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    Tira by dragonlord26

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    Tira Guide: From Beginner to Emo Master
    Version: 1.00
    Date: 27th of October, 2008
    Game: Soul Calibur 4 (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360), version 1.03
    By: Matt (Shadius) Carrigg
    Email: Gigaszero@hotmail..com
    COPYRIGHT 2008 Matt Carrigg
    -This document is protected under copyright law, and is the sole property of
    Matt Carrigg
    -Soul Calibur, Tira and all other character, item, and move names created
    by Namco-Bandai Games within this guide belong to Namco-Bandai Games.
    The Reason for me making this guide is for the fact that
    no one really understands how to play tira correctly 
    (Besides a few people). Alot of people think she is bad
    because she deals damage to herself with some of her
    moves when really she has some good tools (along with
    some bad of course) and is really fun to play with. 
    	With in this guide is Tira's move list, combos,
    tech traps, and more. Anyone who actually studies this
    guide can become good enough to go to a tournament
    and get some wins.
    	I do not claim ownership of all material in
    this guide for not all of it is mine. However I do claim
    ownership over all the explainions. 
    Table of Contents
    1. Terms
    2. Move List
    3. Stance and Move Infomation
    4. Game Plan
    5. Frame Data (Imcomplete)
    6. Punishes and Ring-out Moves
    7. Tech Traps and Setups
    8. Becoming an Expert
    9. Wrap Up
    Terms you will need to know
    Numbers: Everyone has heard of these numbers somewhere, 
    for those you don't know every direction on your 
    D-pad/Analog Stick as a number
    Down Back - 1
    Down - 2
    Down Foward - 3
    Back - 4
    No Direction - 5
    Foward - 6
    Up Back - 7
    Up - 8
    Up Foward - 9
    Take some time to remember theses, it will make learning so much easier.
    Arcade Commands: also known as A, B, K and G. Alot of people know 
    what these buttons are but some still don't know.
    (Basic Control Mapping)
    X = A
    Y = B
    K = K
    A = G
    JS - Jovial Side
    GS - Gloomy Side
    BF - Best Frame aka Just Frame
    What are frames?
    Frames are what are used to determine the speed of movement 
    in a game/movie/show. In terms of fighting games, the lower the 
    frames the better and faster, the higher the frames the slower and
    some what less useful. Frames are usually typed out with i in 
    front of the numbers (Ex: i12 = 12 frames)
    Safe and Unsafe Moves
    Safe moves are something you cannot be punished for using 
    (Punishing will be intro'd after this section) because the negative
    frame rate on hit or block isn't to high. Unsafe moves are something
    you can be punished for, theses moves have high negative frame 
    rate on block or hit. (also to be explained later on) which (if it hits or 
    gets blocked, depending on how unsafe it is) will not allow you to block 
    afterwards, unlike after a safe move.
    Negative Frame Rates
    Almost every move has a negative frame rate on either hit or block, 
    sometimes even both. Negative frames raise the frame rate of your 
    next move. Example, if you use a move that is -4 on block and it 
    gets blocked by your opponent, afterwards you try for a move that is 
    i12, instead of being i12 it becomes i16, meaning your opponent has a
    chance to switch the battle in your favor. 
    After you block a move that is unsafe or makes it so that your 
    opponent's moves come out slower then yours, you can use one
    of your moves to punish them. A example of punishing is when
    your opponent does a move that is -i>17 on block, if you are 
    using Tira you have a few options, like BB, GS 6Aaaaaa, 
    6K, etc....
