
                             444    44   44
                             444    44   44
                             444     44 44
                             444      444
       !!!!    !!!!!   !!!!!!!!   !!!!    !!!!!     !!!!   !!!!!!!!  !!  !!
      !!  !!  !!   !!     !!     !!  !!   !!  !!   !!  !!     !!     !!  !!
      !!  !!  !!          !!     !!  !!   !!  !!   !!  !!     !!     !!  !!
      !!!!!!   !!!        !!     !!!!!!   !!!!!    !!  !!     !!     !!!!!!
      !!  !!      !!      !!     !!  !!   !! !!    !!  !!     !!     !!  !!
      !!  !!      !!      !!     !!  !!   !!  !!   !!  !!     !!     !!  !!
      !!  !!  !!!!!       !!     !!  !!   !!   !!   !!!!      !!     !!  !!
    Copyright info..........................................[CPW]
      Astaroth's Story & Ending.............................[GEN1]
      Astaroth's appearance & features......................[GEN2]
      Astaroth's awesome weapons............................[GEN3]
      Against tanking opponents.............................[STR1]
      Against balanced opponents............................[STR2]
      Against fast opponents................................[STR3]
      Against long-ranged opponents.........................[STR4]
      General strengths and weaknesses......................[STR5]
      Tower of Lost Souls tips..............................[STR6]
    Thanks & Contact info...................................[END]
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    You can email me however and ask me if you wish to put this on your site.
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    --------------------- Astaroth's Story & Ending  [GEN1] -----------------------
    The god of war and destruction, Ares, desired Soul Edge, so he ordered
    Kunpaetku, the grand priest of the cult order Fygul Cestemus, to seek it out.
    Astaroth, a golem, was created in hellish heat under the divine protection of
    the god of war (Ares) to head up the quest. Kunpaetku ordered his creation,
    Astaroth, to find the demonic blade. As he watched Astaroth depart from the
    shrine, the grand priest laughed to himself as he planned to keep the Soul
    Edge and become a god for himself. Unknown to Kunpaetku, however, Ares had
    possessed Astaroth with his servants, the Keres, to ensure that Kunpaetku
    would not betray him. When Astaroth finally found Soul Edge, it had lost half
    of itself during the battle with Sophitia Alexandra. Deciding that Ares would
    not be pleased with the sword in this condition, he agreed to help the azure
    knight, Nightmare, build its power by collecting souls by slaughtering
    countless victims. As Astaroth was finally ready to betray Nightmare and take
    the Soul Edge from him, Kilik, Xianghua and Maxi, stormed Ostrheinsburg Castle,
    and Astaroth was killed by Maxi. Four years later, signs of Soul Edge began to
    reemerge, and Ares resurrected Astaroth in an attempt to retrieve the evil
    blade once again. This time, though, his body had been infused with shards of
    the Soul Edge, making him more powerful and ruthless than ever before.
    Astaroth had set out on the trail for the evil blade, but a problem arose.
    The grand priest Kunpaetku had realized his golem was not behaving as
    originally instructed--that another force now claimed ownership over Astaroth
    since his initial creation. In order to reclaim Astaroth as his servant,
    Kunpaetku performed a ritual on the lowest level of the cult's temple and
    unleashed a powerful curse on him. But Astaroth fought back against the
    curse, for he had become an ideal host for the Keres, because of the
    fragments of Soul Edge he had taken in during his resurrection. He would
    destroy anyone who stood in his way, and now the cult had become nothing
    more than an obstacle in his path. Astaroth entered the temple to destroy
    the cult once and for all, and his whirlwind of destruction mowed down
    everything in his path. The curse had only fueled him with anger, and he was
    determined to destroy anything and everything he saw. The temple of the
    heretics had become a crucible of chaos. Astaroth pursued Kunpaetku into the
    deepest part of the temple, but the grand priest managed to escape at the last
    minute. Only the words the priest left behind remained, telling him that he
    was nothing more than a failed doll modeled after a mere human. Astaroth
    immediately stopped in his tracks, distracted with this newfound horrible
    knowledge, and began to search the temple's archives for his roots. He had
    been made in the image of a man called only by the name "White Giant."
