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    Achievement Guide by neeker

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/20/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.00
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                                 By: neeker
                          Gamertag: Optimus Neeker
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    1.  Contact Information
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Story-Related Achievements
    4.  Takedown Achievements
    5.  Accuracy Achievements
    6.  Passports Achievements
    7.  Conclusion
    Version history
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
    username "neeker". 
    Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
    at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:
    The Bourne Conspiracy is an action shooter featuring scenes from the 
    Bourne Trilogy. This game is rather "old", and I've actually written 
    this some two months ago. It's just that I've forgotten all about it, 
    so it went online much later. I believe there are still people who're 
    stuck at unlocking the full 1K for the game though, so I hope the 
    guide can help them achieve that goal. 
    I'll write this guide in four categories:
    -  Story-Related
    -  Takedown
    -  Accuracy
    -  Passports
    There's varying difficulties for all the achievements. Some are skill-
    based, some require persistence. But they're never too tough that it 
    becomes frustrating. Add to the fact that the game is pretty a fun 
    shooter, you should find yourself enjoying it while going for the 
    gamerscore as well.
    There are 11 missions in Bourne Conspiracy. Each of them has an 
    accompanying achievement that you can unlock upon completion. These 
    unlock regardless of which difficulty you're playing on. I'd suggest 
    doing them on the Trainee difficulty first to get yourself familiarized 
    with the game.
    For these achievements, I'll include a summary of these missions 
    without providing too much details. For a detailed walkthrough of the 
    game, please use Straxus_D's guide on GameFAQs.com.
    Description: Completed Dangerous Beginning
    This is the introductory mission, so it's understandably straight-
    forward. During this chapter, you'll learn the basic moves of the 
    game (hand-to-hand combat/ takedown), for example. There are also 
    some context-based mini-games at some points you'd need to do to 
    advance the story, which include a Multiple Takedown tutorial.
    The chapter ends with a boss fight against O'Connor. Take note of your 
    own health, and land combos quickly to build up your adrenaline. Once 
    you get the chance to do a takedown, do so. You can monitor O'Connor's 
    HP at the bottom left corner of the screen. I find that a good combo to 
    use is XYY, but you can also consider spamming X and Y together to 
    rain some random combos. As long as you keep mashing X and Y together, 
    O'Connor (or any other human boss) will find it impossible to even 
    Description: Completed Shipyard Infiltration 
    In this chapter, you get to shoot. The going may get a little tough 
    as the aiming in this game takes a little getting used to. The early 
    part of the mission sees you trying to escape some helicopter. The 
    trick to do so is not attacking it. Instead, at appropriate moments, 
    you'll find propane tanks around that you can shoot to distract the 
    chopper. Eventually, you'll destroy the chopper with a well-placed 
    shot to the last available gas tank. 
    Some time into the level, you'll get a shooting takedown tutorial. 
    Remember this point as it'll help you get other achievements later.
    There are a couple of boss fights against Solomon in this mission. 
    Shouldn't be much of a problem. The second one is slightly trickier 
    since you'll have to fight some minions before him. Just keep your 
    X+Y combo up and you should have no problems with the fights.
    Since your intention is to feign death, you'll be thrown into the sea 
    afrer you "win" the fight. You survive, obviously.
    Description: Completed Assassinate Wombosi
    You've to get past several guards en route to Wombosi. The early part 
    of the mission has you in the quarters of his ship, and you'll have to 
    disable the ship's alarm system and a submarine. Just use cover 
    appropriately and line up head shots to down those guards around so 
    that you get the opportunity to do the above, and you should be fine.
    As you continue, you'll reach the helicopter pad. You'll need to dis-
    able this as well. The shooting sequence after this may be a little 
    challenging. As usual, stay in cover and try to send in some shots 
    when you get the chance. 
    You'll reach the swimming pool soon, and thereafter, into a room. 
    You'll need to download some stuff from a laptop, which you can find 
    by simply walking straight into the next room. As you progress, you'll 
    end up with a boss fight against some military-looking dude in this 
    area. Notice he doesn't exactly have a HP bar, so technically he isn't 
    a "boss". But it does take a few takedowns to finish him, so just keep 
    X+Y up, earn adrenaline, and do takedowns whenever you can to end the 
    Take the guy's gun after this, and you'll have to find your way up to 
    Wombosi. You'll bump into the irritating Solomon again, so do the 
    usual to dispose him to end the level.
    Description: Completed Eliminate Divandelen 
    Super-duper long mission that's best done on Trainee! The airport 
    sequence reminds me of the airport mission in Army of Two, and it's 
    always fun to have an airport shoot-out.
    In the first part of the mission, you'll need to find your way to the 
    first floor of the garage. You can sneak up on the policemen patrolling 
    in the garage and do a takedown on them easily, or you can fist-cuff 
    your way through. Towards the end of this sequence, a group of masked 
    men appear to rescue Divandelen.