    Move List
    Natural combos (NC)
    AA (JS 16, GS 22)
    BB (JS 26, GS 32)
    4KB (35)
    4B+K (22)
    JS 66AA (37, 35 if done with 33_99)
    GS 6Aaaaa (45)
    GS 3Ka (32)
    -JS 22_88 B (42)
    -JS 44B (38-44)
    -GS 66B (38-57)
    -AA (44)
    -K (42)
    -44K combos
    -2K (24)
    -2B (27)
    -7_8_9KB (53)
    -7_8_9KK 1B (62, near wall or corner)
    -GS 2A+B (36)
    -JS 6AB, BT B+KB (64)
    -GS 66B (32)
    -GS 66K
    -JS 2AB, W!, JS 2AB, JS 22_88B
    -4A:A combos
    -GS 6Aaaaa, W!, GS 6Aaaaa
    -GS 66A
    -JS 22_88B, JS A+B
    -JS 3B, W!, 66B, A+B
    -JS 3B, W!, 22_88B, JS 44K combos
    -JS 3B, W!, 22_88B, A+B
    -GS 66K
    WS B+K
    -B (46)
    -K, 1B (53)
    -K, GS 66B (55)
    JS 3B
    -44K (30)
    -66K (34)
    -44K, GS 66B (48-73)
    JS 66B
    -66K (36)
    -slight delay 66AA (45)
    -4A:A (40)
    -44K (32)
    -44K, GS 66B (49)
    JS 4KB
    -22_88B (53, must be close)
    -44B (53)
    GS 22_88A
    -66K (48-55)
    GS 3B
    -1B (40)
    -22B, 66B (60-75)
    -44K, GS 1B
    GS 4KB
    -66B (50, must be close)
    -11_77B (48)
    GS 44K
    -GS 44K, JS 1B
    -GS 44K, 66B
    -GS 44K, 44K, 66B (if first 44K is JS, near wall or corner)
    -GS 88B, 22_88A, A+B
    GS 66K
    -1B (38)
    GS 2A+B
    -1B (39)
    -66B (40)
    UD B
    -JS 3B (50, if in front of opponent)
    -GS 66666B (62, if in front of opponent)
    -JS_GS BT 2B (50, if behind opponent)
    UD K
    -GS 66B (41 if the UD K hits low, 54 if mid)
    Natural Combos on counter hit (NCc)
    A+B (27)
    JS 2AB (24)
    JS 6AB (34)
    GS 44A 2A (34)
    GS 44AB (32)
    -B (56)
    -44K, GS 66B
    -44K, 3B
    GS 4BB
    -6Aaaaa (66)
    -22_88A, A+B (76)
    -6B (66)
    JS 11_77B
    -BT B+K, B (58)
    JS BT B+K
    -B (2nd hit only), 66K
    -B (2nd hit only), 22_88B
    -B (2nd hit only), 66B
    GS 88B
    -22_88A, 44444K, 44444K, 66666B (89)
    -22_88A, A+B (58)
    -44444K, 44444K, 66666B (78)
    -66K (60)
    GS 2A+B
    -4A:A, 44K, GS 66B (62)
    -22B, 66B
    -66K (61)
    Stun combos
    JS 44K (shakeable)
    -JS 44K, GS 66K (74-80)
    -JS 44K, GS 11_77B, BT B+KB (79)
    -GS 2A+B combos
    -GS 88B, 22_88A, A+B
    -GS 3kA, 11_77K, BT B+KB
    -GS 44K, GS 66B
    -GS 44K, 44K, 66B (if first 44K is JS, near wall or 
    -GS 88B, 66K (75)
    GS 44B (unshakeable)
    -88B, 66K (63)
    -88B, 22_88A, A+B (61-76)
    -4BB, 22B, 66B (86-127 if they tech)
    -4BB, 22_88A, 4A:A, 44444K, 66666B
    -4BB, 22_88A, A+B (76)
    -44K, 66B
    -3kA, 11K, BT B+K,B (70-85)
    -3kA, 11K, BT 2K, 66B (67-87)
    -3kA, 44K, 66B (61-83)
    CH GS WR K (shakeable)
    -66B (48)
    -GS 3B, 22B, 66666B (98)
    -88B, 22_88A, 44K, 44K, 66B (76)
    -3kA, 44K, 66B (up to 101, must be close)
    -2A+B, 66K
    Wall combos
    GS 88A W!
    -88B, GS 66K (up to 80)
    -3B, 22B, GS 66B (up to 79)
    -3B, 22B, 3B (72)
    -9KB (56, opponent back against wall)
    -JS 2AB, W!, JS 2AB, JS 22_88B
    -GS 6Aaaaa, W!, GS 6Aaaaa
    -GS 88B, W!, GS 3B, GS 44K combos
    -GS 88B, W!, GS 3B, GS 22B, GS 66B
    -GS 88B, W!, GS 66K
    -GS 88B, W!, GS 3kA, GS 22B, GS 66B
    -GS 88B, W!, GS 88B, W!, 88B, 1B
    Tira Stance & Move Study
    *Note that "(chance)" refers to the possibility & likelihood of 
    changing stance.