    Astaroth destroyed the facility in which Kunpaetku's ritual had been performed,
    and his curse faded such that he regained his true strength. He then proceeded
    to destroy the temple completely until it became unrecognizable debris, and
    nothing was left but chaos and rubble. Fygul Cestemus had been wiped from
    history by the very being that they themselves had created. Astaroth stood
    within the ruined temple, quietly thinking to himself. If the "White Giant"
    he had been modeled after was as powerful as himself, then that man must
    surely be the greatest soul on earth, the perfect nourishment to resurrect
    the Soul Edge back to its full power. But perhaps Astaroth himself did not
    realize his own hidden desire to destroy the "White Giant"--to make himself a
    complete creature, unique without any model. The golem set out, his new
    objective set, disappearing into the mirages in the distance. Behind him was
    only a column of smoke rising from a ruinous wasteland; in front of him
    somewhere was the perfect soul.
    Just like with most characters in SC4, Astaroth's final story boss is Algol.
    Astaroth finally gets the possession of Soul Edge and it gives him lots of
    power. However for Astaroth it's not enough and he wants more and more. And so
    Astaroth wandered the woods like a giant, seeking more power and not
    finding any, whilst spreading his evil energy all over the place.
    ------------------ Astaroth's appearance & features  [GEN2] -------------------
    Astaroth is a golem, so he's very mascular and larger than a normal male
    human. He's obsessed with killing, murder and annihilation. As a weapon he
    wields a giant axe or hammer. His moves are among the slowest in the game,
    but definitely among the most powerful damage-wise, with a great reach too.
    Astaroth has 2 in-built skins/costumes in SC4.
    The first one is a new costume. Astaroth looks like he just climbed out of
    lava, as there is plenty of it all over him, even on his default axe Kulutues.
    His face also looks more menacing than before.
    The second one is a classic SC2 skin - Astaroth is wearing Executioner's set,
    i.e. the metal mask over the mouth, heavy metal boots, almost nothing on torso
    that reveals his explosed to the outside heart.
    As with most other characters you can customize a new costume for Astaroth.
    I personally don't think ordinary clothes suit him, he should only wear heavy
    armor, but it's up to you really. At the end stats and skills are more
    important than sense of fashion.
    --------------------- Astaroth's awesome weapons  [GEN3] -----------------------
    First of all I must say that Astaroth has perhaps the coolest looking weapons
    in the game. In my opinion anyway. Here are the ones in this game and what
    they're best at. Kulutues and Bulova are free. Others you must buy.
    Astaroth's default weapon. It's a giant axe basically. The first skin's
    Kulutues is covered with lava slightly.
    Attack: 100
    Defence: 50
    HP: 30
    Power: 50
    Impact: 0
    Boost: 50
    Gauge: 0
    Special: 0
    Native skill: none
    Just like Kulutues, this is also a giant axe, but the shape of the blade is
    different; it's kinda split and looks like two blades.
    Attack: 100
    Defence: 40
    HP: 40
    Power: 0
    Impact: 30
    Boost: 0
    Gauge: 30
    Special: 30
    Native skill: Soul Gauge Damage B
    Another good-looking giant axe with a blade that looks like a crescent of a
    Attack: 130
    Defence: 45
    HP: 35
    Power: 0
    Impact: 40
    Boost: 0
    Gauge: 60
    Special: 30
    Native skill: none
    This is a massive hammer/mallet that is partly metal and partly wooden. As
    you can see it's best for attack-oriented builds.
    Attack: 210
    Defence: 35
    HP: 25
    Power: 50
    Impact: 30
    Boost: 50
    Gauge: 0
    Special: 0
    Native skill: none
    Another one of the giant axes. It's a very balanced weapon in my opinion.
    Attack: 150
    Defence: 30
    HP: 50
    Power: 50
    Impact: 0
    Boost: 30
    Gauge: 30
    Special: 30
    Native skill: none
    This is a legendary weapon Soul Edge that is in the shape of a giant axe
    to suit Astaroth's fighting style.
    Attack: 190
    Defence: 55
    HP: 40
    Power: 30
    Impact: 30
    Boost: 0
    Gauge: 0
    Special: 30
    Native skill: Hyper mode
    This is a joke weapon that looks like a toy hammer, but oversized version.