    The shooting begins now, and you'll have to kill all those masked men 
    still lingering in the garage. As they don't tend to crowd around, 
    you may consider simply running up to one of them and fight them 
    unarmed. Beats trying to shoot them as most of them are nicely tucked 
    behind cover. 
    Once you reach the entrance, get outside to the streets. It's rather 
    tricky to get across the street here, since masked men are like, 
    everywhere. Hiding behind cars does't work that well, since they explode 
    upon repeated shots by the enemies. I'd suggest quickly shooting the 
    one in front of the first police car you see, and then head right to 
    fist-cuff two others. From here, use the pillars as cover to finish 
    off the rest. 
    Go into the airport now and go through the very, very long shoot-out. 
    You've about 30 (?) enemies to kill. Try your best to build some 
    adrenaline, and unleash shooting takedowns whenever you can to clear 
    the path. Try your best not to die here, since there are no checkpoints 
    in between.  
    The shoot-out soon brings you to a line of duty-free shops. Continue 
    using the same strategy (cover, earn adrenaline, shooting takedowns) 
    until you finally reach the tram station. Do the mini-game to jump 
    into the tram, and work your way from cabin to cabin. Use the seats 
    as cover and shoot those enemies ahead. If you're careful enough, you 
    shouldn't have much problems with this part of the mission.
    Towards the end of the tram, you'll get a "boss" (no HP bar) fight. 
    Keep doing takedowns on him and you'll eventually wrestle him down 
    the tram. Sweet - this is one of my favorite parts of the game.
    You're down on the tracks. There are enemies shooting at you. At the 
    same time, trams come rushing towards your direction from time-to-time. 
    Stay clear of the tracks, and finish off all the enemies as best as 
    you can. You'll soon reach a flight of stairs, so use it to leave the 
    From here, it's a straightforward cover-and-attack sequence that 
    eventually brings you to Divandelen's plane. As usual, fight the guards 
    and move forward. You'll need to dodge a tank's (yes) attack by going 
    through one of those mini-games before you finally fight Divandelen. 
    Divandelen has a hell lot of health, so keep doing the usual until you 
    reduce his HP to zero. You'll get a checkpoint here and another mini-
    game will come up. Press the correct buttons to avoid his final attack. 
    You now a time limit to run to the end of the plane after this. Sprint 
    there and grab the parachute on the right to end the mission.
    Description: Completed Escape the Embassy 
    I love this level. It really sends the adrenaline pumping due to all 
    those time limits.
    The level begins with a fight sequence against three enemies. Remember 
    this part because it'll help you get a couple of achievements really 
    You can't do any shooting in this mission since the "enemies" are all 
    governmental officers. Just do your best to get past the enemies 
    (sprinting past them much recommended) to beat the time limits. It's 
    slightly harder if you're trying to find the passports, but overall 
    it's not too difficult. 
    You'll get a no-HP bar boss fight against some officer. This one 
    shouldn't be much of a problem at all.
    Once you're out, do the mini-games to escape the snipers. Soon, you'll 
    find yourself in another building. Continue as usual. In one of the 
    areas, three enemies will enter a room on the left, which is your 
    destination. Sneak into the room and hide behind cover, and wait for 
    them to leave before you proceed. Otherwise, you'll be minced.
    You'll soon be flash-banged in a cut-scene. After this, there's a last 
    2:00 time limit as you approach a hall previously blocked by a gate. 
    This is also the last checkpoint of the game, so just sprint all the 
    way to the destination to escape from the embassy. 
    Description: Completed Silence Rurik 
    This mission begins with a sniper sequece. You'll need to do a mini-
    game to snipe a couple of goons. This is trickier than any of the 
    previous mini-games, since you've to press a face button to engage and 
    switch targets, and then RT to shoot. 
    After killing these people, it's time to run.  I won't go through the 
    details so just do the usual cover and attacking to get out of here. 
    Eventually, you'll reach a plaza-like area. Opposite you are about 
    six-seven enemies. You can use walls ahead of you as cover to line up 
    some shots to dispose them. Once done, jump into the plaza to trigger 
    a boss fight. 
    This "boss" is actually a tank! It appears to have no weakness, but if 
    you use Bourne Instinct (press Y), you'll find glowing parts on it 
    that you can shoot to weaken it. Use the statue in the middle of the 
    plaza as cover, and shoot those portions repeatedly until the tank is 
    Next, the library. It's the usual cover-and-gun here. Be careful though 
    since the bookshelves are aren't very helpful in providing cover - 
    they break too easily.
    After you leave the library, it's another tedious journey to the 
    destination. You'll need to reach the distillery, so just do your best 
    to take out the enemies along the way until you reach the place. You'll 
    get the last checkpoint of this level here.
    Once you enter, stay put for a while. Someone will throw some stuff 
    into the windows here, which can reduce your health if you're near. 
    Continue on after that and use the pipes as cover to take out the two 
    enemies here. One of them is on the balcony above, another runs in and 
    out of a room. 