    Stance Transitions
    A+K Transitions:
    A+K_[A+K] (low-moderate chance)*GI high/mid A's and B's
    BT A+K_[A+K] (low-moderate chance)*GI high/mid A's and B's
    1K~A+K_[A+K] (moderate chance)
    BT B+KB~A+K_[A+K] (moderate chance)
    JS 2AB~A+K_[A+K] (moderate chance)
    JS 33_66_99B~A+K_[A+K] (moderate chance)
    JS B+K~A+K_[A+K] (moderate chance) *when hit only
    GS 2A+B~A+K_[A+K] (moderate chance)
    Other Transitions:
    “Taking damage from your Opponent”
    K+G (high chance) *Only manual way to transition without injury
    JS 44K (moderate chance)
    GS 44K (low chance)
    JS B+K (guaranteed ~GS if hit) *GI's High/Mid
    GS B+K (guaranteed ~JS, ~GS high chance) *Gi's Mid/Low
    GS 4B:B (rare chance) *only seen it happen a couple times
    GS 66B (high chance)
    GS 66K (rare chance) *only seen it happen a couple times
    44K, B+K are available in both stances with similar executions, 
    however since their hit properties are different they are 
    listed twice.
    Safety List
    JS Only:
    44AA *2nd hit
    GS Only:
    6B *JS version unsafe (Pixies’ BB)
    1B *JS version unsafe (Taki/X A, Amy 6B)
    66B (high chance)
    22K *JS version
    44K (low chance)
    Near-safety list:
    JS 22K -10
    GS WSA -10
    1A -11
    WSK -11(~12?)
    JS 1B -11
    JS 6K -11
    GS 3K~A -11
    3B -12
    8K -12
    8A -13
    2K_FC2K -13
    11B -13
    11K -13
    JS WSA -13
    GS 66K -13 (rare chance)
    4A -14
    11A -14
    GS 6A~AAAA -14
    1K -15
    4KB *2nd hit -15
    A+B -15
    JS 6AB *2nd hit -15
    JS 6B -15
    JS 22A -15
    GS 4B -15
    Game Plan
    The point of playing Tira is to trick the opponent. 
    She has the ability to confuse the opponent and 
    to deal good damage. Tira is also good at whiff 
    punishing (meaning if someone's move cuts the air, 
    you can hit them with a move before they can block).
    Where she is good however she is also bad, Tira lacks
    the ability to keep control over her opponent, she's pretty
    unsafe and she only has a handful of good moves.
    Start of a round
    Ok if you start in JS you have a few options
    66AA beats out most running moves, it's unsafe but 
    at the beginning of the match, BUT since your opponent
    will either try to run after you or step back,it's a hit or 
    miss. 66AA also tracks so people who side step will get 
    hit by it unless they block on reaction.
    88B is a good starting move because you can start side 
    stepping and if the opponent comes after you, you can 
    hit B and it will interupt most moves that the opponent 
    can throw out at you.
    66K allows you to get nice and close with your opponent,
    which in most cases is good. This allows you to try to 
    guess on what your opponent will do, then you can react
    This is a ok move, it's unsafe but on counter hit it does
    a special animation. You can just frame this move and 
    it will also beat out alot of moves at a beginning of a 
    Again, ok move, beats out alot of stuff, it's pretty safe
    to my knowledge (Only 236B punishable) and on counter
    hit you can get a lot of damage done.
    (My personal best - 130).
    Short range but beats out alot, stops stepping and drops 
    the opponent to the ground on hit.
    Short Range
    Interupts alot of moves, has a follow up, first move is safe. 
    It's a underused option that can win a match or save you.
    Like other 2K's but has more range.
    Like other basic BB's
    Unsafe but fast.
    A ok option, decent speed and recovery time and it even 
    has a follow up. It can be punished by fast moves and 
    236B however.
    JS 88B
    Has a miniture step to it, safe and it beats out a lot moves.
    Decent poke, semi-safe, and it tracks meaning no side-steping.
    Really good poke and punish, it's safe and semi-tracks.
    Good poke, leaves you crouched which means WS K can 
    be used afterwards.
    GS 6Aaaaaa
    Really good punish and poke, it's safe and I love this move.
    Mid and Long Range
    JS 66AA
    Just like the start of the match.
    Good poke, safe from a distance.
    Almost safe, a good low but becomes predictable after 
    a few uses. 44K is auto-hit if timed right.
    JS 6AB
    Mid-range poke with follow-up, if they follow-up counter
    hits it will launch the opponent and you will get a free 
    BT B+K B.