    Attack: 140
    Defence: 40
    HP: 20
    Power: 100
    Impact: 0
    Boost: 100
    Gauge: 0
    Special: 0
    Native skill: Double-edged sword
    ------------------------ Astaroth's moves: Key  [MOV1] -------------------------
    The key I'll use in this guide is the following (assuming you're standing on the
    left side of the screen):
    Directional buttons:
    7-8-9      ^
    4-5-6  - < + >
    1-2-3      v
    So for example '3' would mean 'forwards + down at the same time'.
    Abbreviation - Type of command    - Xbox 360 button
    A            - Horizontal attack  - X
    B            - Vertical attack    - Y
    K            - Kick               - B
    G            - Guard              - A
    I would also provide comments on some of the moves, saying what I think about
    them, so hope you'll find them helpful.
    Also note that comma (,) means follow one attack after the other, while plus (+)
    means press them at the same time.
    ---------------------- Astaroth's moves: Commands  [MOV2] ----------------------
    Input - Attack name - Comments
    PS: You can delay most of attacks within combos with Astaroth, so I won't bother
    mentioning every single one of them.
    Horizontal attacks
    A - Annihilation - holding it performs a small attack grab
    A,A - Annihilation - holding second one performs an unblockable attack grab
    A,B - Destruction
    6A,B - Grip shot to Ax Volcano
    3A - Minotaur crush
    2A - Hades break
    1A - Discus - Perhaps most useful attack by Astaroth; same with next two
    1A(hold),A - Double discus
    1A(hold),B - Discus breaker - second attack is an overhead one and guard
    4A - Hades control - holding it performs a small attack grab
    2,1,4A (+Ax5) - Poseidon Tide Rush - If first attack hits then it's a powerful
                                        attack grab, if not then follow up with A
                                        5 more times to cause Astaroth to spin fast.
    crouching + A - Hades break
    rising + A - Reverse spiral ax - a very powerful and useful attack as it is
                                     also relatively fast
    jump + A - Great annihilation
    turning + A - Reverse ax split
    crouching + turning + A - Lower Hades split
    Vertical attacks
    B,B - Hades Ax - holding second attack performs a guard break
    6B - Ax side cannon - one of the very useful fast moves
    3B - Ax Volcano - holding it performs an awesome unblockable
    2B - Hades - holding it performs a guard break
    1B - Ax Grave
    4B - Bear fang - you can hold it for more damage
    crouching + B - Dark split
    rising + B - Hades rising
    jump + B - Greater divide
    turning + B - Reverse dark split
    crouching + turning + B - Lower dark split
    K- Moloch's Vise
    K(hold) - Valarion - this is a beautiful attack grab
    6K - Hades knee - a very useful attack too because it's fast
    3K,A - Dark Tamer - you can hold any of the two attacks in this combo
    2K - Bull low kick
    1K,A - Reverse Tamer
    4K,K - Command kicks - another one of pretty useful attacks
    crouching + K - Bull kick
    3K(hold) - Bull rush
    rising + K,A - Rising cyclone
    jump + K - Great kick - perhaps one of the most untrue names given to an
                            attack (:D)
    turning + K - Reverse bull kick
    crouching + turning + K - Lower sweep
    Simultaneous attacks
    A + B - Titan Ax - the range of this attack is really awesome
    3A + B - Offering - holding it performs an attack grab
    4A + B - breath of Hades - holding it performs an unblockable attack grab
    B + K - Guard crusher - does a small attack grab
    6B + K - Body splash - if an enemy attacks you during that it performs an
    2B + K - Hades crush - you can then follow that up with a quick A+G, B+G,
                           2A+G or 2B+G grab
    4B + K (,B) - Ax Lower cannon - Good ranged attack and if you follow up with
                                    B when enemy is close enough then it performs
                                    a cool attack grab
    9B + K - Flying divide - holding it performs a guard break
    2,3,6B + K - Demented Moon - A powerful unblockable attack
    facing away + B + K - Side divide
    K + G - Taunt
    8-way run attacks (I indicated it by pressing directions twice fast)
    6,6 A,B - Ares spiral rage
    3,3 or 9,9 A - Ax blow
    2,2 or 8,8 A - Poseidon crest
    1,1 or 7,7 A - Discus
    4,4A - Hades divide - can hold for more damage
    6,6B - Ax Crash - Fast attack, but easily blocked or dodged
    3,3 or 9,9 B - Ax Volcano - hold for unblockable
    2,2 or 8,8 B - Hades Cannon - very powerful attack and good for ring outs;
                                  following up with a 4 causes the enemy to fly
                                  closer to you
    1,1 or 7,7 B,K - Azazel tackle - second strike is more or less vital since
                                     the first one often misses.