    Go into the room and pull the handle there. The place will now be on 
    fire, and you've a really short time limit to escape. Two enemies rush 
    in, so kill them. Run towards the top right corner of this area 
    (assuming you're facing the area from where you pulled the handle). 
    Two more enemies are here. Quickly dispose them and go up the stairs. 
    You'll find an enemy soon on top, but he gets killed by an explosion 
    so you won't need to fight him. From here, just sprint all the way (it's 
    a big round turn along the balconies) to the end to escape and end the 
    Description: Completed Castel Fight
    Shortest level in the game? Guess so. You get a boss fight against 
    Castel right away. Just do the usual. Midway through the fight, he 
    pulls out a knife. If you manage to do a takedown on him with the pen 
    on the nearby table, he drops the knife, which makes the fight much 
    After his health is reduced to zero, you'll get a checkpoint and 
    another mini-game. Press the correct buttons to end the level, and the 
    achievement is unlocked.
    PARIS CHASE (15)
    Description: Completed Paris Chase 
    This is a driving level. I don't understand why people are complaining 
    about the driving. I find it easy to master, and it's handles smoother 
    than GTA IV. Moreover, you car will never be destroyed and its engine 
    will never stall, regardless of how badly you drive, making this 
    mission a blast to play. 
    There's no trick to completing this level. Just drive from checkpoint to 
    checkpoint within the time limits, and you're done. There are, however, 
    two other achievements you can get while doing this mission, so I'd 
    include them under this section.
    Description: Use three full bars of Adrenaline while driving through the 
    streets of Paris
    After you get into the tunnel, you'll start earning adrenaline as you 
    drive. Earn adrenaline is like earning boost in Burnout. There are some 
    confusions about what constitutes one "full bar" of adrenaline. I've 
    done some experiments and can confirm that one "full bar" of adrenaline 
    means all three portions of the meter are filled. Meaning, to get this
    achievement, you'd need to use an amount of adrenaline that's equal to 
    nine portions of adrenaline filled.
    You don't need to fill up all three portions to start using adrenaline 
    though, since this achievement is accumulative. You can fill up one 
    portion of it, use the adrenaline, and it'll count towards the required 
    portions needed. I'd recommend not to even take stock of how much 
    you've used, and simply drive, earn adrenaline, and use it. You should 
    earn enough to unlock the achievement while playing through the mission 
    on your first playthrough. 
    And, if you're wondering what adrenaline does during driving, it 
    basically slows time down so that you can avoid obstacles easier.
    Description: Rampage through Paris: Destroy the cafe, china shop, and 
    200 props
    As you drive through the streets of Paris, you're bound to hit other 
    cars and stuff. All these are added to the count for 200 props, so 
    you don't even need to bother about this.
    The china shop is a required objective in the game. Just check the map 
    and drive towards it. You should drive right through the shop while 
    destroying those stuff in the shop without even knowing it (and they 
    add towards your 200 props count!).
    The cafe is slightly trickier. It's found in the first part of the 
    mission. As you reach the tunnel, you'll find a bus blocking the path. 
    The cafe is just around the corner. It has a sigh above it that says 
    "hotel". Just drive around the tunnel to find it, and drive into it 
    to smash the places into bits.
    Again, the requirements for this achievement are accumulative. You 
    can miss the cafe and return to smash it later and still unlock the 
    Description: Completed Disarm Renard 
    This level has one of the hardest shoot-out sequences in my opinion. 
    I'd strongly suggest that you take cover to heal whenever you can. I'll 
    explain further.
    The early part of the mission has you sneaking into the museum. You'll 
    then be on the trails of an assassin. Follow the linear path until you 
    get to fight him. He's not tough. It just takes the usual X+Y combo 
    and some takedowns to defeat him.
    Continue on and eventually you'll reach a cut-scene in which Renard is 
    downed by Azar and Company. You'll get a gun too, finally. So it's 
    time to shoot some baddies. Before that, however, you'll need to search 
    the four crates (marked on the map) in this area to find the bomb. 
    The location of the bomb is random as far as I remember.
    Carry on killing the enemies and to the next areas, and you'll end up 
    fighting another sub-boss. Easy meat... as long as you're not badly 
    hurt before the fight. 
    There are a few more soldiers to kill. I strongly suggest that you do 
    hand-to-hand combat on them to earn adrenaline, and DO NOT use take-
    downs at all here. 
    Once you leave the room, you'll get that very hard shoot-out sequence 
    that I mentioned earlier. You've a four-minute timer to chase after 
    Azar. If you don't get to him before that, he leaves via a helicopter. 
    Meanwhile, there are many enemies around, including five-six snipers. 
    Also, there are no checkpoints in between. If you die, you start from 
    the beginning of the four-minute timer. It's a nightmare doing this on 
    assassin difficulty - and you'll have to do this if you're trying to 
    get the full 1K for this game.
    I'll explain how to get past this hellish part under the "Treadstone 
    Assassin" achievement.