    JS 44B/ GS 11B
    Same move as the followup for JS 6A.
    GS 66K
    Same reasons as the opening moves.
    GS 44A
    OMG WHIFF PUNISH!!!!!!!!. Move has built-in side step, has good range
    it's safe, it can be used as a poke or a punish. A must use.
    Of course theres move moves then this but for starting out this will 
    probably be all you should use. Each Tira is unique but every Tira 
    uses some of theses moves. Take from this and build off it to 
    make your Tira your own.
    Frame Data
    Not Complete
    In JS
    WS K
    In GS
    WS K
    3B (-11//)
    JS 22B (+3//)
    From Tactics Symposium for reference:
    i12: JL 44K
    i13: JL K/JL FC 2A
    i14: JL A/GL 6A/JL 6B8
    i15: JL 2K/JL FC 2K/GL 3K
    i16: JL B/JL 2B/JL 1B/JL 6A/JL 6K/
    JL FC 2B/JL A+B/GL 2A
    i17: JL WS K/JL 66K/A+G_B+G
    i18: JL 2A/JL WS B/GL 66B/JL 11K
    i19: JL 3A/JL 3B/JL 4B/JL 6B/JL 
    WS A/GL 66A/GL 3kA/GL 66K/JL 66A
    i20: JL 44A/JL 22K/GL 22A
    i21: JL 3K/JL 1K/JL 4B+K/GL 88B
    i22: JL 22B
    i23: JL 22A
    i24: JL 66B
    i25: JL 11A/JL 33K
    i26: JL 4K/GL 2A+B/JL 44B/JL 88K
    i27: GL 44A/GL WS B+K 
    Punishes (Not Complete)
    6BBB-AA,BB,6K,44K,6aa Gs
    6AAB-AA,BB,6K,44K,6aa Gs
    66BA-6K(corner 3B,AA,BB,44K,6aa GS)
    6KK-FC A,FC B
    3B-44KAA,BB,6K,6aa GS
    11A-FC A,FC B
    3AA-AA,BB,44K,6K,6aa GS
    1A-Ws b
    6B,B,B-AA,6aa GS
    4A-AA.BB,6k,6aa GS
    6A,B-AA,BB,6aaa GS
    1k,A-If they go for the A ws B will interrupt
    ws k-AA
    1B-Ws k
    236 B (jf)-AA
    236 A,B-FC a,Fc b,Fc k
    44B+K-ws k
    3B-AA,6aaa GS
    B+K,B-AA,BB,6aaa GS
    4A,B-K interrupts before B
    6K-AA,6aaa GS
    2A+B-Fc a,Fc b
    3a,b-AA,6aaa GS
    B,B,B-ws a,ws k (ws b only when back to wall)
    1a-Fc a,Fc b,Fs k,2k
    ws B-3b
    11a,a-ws b
    ws A+B-AA,6aaa GS
    2A+B,k-AA,BB,6aaa GS
    1k-ws B
    33k-AA,6aaa GS
    214B-ws a,ws k
    66b,A-AA,6aaa GS
    ws A+B-wait for second hit then 8B+k,B
    1A,A-ws k
    44B,B-666666k,6666666a GS
    9B-AA,6aaaa GS
    11A-AA,BB,6aaa GS
    22K-ws b
    ws B-AA,K
    46B-aa,6aa GS
    22B-AA,BB,6aa GS
    66K,K,B-AA,6K,BB,6aaa GS
    1B-AA,6k,6aaa GS
    2A+B-FC A,FC B
    1/3 A+B-WC A,WC B
    ws K,K,K-66k,3B(back to corner)
    11_77B-AA,44K,6aa GS
    1k-ws B
    66B+K,A,B-AA,44K,6aa GS
    Ringout Moves
    Any Stance (JS or GS):
    -4K,B (Opponent must be right on the edge)
    -CH wsB_9B
    -CH 22K
    -Left Side Throw (ROs to the right-ish)
    Jolly Stance (JS):
    -99_66_33A,A (ROs to the left)
    -22_88A (ROs to the left)
    -99_33K (ROs to the left)
    Gloomy Stance (GS):
    -BF 44A (reverse ring out!)