    4,4B - Canyon creation - Gotta love doing this attack on downed opponents; hold
                             for unblockable
    6,6K - Bull rush - holding causes enemies to fly upwards
    3,3 or 9,9 K - Hades rush - holding will cause enemies to fly up
    2,2 or 8,8 K - Stamp of Hades - holding will cause enemies to fly up
    4,4 or 1,1 or 7,7 K - Lower command kick
    2,2 or 8,8 A + B - Titan swing - hold for unblockable
    run + K - Sliding - everyone has this attack; good for ring outs
    A + G - Maelstrom divide
    B + G - Hades destroyer
    From the left side - Beat down
    From the right side - On Silent wings
    From the back side - Death crush
    crouching enemy + 3A + G - Plunging crush
    crouching enemy + 2A + G - Bludgeoning crush - I personally don't see anything
                                                   different to the previous one
    crouching enemy + 3B + G - Flood of lava
    crouching enemy + 2B + G - Drop of lava - Same as with above case
    6,3,2,1,4 A + G - Wicked judgement
    6,3,2,1,4 B + G - Flight of the wicked
    mid air enemy + A + G - Wrath of the damned - you'll come to love this grab
                                                  when characters like Maxi or Talim
                                                  jump at you
    mid air enemy + 2,8 + B + G - Titan Bomb - Looks like the real deal, but hard
                                               to perform
    downed enemy (head to you) + 1A (or B) + G - Brutal grasp
    downed enemy + 2 + B + K, A + G - Wrath of the damned - it's different to the
                                                            other one
    downed enemy + 2 + A + K - burial
    ---------------- Strategies against tanking opponents  [STR1] ------------------
    Good examples of tanking characters are Nightmare, Rock, Astaroth (himself),
    etc. These guys have slower moves than most, but very powerful and plenty of
    unblockables and attack grabs. Therefore against them the best moves to do are
    those that keep them at a distance and destroy the most health. Charge moves are
    good and of course the classic Discus move will be your best friend here.
    Watch carefully what they do, because their moves are easier to predict than
    most and therefore the right type of defence can be executed at the right time,
    i.e. blocking, 8-way run, impacts, etc. They have plenty of unblockables and
    guard breaks, so blocking does not save you a lot of the time from these guys.
    Sometimes it's useful to chip in a few fast moves in order to ruin their
    charging moves. Keep that in mind!
    Some Useful moves:
    Discus (1A) and its other 2 types (1A(hold),A & 1A(hold),B)
    Titan Ax (A + B)
    Hades break -> Reverse spiral ax  (2A followed by A while rising)
    Hades Ax (B,B)
    Ax Volcano (3B)
    Canyon creation (4,4B)
    Hades Cannon (2,2 or 8,8 B)
    Dark Tamer/Reverse Tamer (3 (or 1)K,A)
    Bull rush (6,6K or 3K(hold))
    Demented Moon (2,3,6B + K)
    All grabs/throws
    ---------------- Strategies against balanced opponents  [STR2] -----------------
    The balanced characters are such like Mitsurugi, Setsuka, Raphael, etc.
    These characters still don't pose too much difficulty if you know what moves
    to execute and when. If you happen to attack at the same time as them, then
    they're much more likely to land a hit before you. Just the best thing to do is
    to combine both fast and powerful moves. When they are close you, you better off
    doing fast moves so to get some room between the two of you. Once they're at a
    distance then Astaroth can pull off some of the charging powerful moves, such as
    unblockables. Good fast moves are mostly kicks and also Ax side cannon (6B).
    Some Useful moves:
    Discus (1A) and its other 2 types (1A(hold),A & 1A(hold),B)
    Reverse Spiral Ax (A while rising)
    Ax side cannon (6B)
    Hades divide (4,4A)
    Command kicks (4K,K)
    Ax Volcano (3B)
    Canyon creation (4,4B)
    Dark Tamer/Reverse Tamer (3 (or 1)K,A)
    Titan Ax (A + B)
    Body Splash (6B + K)
    Hades knee (6K)
    ------------------- Strategies against fast opponents  [STR3] ------------------
    Now these ones are the hardest characters to fight against with Astaroth since
    they are way too fast and a lot of the time may not let you breathe. Good
    examples of fast characters are Cassandra, Talim, Taki, Maxi, etc, even
    Cervantes at times. Most of your moves here should be fast moves, and once you
    get them down on the ground then you may perform some of the slower more
    powerful ones. Grabs/throws also come useful here since these guys will tend to
    be close to you most of the time regardless of your efforts to keep them away.