    Once you reach the helipad, the mission ends.
    Description: Completed Survive the Professor
    A lot of people have problems fighting the professor, but if you're 
    doing this on trainee, you shouldn't really. 
    From the beginning, go through three windows by pushing shelves to the 
    ground to block the snipers. Marie is safe now, and she tells you the 
    location of a shotgun. Go up the stairs to take it, and leave the 
    house next. 
    Go out and sprint past the sniper's shots. You'll need to shoot a 
    propane tank ahead to progress the level.
    Next area, and continue on sprinting past sniper's fire. You'll soon 
    find a truck with a gas tank on it. I'd suggest that you run behind 
    the truck to take cover, and then walk some steps backwards until 
    you're not that close to the gas tank before shooting it to progress 
    the story.
    Continue on for a mini-game to escape the sniper's shots. You'll reach 
    a barn. Climb up to trigger the boss fight. The first part of the fight 
    is pretty frustrating, since it's all about shooting and you know how 
    difficult aiming can be in this game. To make matters worse, you've a 
    time limit. I'd suggest Waiting for the professor to stay still before 
    spamming a few shots in.
    Once you earn enough adrenaline from the shooting, you'll get the 
    chance to do a shooting takedown. Doing so will lead to the next part 
    of the fight.
    You need to defeat the professor in hand-to-hand combat within two 
    minutes. The X+Y spam is best against him. He'll have no reply to your 
    senseless button-mashing. Use takedown whenever you can and his HP 
    will drop like a fly. I manage to reduce his health to zero with more 
    than a minute to go.
    You'll get a checkpoint after this, and another mini-game pops up. 
    Press the correct button to end the fight and the mission.
    Description: Completed Treadstone Safehouse 
    Pretty straightforward if you ask me. The hardest part of the mission 
    is right after you get into the safehouse. You'll need to travel from 
    the top floor to the lowest floor. Enemies keep spawning just when you 
    think that you've killed everyone (there's a total of about 40 of 
    them). They also tend to "flank" you by taking the elevator to the 
    floor above you as you go down the stairs, thus sandwiching you as 
    you attempt to deal with the goons below. There's also a sniper at the 
    basement whom you can never reach.
    The general tip here is to go slow. After killing a batch, run back 
    up to heal (also in case some enemies go up by elevator to flank you). 
    The railings along the stairs are not really helpful for cover, since 
    they break easily. Try to take out enemies by hiding at the turning 
    corner of the stairs, and then adjusting the camera until you can line 
    up the shot. 
    After killing the whole bunch, you'll finally reach the bottom floor. 
    Here, you fight another no-HP bar boss. Avoid getting too close to 
    the edge of the balcony as the sniper will continue to try his luck 
    from the basement. When you succesfully defeat this boss, you'll throw 
    his body down to take out the sniper as well (you must do a mini-game 
    to do this).
    Continue on and eventually you'll fight the final boss, Manheim. The 
    first part is a gunshoot sequence. There's no time limit, but beware 
    of those propane tanks nearby. Manheim will periodically shoot at them 
    to hurt you. Steer clear as much as you can. 
    Take cover and shoot him. He'll retreat once he gets shot a few times, 
    so follow him and use the pews in the church to take cover. Keep 
    shooting him until you get a cut-scene. If you happen to get enough 
    adrenaline to do a shooting takedown, do so to make things easier.
    Once his health is depleted to a certain level, you'll get a hand-to-
    hand combat sequence. You know the drill.
    Once his HP is down to zero, you'll hit a checkpoint. Complete the 
    mini-game to end the level and complete the game.
    Description: Completed all campaign missions on Trainee
    Once you complete all 11 missions on Trainee difficulty, this will 
    unlock during the end scenes.
    Description: Completed all campaign missions on Agent
    You don't need to do this difficulty level at all. Just complete 
    assasin and this will unlock. 
    Description: Completed all campaign missions on Asssasin
    These difficulty achievements are stacked. So, if you complete the 
    game on Assassin difficulty during your first playthrough, you'll 
    unlock all three achievements at one go.
    The assassin difficulty is pretty tough, but there's an easy way to 
    complete this mode. This method is commonly known as the "assassin 
    trick" on the forums. 
    This is how the trick works. First, you'd need to start a new game. 
    Choose trainee as your difficulty level, and continue playing the game 
    until you reach the final checkpoint of the mission. After the final 
    checkpoint is saved, quit the game.
    You'll now be back at the start menu. Choose to continue campaign, and 
    the game will load the last checkpoint, which is the final checkpoint 
    of the mission you've just played. You'll get to choose the difficulty 
    level every time you load a checkpoint. Choose assassin now. The game 
    will load that checkpoint, with the difficulty level now changed to 
    From here, just complete the level.
    When the game loads the next chapter, quit again. Continue campaign 
    again, but select trainee as your difficulty level again. Play through 
    this chapter on trainee until, yes, you guess it, the last checkpoint. 