    -BF 66B
    -CH 6Bk
    -CH 4BB
    -CH 2A+B (66A is the best followup for max RO distance)
    -CH BF 66A
    Of these moves, the main ones of note would have to be:
    -A+G (Front RO throw, enough said)
    -3B (66K followup from JS seems to be best)
    -CH wsB_9B (Pretty far ring out)
    -JS 99_66_33A,A (Far whiff punisher RO)
    -JS 99_33K (Closer whiff punisher RO)
    -GS BF 44A (Holy crap, reverse RO!)
    -GS BF 66B (Far RO from a pretty safe and damaging Mid)
    GS B+K Interrupt Punishment List
    -6A,A, (B)
    -4B,(A+B) (reflects the projectile :p )
    The Apprentice:
    Darth Vader:
    -CS wsA,(A)
    -CS B,(B)
    -CS (wsA+B )(second hit)
    -CS 44_11_77B,(B)
    -WS B(B)
    -WS 4A+B,(B) (must be close for throw to connect)
    -WS 44_11_77B,(B)
    -4(A+B) (second hit)
    -LI A,(A),B
    -(A+B) (second hit)
    -FC3B,(B) (even if you get hit with the FC3B)
    -22_88A,B,(B) (even if you get hit with the first B)
    -VE B,(B)
    -Prep B,B,(B)
    -6(A+B) (second hit)
    Seong Mi-Na:
    -wsA,(A) (must be close)
    -6(A+B) (second or third hit)
    -2(B+K) (second hit)
    -33_99A,(A) (must be close)
    -11_77A,(A) (even if first A hits)
    -22_88K,(A) (even if the K hits)
    -WindRoll1 B,B,(B)
    -BT B+K,(B)
    -JS 44A,(A)
    -JS 44A,(B)
    -JS 66_99_33A,(A)
    -GS 6A,(A)...
    -GS 4B:(B)...
    -BT 6A,(B),(B)
    -BT B,(B)
    -BT 33_99B,(B)
    -6(A+B) (second hit)
    -4(A+B) (second hit)
    -33_99(B) (second or third hit)
    -Intimidation (B) (second hit)
    -Reflect B,(K)
    Yun Seong:
    -6(A+B) (third hit, and works even if the first two connect)
    Tech Traps
    4KB, 9B 
    (near wall; works on normal, forward, and backward)
    CH 11_77B 
    (auto follow-up is a tech trap; works on normal, forward, 
    and backward [near a wall])
    GS 44K, 9B 
    (81, works on normal, forward, and backward)
    1A/88K, 44K 
    (44K is auto-hit after, in JS there is a 
    bit more recovery time then in GS; Yet you can still attack 
    3B, 6A+B 
    (Auto-hit after 3B because of 3B's recovery time, so even if 
    the opponent tech rolls it will still connect.)
    2A+B against grounded (Stops opponent from teching and 
    gives you options afterwards.)
    Depending on your strat with Tira, you can mix it up and 
    trick your opponent. This is what makes Tira one of my 
    favorite characters. 
    - Don't always use follow ups, start 
      without finishing strings then 
      start finishing them
    This will confuse the opponent and give you 
    a free hit most of the time.
    - If your opponent doesn't react, 
      give them a hug!
    If your opponent keeps blocking after a string, 
    after a while grab them, when they get used 
    to that launch or knock them down!
    Becoming a Expert
    Theres multiple types of Tira Experts
    Knowledge of the Emo
    These types of experts *like myself* know 
    ALOT about Tira yet they can't use all of
    it in game. These people know all current 
    combos, good moves, traps, and more. These
    are also the people who come up with the
    new combos and traps.
    Warriors of the Emo
    These are the people who can play 
    Tira really good yet they don't full 
    know all there is to know about Tira. 
    Grand Emo........of the Emo
    These are the mix of the two, I've only met about 2.
    Theres no true way of becoming a expert 
    for any character. Yes there is different 
    types but to become a so called "expert"
    you just need to learn and watch your 
    character grow. As you learn more 
    about your character you become better, 
    ways to test this is to post infomation,
    go to tourneys and more. To tell the truth
    a while ago I didn't think I was good with Tira,
    I posted my first bit of infomation and after 
    that I started to learn more and more. All you
    need to know is don't be afraid and keep 
    aiming higher!
    !~Wrap up~!
    The real point of this guide is to encourge people 
    to play Tira. This is really just a good starting 
    point for players, which is what a character guide
    should be. Each person should learn that they are
    what makes how they play. I hope this helped
    someone out, good luck and hit me up if you 
    ever need help.

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