    They will also be jumping a lot, so the awesome Discus will miss them a lot of
    the time. I would also strongly advise against vertical moves, because these
    guys can 8-way run these moves easily.
    So to conclude - at the start of the battle perform any quick horizontal strike,
    and once they get close to you then go with fast attacks and grabs. When you
    manage to get them on the ground then perform stronger moves.
    Some Useful moves:
    Ax side cannon (6B)
    Hades knee (6K)
    Poseidon Crest (2,2 or 8,8 A)
    Poseidon Tide rush (2,1,4A (+Ax5)) (if you can input it fast enough)
    Reverse spiral ax (A while rising)
    Hades rising (B while rising)
    Ax Grave (1B) (fast low attacks are helpful, but make sure enemy is very close)
    Canyon creation (4,4B) (once you got them onto the ground)
    Discus (1A) (once you got them onto the ground)
    Command kicks (4K,K)
    Body splash (6B + K)
    Bull rush (6,6K or 3K(hold))
    All grabs/throws
    ------------------ Strategies against long-ranged opponents  [STR4] ------------
    I'm mostly talking about characters such as Kilik and Seung Mina, who may be
    long ranged, but many of their attacks are quite fast. Logic should say straight
    away that your best friends here are long ranged moves too. Make sure however
    you watch your opponents carefully, because these characters are still faster
    than you, so if you happen to attack at the same time, their attack is most
    likely to land first and therefore stopping your attack. There isn't much of a
    strategy here except for using their own medicine against them. I'll just
    provide a few useful moves to pull off.
    Some Useful moves:
    Discus (1A) and its other 2 types (1A(hold),A & 1A(hold),B)
    Titan Ax (A + B)
    Ax Lower Cannon (4B + K (,B))
    Flying divide (9B + K)
    Reverse spiral ax (A while rising)
    Hades Cannon (2,2 or 8,8 B)
    Demented Moon (2,3,6B + K)
    Bull rush (6,6K or 3K(hold))
    Titan swing (2,2 or 8,8 A + B)
    --------------------- General strengths and weaknesses  [STR5] -----------------
    As I mentioned earlier, Astaroth is a relatively slow character with a very few
    fast attacks who relies on keeping enemies at a long range. This says straight
    away that fast characters are his greatest weakness. Be in particular aware of
    Talim as she jumps a lot, meaning your Discus will miss her. Also Cervantes
    as he flies and heaves himself a lot.
    Discus is undoubtedly Astaroth's best move - it's low, quick and covers a huge
    area, managing to knock enemies off their feet, giving lots of possibilities
    for further attacks. Reverse spiral ax is also an amazing attack as it is fast
    and also covers big area. It's like a high version of Discus.
     Astaroth also has a few crappy attacks which rarely work and those you have to
    avoid inputting by accident. Of course they do land sometimes, but they're best
    avoided. Good examples would be Hades (2B), Minotaur Crush (3A), Bear fang (4B),
     Astaroth is a power guy and so when customizing a costume for him I'd highly
    advise Auto unblockable attack skill (any grade, but the higher the better).
     Also maybe, and I am not sure about this, Strengthen horizontal is a good
    skill to give him because Astaroth afterall is a horizontal guy. Some of his
    horizontal attacks are Godly, whereas most Vertical ones suck because they
    easily miss.
     But anyways, don't forget to chip in fast attacks into the fight, they
    greatly string together the fighting technique in between all those powerful
    ones. And don't be cheap doing Discus all the time (except maybe floors 57 to
    60 on Tower of Lost Souls :D) as doing the same attack only shows a lack
    of skill.
    ------------------------- Tower of Lost Souls tips  [STR6] ---------------------
    This will be mostly about ascending as I haven't completed descending yet. And
    I won't include every floor on here, just the ones I felt were hard. But if you
    have difficulty on any other floors then feel free to send me an email.
    Floor 20
    This is the one with the Taki style boss at the end. She has Grapple break S
    and also performs lots of impacts and on top of that heals every time she
    performs one. This means that you're very unlikely to win with K.O. and best
    two options are: Ring out or Critical finish.