    Quit and load it on assasin and complete the level. 
    Continue to do this for all the missions. Each time you complete a 
    mission this way, the game will register that you've complete the 
    entire mission on assassin, even though you've only done one part of 
    it on assassin. Once you complete the last mission like this, this 
    achievement will unlock.
    It also means that you can do this from the onset, and get all the 
    difficulty achievements by playing through the game only once.
    The last checkpoints for each mission are listed below.
      The checkpoint is saved after you jump through the window when 
      fighting O'Connor. Quit, and reload to assassin here. You'll need to 
      engage the second part of the O'Connor fight on assassin, but it's 
      not difficult to defeat him with the usual X+Y = Takedown formula.
      The checkpoint is when you're alone on the boat. Quit and reload 
      here, and then fight the bunch of goons that appear before disposing 
      Solomon. This is just slightly tougher than the O'Connor fight. Use 
      blocks liberally to prevent from being hit too much, and counter with 
      bouts of X+Y and takedowns.
      The checkpoint is right when you bump into Solomon. Quit and reload, 
      and then defeat him to end the chapter.
      This one is easy. The checkpoint saves right after Divandelen's HP is 
      down to zero. He pulls a gun out and you'll get a mini-game. Quit 
      and reload on assassin, and simply complete the button sequence to 
      defeat him. Then, beat the time limit to the parachute to end the 
      The checkpoint is when the final 2:00 timer comes out (after the 
      flash-bang cut-scene). There's no need to fight at all. Just sprint 
      all the way to the end to finish the level.
      This is the second toughest final checkpoint in my opinion. It saves 
      after you enter the distillery. Stop to avoid the explosive attack 
      from the windows, and then take out the two enemies. I'd suggest 
      shooting the one on the balcony, and then engaging the other one 
      with hand-to-hand. Defeat him without using takedown so as to store 
      the adrenaline for later use. 
      Now, go into the room to lower the handle. The tough part here is 
      having to take out the two enemies here. One's on the left, and the 
      other's on the right. With the adrenaline saved from earlier, do a 
      shooting takedown to quickly dispose off one of them, and then shoot 
      the other. Run to the stairs now and hand-to-hand/ shoot the next  
      two enemies. 
      From here, just go up the stairs and sprint to the end of the level. 
      There's a time limit once you pull the handle, as you may already 
      know, so speed is key here.
      Very easy. The checkpoint is right after Castel's HP is down to zero 
      and when the mini-game loads. Quit and return to press the buttons 
      correctly, and you'll get the level over and done with.
      The checkpoint is after the cut-scene when Marie tells you to get in 
      front of the train. But you can probably do the entire level on 
      assassin since it's all about driving, and the difficulty doesn't 
      seem to alter that much. I didn't bother quitting after the Castel 
      fight, and completed this level wholly on assassin with no problems.
      The hardest of them all. This one comes at the four-minute timer. 
      Step-by-step walkthrough below. This walkthrough is written assuming 
      you didn't save enough adrenaline from before the checkpoint.
      1.  Shoot the guy right in front (he comes in from the right).
      2.  Shoot the sniper far ahead in front.
      3.  Take cover behind the next wall, and quickly aim left (LT out from 
          cover). One enemy will run out from the left wall. You should head 
          shot him if possible. If not, spam bullets till he dies.
      4.  Still on the same cover, move right this time. At the 10-11 
          o'clock direction, there's a sniper. You should be able to adjust 
          the camera until his infra-red sensor doesn't hit you, while you 
          can still hit him. Kill him.
      5.  Now, run out and hide behind the wall that's to the left of the 
          left flight of stairs. Two enemies will run towards your 
          direction. If you wait a while (I know there's a timer, but just 
          wait), one of them will run towards where you started. One will 
          hide just on top of the stairs. Head shot the one on the top of 
          the stairs. Somehow, the one who ran away won't hear the shot and 
          won't return to fight you. 
      6.  Run up the stairs quickly and hug the left wall. As you approach 
          the top left corner of the area, stop. One guy will run in to 
          fight you from the left. For this one, if you can shoot him, do 
          so. If not, hand-to-hand him to earn some adrenaline. I managed 
          to finish this level by shooting him, but there's no harm earning 
          some juice.
      7.  Run down the stairs on the left. There's a sniper ahead. If you've 
          enough adrenaline, you may want to use shooting takedown on him. 
          But I'd suggest saving the juice and simply run past him. It 
          saves time and he won't be able to shoot you once you run past 
          the area.
      8.  After you run past the sniper, you reach a right turn. Three 
          enemies appear. Two are without weapons, one is with a shotgun. 
          You'd need to position yourself back to the first area (where you 
          just ran past the sniper) so that the shotgun dude can't shoot 
          you. Hand-to-hand the two to death. Hopefully you can earn some 
          adrenaline here by not using takedowns, but I'd agree it's tough.
