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"Soul Calibur Bore"

This a bore.

I was very excited for it, because I loved Soul Calibur 3 and I love character creation. SC3 had lots to do and lots of fulfilling gameplay.

But Soul Calibur 4...well, here's a quick idea of what the game has to offer:

Story Mode (5 Fights. Pretty much no plot to be had for any character, at that. Very basic.)
Arcade Mode (Same as story mode, but longer and with 0 plot, just like you'd expect Arcade Mode to be.)
Training (Not really counted as a game mode, because it's just for learning and practice.)
Museum Mode (Again, not really a game mode, because you don't play.)
A new mode called Tower of Lost Souls (40 floors up, infinity floors down...40 repetitive fights up, infinite repetitive fights down.)
Character Creation

This is opposed to SC3, which had Tales of Souls (A story mode where you made choices as you went along and there was an actual story for each character that was quite long and played out differently depending on what choices you made), Soul Arena (Which functions as both an arcade mode AND has a mission-based option, where you meet specific goals in specific situations), Chronicles of the Sword (A strategy game that is a game in itself, that allows you to unlock all sorts of things), and World Competition modes.

The game pretty much has nothing to do. The story mode is short and unfulfilling, Arcade mode is just the same fights over and over again, Tower of Lost Souls is KINDA like a mission mode (You are given vague details before each fight that, if deciphered, basically say to do something a certain way and you'll unlock something, but this is only for the 40 ascending floors). But that's it. Everything is the same. Everything is fighting the same few characters.

There is an online mode, but it is horrendously broken. Perhaps you've heard of Kilik, the character who fights with a pole that can change in size. Perhaps you've also heard of the fact that every single person with no skill at the game will choose kilik and repeatedly spam his moves for an entire match? That's about all you're going to find in the online mode.

The game only really shines in Create A Soul, where you create your own fighter. There's lots of details to choose from and you can even pick their underwear this time around. However, most of the clothing takes a lot of boring playing to unlock, and a good chunk of it is DLC which you have to pay for. In SC3, there were also various special souls to choose from- Dancer, Knight, Ninja, Paladin. These are gone in SC4, so your created soul can ONLY be...basically the exact same, playwise, as an existing character. You pick an existing fighter's "soul" to use meaning that all you really did is reskin an existing character. Which is something else you can do- you can actually dress up the existing characters however you please, but this is pretty pointless. You can also watch your characters do poses and move the camera around them on a stage of your choosing. This is pretty much the best use I got out of the game- ogling my created souls.

The game is pretty. The fighting is pretty much the same as it always has been. The 360 D-pad is a bit of a chore and can make fighting difficult if you prefer it to the thumbstick.

But it really has nothing to do. The modes are all identical. There's nothing extra to keep you interested. The story mode takes under 8 minutes for each character, and is extremely empty compared to the previous game in the series.

There's just nothing to do. The existing modes get old very fast. It is a very basic package, and not worth the price.


Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/18/09

Game Release: SoulCalibur IV (US, 07/29/08)

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