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  1. I have beaten the dinasours and got back into the cave with the waterfall and i have the cog that slows the waterfall so I can get into the underwater cave now that the water has slowed down enough to be able to swim into it. Is this the end of the game.? I have thoroughly explored the caves and the dinasour land and under water areas and collected everything that i could find. I have gone back and forth over every area several times, is this all there is to the game? What comes after you get that last piece in the under water cave that you had to slow the waterfall down for? I can't see where to go. Shouldn't you have to meet up with the lady that sent you on this quest in the first place or is there somewhere else to go and where is that? The game didn't end or anything but I do not know what is supposed to come next. Does anybody have any information to help me move further if there is a further?

    User Info: zeagruxi

    zeagruxi - 7 years ago

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