      9.  Go on and finish off the shotgun dude. 
      10. Final area. Hug the right wall. If you've enough adrenaline, do 
          a shooting takedown on the TWO snipers in front (very high above) 
          to save time. If not, just do your best to kill them. Your view 
          may be obstructed by trees.
      11. Once you get rid of the snipers, run. Run out to the open area, 
          to the right, and then up one flight of stairs. Immediately take 
          cover to the right - you should see one passport to the right of 
          the next flight of stairs if you still haven't pick it up. 
      12. From cover, aim at the top of the stairs where the helicopter is. 
          There's a sniper there. Kill him. There may be other enemies 
          running around but don't even be bothered with them.
      13. Run up to the helicopter to end the level. 
      I managed to do this part in about 2:40 after much practice. Try not 
      to worry too much about the time limit, and concentrate on the kills. 
      If you die, the time limit doesn't matter anyway.
      This one saves after the professor's HP is down to zero. Quit and 
      reload, and then complete the mini-game to finish this. Easy.
      Another easy one. The checkpoint is again after the boss' HP is down 
      to zero. Quit and reload, complete the mini-game, and you're done.
    A whole chunk of achievements in Bourne Conspiracy is dedicated to 
    takedowns. It's hardly a surprise, since takedowns is one of the core 
    gameplay of the game. See below for details.
    BRAWLER (15)
    Description: Defeat 50 opponents in hand-to-hand without performing a 
    See "Heavyweight".
    PUGILIST (25)
    Description: Defeat 100 opponents in hand-to-hand without performing a 
    See "Heavyweight".
    Description: Defeat 200 opponents in hand-to-hand without performing a 
    To successfully defeat an opponent without using a takedown, you'll 
    have to keep attacking him until he falls. Ignore the "B" (takedown) 
    prompt even when adrenaline is filled, and keep spamming attacks. Some 
    enemies take longer to defeat, while others go down with a few punches.
    As you proceed with the missions, you're bound to chalk up some kills 
    in this way. The good thing about this game is that when you pause the 
    game, you can access the "Achievements" menu to find out your achieve-
    ment progress. After you're done with the missions, use this feature 
    to find out how many more you need, and load the "Escape the Embassy" 
    At the beginning of the mission, you're surrounded by three enemies. 
    You're prompted to perform takedowns on them (your adrenaline meter is 
    full). Ignore the prompt, and choose to fight them all without using 
    takedowns. The enemies here are really weak, and two of them will go 
    down with just a couple of punches. The third one isn't that strong as
    well. You should be able to get three kills without using takedown in 
    about 40-50 seconds each time. 
    Once you're done, reload the checkpoint and repeat until you get all 
    the kills. This can be done once you unlock this mission, and you may 
    want to start right away to get the "Brawler" and "Pugilist" achieve-
    ments out of the way first. The choice is up to you, of course. 
    HARD SLOG (5)
    Description: Finish a mission without using any hand-to-hand takedowns
    This is pretty self-explanatory. You can do this on any mission, but you 
    may want to do this on a shorter mission to minimize the ordeal. I 
    don't really have a recommendation on which chapter to do this on though.
    I guess "Shipyard Infiltration" is the logical choice, since the enemies 
    are weaker here.
    Take note that to unlock this, you cannot use hand-to-hand takedowns even 
    during boss fights. This is why I wouldn't recommend doing this on 
    levels that have multiple bosses ("Assassinate Wombosi") or have time 
    limits on bosses ("Survive the Professor"). 
    I also read on it's possible to do this on the first mission, "Dangerous 
    Beginning", even though there's a mandatory multiple takedown tutorial 
    in it. It seems that the game doesn't recognize it as a "takedown" for 
    some reason (yet you can use that tutorial to rack up some kill counts for 
    "Living Weapon" and "30 Million Dollar Man"). Simply fight through the 
    other battles without using takedowns (including the boss fight against 
    O'Connor), and this should unlock. I've not tried this though, so if 
    you got this by doing so, please confirm that it works.
    Description: Finished a mission without using a shooting takedown
    Again, you can do this on any mission. I'd recommend doing it in 
    "Survive the Professor" though. You won't get any chance to do a 
    shooting takedown on anyone prior to the professor fight. During the 
    professor fight, when adrenaline is filled, DO NOT use a shooting 
    takedown. Instead, keep shooting at him as per usual to trigger the 
    fist-fight cut-scene. Finish the level and you'll get the achievement.
    Description: Finish off 50 opponents using shooting takedowns
    See "Bullet Master".
    Description: Finish off 200 opponents using shooting takedowns
    In the mission "Shipyard Infiltration", there's a tutorial on shooting 
    takedowns. You can't skip the tutorial, and each time you complete it, 
    you get three kills. There's also a checkpoint just before this, so you 
    can just reload the checkpoint after you get the three kills, and then 
    repeat the tutorial until you get the required number. 
    Note that the third kill you get in this tutorial also adds one kill 
    to your "Explosive Kills" count. You can make use of this to get the 
    "Collateral Damage" and "Massive Collateral Damage" achievements as 
    well. Talk about convenience.