    I personally won it with a critical finish the first time round. Astaroth's
    hits are powerful and therefore every block and impact she performs taint
    her soul strongly. Of course Astaroth has great ring out moves too, so you
    can win that way too, but if you critical you'll get a treasure chest for that
    Floors 30-32
    This is the one when you fight 11 people in a row with only 1 character and
    Zasalamel as the final boss. The others are not a problem. Zasalamel is a hard
    one because first of all you reach him with low health and secondly because
    he grabs a lot. With that being said make sure you don't come too close to him
    and treat him as a long-ranged character (refer to [STR4] section). Long
    ranged moves are your best friends in this fight. IF however he does get close
    then quickly unleash one of the quick strikes such as Hades knee or Ax side
    cannon followed by Discus or a grab.
    Floors 45-46
    This one is tricky because the characters here are extremelly resistant to
    damage and also cannot be grabbed AT ALL. However to bypass the rules you can
    perform attack grabs, which will deal THEIR PROPER DAMAGE.
    Gladly Astaroth is a king of attack grabs. He's got loads of them. Though many
    of them are crap, he's got some impressive ones too, such as Ax Lower cannon
    and Poseidon tide rush. Though if it doesn't work with Astaroth you can
    unleash the prince of attack grabs Nightmare. He's got some good attack grabs
    too. Just take 2-3 attack grabs, practice using them so that you can input
    them fast enough and then keep on using them.
    Floors 50-52
    Yes, again we have 1 character against a legion. The first stage is not too
    bad; just watch for Balduin - he's stubborn. The second stage is hard
    because all 3 characters there are fast women. Make sure to keep them at
    a distance and use quick attacks. Treat them all as fast opponents.
    The final stage is also tricky. The great danger here is Amy, because she
    can't be ringed out and also grapple breaks a lot. Kill her boyfriends off
    first so then she can't switch, as that's what computer likes to do when
    they have low health and while you fight the teammates the one you nearly
    killed regenerates plenty of health. Those 3 you can ring out, so make use
    of that if you can.
    Floors 53-56
    This time it's 1 character against 4 floors worth of characters. None of the
    enemies particularly stand out with their might, it's just so many of them
    that you end up with a low health at the end. So my advice would be to
    customize a costume that favours plenty of health and defence. I would also
    advise you to perform powerful attacks so to take care of most enemies
    quickly before time runs out and before they can swap and heal.
    In the 3rd stage you face off Astaroth style characters and it's in an arena
    where it is easy to ring out. Make full use of that. Remember Astaroth has
    amazing ring out moves, so use them and don't get hit by them.
    Floors 57-59
    My most hated stage in Tower of Lost Souls!!! This stage is actually
    ridiculous because it is so hard. You're allowed 2 characters here, but
    the problem with this one is that there isn't any good strategy here. Whereas
    with other floors you could always come up with a strategy that worked, here
    you just have to be good. I am talking in particular of floor 58 where you
    fight Mitsurugi and Cervantes. Mitsurugi manages to counter you a lot of
    the time and so I advise you to have Nullify counter skill somewhere.
    Cervantes is hard because he can easily avoid your Discus move, making him
    a tough opponent. Make sure both costumes you use have health in the blue
    section, i.e. more than 100% health, or even preferably more than 130ish%
    health. Don't forget about useful skills either. Nullify counter, Auto
    unblockable and HP Drain are among must haves here.
    This is also one of the times I'd say be cheap and utilise Discus and its
    variants at least 50% of the time. Grabbing enemies also works, though
    some of them are good at grapple breaking, so be aware of that.
    Floor 60
    Algol like you've never seen him before. He's got HP Drain S, frequent
    impact spamming and nullify ring out S. This means that he can block and
    block and then without you expecting it performs a good combo that in the
    process will heal him LOADS!!!
    Again, best thing to do here is use Discus and also Reverse spiral ax a
    lot. Best method is to keep him at a distance. If he's far then you
    can hurt him and he can only shoot (which is easy to block and does
    little damage anyway). If he manages to get close then grab him. He does
    grapple break, but he doesn't have it set on A or S rank, so you can
    utilise grabs quite a lot here. Still, this stage is not as bad as the
    previous one, so if you've done that one, you'll definitely manage this
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