    Description: Finish off 50 opponents using using hand-to-hand 
    See "30 Million Dollar Weapon".
    Description: Finish off 200 opponents using using hand-to-hand 
    Load "Escape the Embassy". You get full adrenaline by default, with 
    which you can do hand-to-hand takedowns on all three enemies right 
    there and then. Reload and repeat until you get the achievements 
    ONE-MAN GANG (5)
    Description: Take out multiple opponents with one takedown 3 times
    If you want this quickly, simply reload the checkpoint after the 
    bar fight in "Dangerous Beginning". You'll get a tutorial on multiple 
    takedowns after avoiding O'Connor's shots, in which you can do a take-
    down on two enemies at one go. 
    This should be one of the earliest achievements you'll get.
    Description: Take out multiple opponents with one takedown 30 times
    You should get this while doing "Living Weapon" and "30 Million Dollar 
    Weapon" using the "Escape the Embassy" checkpoint. Don't even have to 
    Description: Defeat 20 opponents with contextual takedowns
    A contextual takedown is achieved when you finish off an enemy by using 
    an object in the environment. For example, if you're near a chair and 
    you press B to do a hand-to-hand takedown, you'll end up lifting the 
    chair and striking it hard against the enemy. There are so many chances 
    to do contextual takedowns, you should end up getting this on your 
    first playthrough without even trying. Just make sure that you engage in 
    hand-to-hand takedowns very often and you'd have no problems.
    Description: Defeat 100 opponents with contextual takedowns
    Getting 100 contextual kills needs more persistence. You can reload 
    the bar checkpoint from "Dangerous Beginning" to help with the 
    numbers. Once you enter the bar, the first enemy you kill will always 
    be a contextual takedown (smashing his head against the jukebox). You 
    can continue fighting the rest of the enemies (three more). Try to 
    position yourself near bar counters, so that you can smash their heads 
    onto the counters for more contextual kills. Reload the checkpoint 
    repeatedly when you're done until you unlock the achievement.
    There are a couple of achievements involving shooting not relating to 
    takedowns. Some of them are directly related to shooting accuracy, 
    while others are basically accumulating registered shots.
    Description: Finished a mission with an accuracy below 10%
    You can pause your game at any time to check on your accuracy under 
    the "Achievements" menu. Getting this achievement is a matter of simply 
    firing as badly as you can. I got this by redoing "Shipyward Infilt-
    ration". Before the boss fight checkpoint, you've a checkpoint where 
    you've to beat a timer to escape the shipyard. Unload all your bullets 
    into the skies, and reload the checkpoint again to repeat the process. 
    After a while, your accuracy will go below 10%. From here, simply 
    don't use the gun anymore till the end of the chapter, and you should 
    get the achievement.
    Alternatively, you can also chalk up your misfiring the first time you 
    find an ammo crate in the same mission. Kill the enemy in the ammo shed, 
    and then keep firing in the ground. With an ammo crate around, you'll 
    have unlimited ammo to shoot badly to your heart's content.
    Description: Finished a mission with an accuracy of at least 75%
    See "Eye on the Target".
    Description: Finished a mission with an accuracy of at least 90%
    The easiest way to get this is on the "Survive the Professor" mission.
    After escorting Marie to the basement, go up stairs to pick up the 
    shotgun. Leave the house now and follow the linear path until you see 
    a blue propane tank. Shoot it (it's required to progress the level). 
    Accuracy: 100%.
    Follow on the linear path until you find a truck. Shoot the gas tank 
    on it to progress the level. 
    Accuracy: 100%.
    Continue on and there will be a mini-game to escape the sniper.
    You reach the outside of the barn now. Run towards the barn and then 
    climb up to the roof.
    Complete the mini-game to escape an explosion, and you'll have four 
    minutes to shoot the professor. Make sure you be careful with your 
    shooting here. Shoot him only when he stops running around. As long as 
    you land a hit on him, your accuracy will remain at 100%. 
    Once you build enough adrenaline to do a shooting takedown, do it. 
    This sends a crate onto him. 
    After the cut-scene, fight him hand-to-hand. Keep spamming X and Y 
    together to wear down his health fast and build adrenalin fast. Once 
    you can takedown, do so. Rinse and repeat until the final mini-game.
    Complete the mini-game to end the mission, and both "Good Shot Cluster-
    ing" and "Eye on the Target" will be unlocked. 
    DEADEYE (25)
    Description: Finished 3 missions with an accuracy of at least 90%
    Repeat the process in "Eye on the Target" two more times to unlock 
    Description: Destroy 10 explodables
    See "Massive Collateral Damage".
    Description: Destroy 50 explodables
    Explodables are things like propane tanks, gas tanks, etc. As you 
    progress in the game, shoot these items whenever you've the chance, 
    and you should get both these achievements without even trying, or 
    you'd at least be very close to getting your 50.
    If you want to rack up the scores quicker, consider redoing the 
    shooting takedown tutorial checkpoint tutorial. As I mentioned earlier, 
    the third shot you do in that tutorial will always be shooting at an 
    explodable, so you can add some numbers to your count when doing the 
    "Fancy Shooter" and "Bullet Master" achievements.
    LUCKY SHOT! (10)
    Description: Kill 25 enemies with headshots
    See "Laser Aim".
    LASER AIM (50)
    Description: Kill 150 enemies with headshots
    You should get "Lucky Shot!" when playing through the game without 
    even trying. Getting 150 headshots, however, takes more effort simply 
    because lining up a headshot is not an easy task. An easy place to get 
    an (almost) guaranteed headshot is in "Shipyard Infiltration". There's 
    a checkpoint right after you enter the factory, when an enemy will 
    come rushing into the room. Aim for the head and kill him, and then 
    reload the checkpoint as many times as you need to get the required 
    I know this sounds a little tedious, so if you've a better place to 
    rack up more headshots at a short time, please let me know.
    Passports are collectibles that are scattered all over the missions. 
    By collecting them, you unlock bonus features like movie clips in the 
    The passports are not difficult to find, but it's rather hard to pin-
    point their exact locations. There are plenty of guides that provide 
    the exact location of them, and I find Straxus_D's walkthrough on 
    GameFAQs.com to be the most detailed of them. I'd suggest you refer 
    to that guide for unlocking them.
    If you still can't find these passports when you think you're in the 
    location where they are, consider using Bourne Instinct (Y button) - 
    the passports will show up in yellow when this is activated.
    I'd also recommend that you get all these passports on your first 
    run through the game, and in sequence. It gets difficult to pinpoint 
    which ones you've missed if you just pick up whichever you find. Trust 
    me, I've been through that, and just finding the remaining few were 
    Note also that the passports are saved into your records once you 
    find them. If, after picking one up, you fail the mission, you do 
    not need to pick them up again since they won't be there. With this, 
    you can take your time finding the passports, and redo the mission 
    from the last checkpoint if you somehow fail it when finding pass-
    ports. The "Escape the Embassy" mission, for example, may be tricky 
    because the entire mission is on time limits.
    Description: Collected All Passports in Dangerous Beginning 
    There are five passports in this mission. Please check Straxus_D's 
    guide on GameFAQs.com for locations of them.
    Description: Collected All Passports in Shipyard Infiltration
    There are ten passports in this mission. Please check Straxus_D's 
    guide on GameFAQs.com for locations of them.
    Description: Collected All Passports in Assassinate Wombosi
    There are ten passports in this mission. Please check Straxus_D's 
    guide on GameFAQs.com for locations of them.
    Description: Collected All Passports in Eliminate Divandelen
    There are ten passports in this mission. Please check Straxus_D's 
    guide on GameFAQs.com for locations of them.
    Description: Collected All Passports in Escape the Embassy
    There are five passports in this mission. Please check Straxus_D's 
    guide on GameFAQs.com for locations of them.
    This one is trickier because there's a time limit throughout the 
    entire level. As suggested, you can always go for the passport, 
    fail the mission, and then redo the mission from last checkpoint. 
    Description: Collected All Passports in Silence Rurik
    There are ten passports in this mission. Please check Straxus_D's 
    guide on GameFAQs.com for locations of them.
    Description: Collected All Passports in Disarm Renard
    There are ten passports in this mission. Please check Straxus_D's 
    guide on GameFAQs.com for locations of them.
    Description: Collected All Passports in Surive the Professor
    There are five passports in this mission. Please check Straxus_D's 
    guide on GameFAQs.com for locations of them.
    Description: Collected All Passports in Treadstone Safehouse
    There are five passports in this mission. Please check Straxus_D's 
    guide on GameFAQs.com for locations of them.
    HOMEBODY (5)
    Description: Collected 5 Passports
    You'll get this if you find all passports in the first mission, 
    "Dangerous Beginning".
    Description: Collected 30 Passports
    If you find all passports leading up to the fourth mission, "Eliminate 
    Divandelen", and find five more in the mission itself, you'll unlock 
    this achievement.
    Description: Collected all passports
    This one takes more patience than anything. As mentioned, my advice is 
    to pick them up in sequence on your first run through, or they'll come 
    back to haunt you later when you forget which ones you had.
    I consider the guide complete at this point in time. I hope it's a 
    good help for people who're stuck, and a good read for those who just 
    wanted to read something. Feedback/ better ways to do achievements are 
    welcomed at the usual email address. 
    Version 1.00: Guide completed (8/20).
    ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)
    I'd like to say that I've done better than Prima/ Bradygames/ anyone 
    else that publishes game guides, but I know that a text document can 
    never look as appealing as a thick book with colorful pages. Neverthe-
    less, if you like this guide, and would like to contribute to my 
    continued existence in this world, you may send Paypal to the following
    lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com
    Copyright Lestor Wong 2008-2009.

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