Where is the best store to rob?

  1. I'm doing thieves guild quests and I need to find the best store / shop with the most expensive stolen goods.

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    JEBraq65 - 8 years ago

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  1. One of the best stores to rob is Red Diamond Jewelry located at the Market District of the Imperial City. He has especially high-priced jewelry located in the display cases.

    Simply robbing this store and selling all the loot should get you enough fenced goods for the entire Thieves' Guild Quest Line.

    Also, jewelry is light so you won't need to worry about encumbrance unlike armor/weapons.

    Problem is, all the containers have Very hard locks on them so you better be good at lockpicking. Then again, if you know how to pick locks, you can open Very Hard locks even at 5 security.

    Pickpocketing the Hamlof Red-Tooth for his key should help for some containers. Some display cases NEED the key to open.

    Also, Castle Chorrol has a Varla Stone you can steal that's in an unlocked display case. Just make sure no one sees you when you take it.

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  1. Any armor or sword shop has great amounts of money worth and u can sell non stolen goods to the fences and it still counts.

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  2. You can also sneak into a guard tower at night when the guards are sleeping and rob them. it's rather tricky, and you'll get caught a lot, so if you save your game after each successful lift, it'll work better. the guards won't bother you unless they see you steal. It's possible to get over $600 from one trip; supposing that you can get your fence to give you half the items value.

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  3. The entire market district is great. AzNsHaDoW553 is right. The Guilded Carafe is full of expensive potions and the Mystic Emporium has 2 magic items sitting out that are worth 750 all by themselves.
    Also, any Mages guild is great (if they are all sleeping) as long as you are not a member of the guild.

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  4. For the Thieves Guild, go to your first fence, Ongar, and raise his dispostition as high as possible. Then rob Bruma Castle, only enter the legal areas though, by selling everything worth atleast one septim you can easily make over one thousand gold, securing you all the future Thieves Guild quests

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  5. I like to take any jewelry, gemstones, etc. to the Market District Jewelry Store and sell them to the Nord there. Then I wait till 1-2 am and break in. Aside from all the items that you can steal downstairs, you can also head upstairs and pickpocket the sleeping Nord for all the stuff you've sold him in the past as well as his regular store inventory!

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  6. Or yet another semi easy way is to do the ayleid (sp) artifact quest for umbacano, then once hes dead take his keys go back to his house in the imperial city and takeback the ayleid statues you sold him... all 10, if you haggle with your fence so he buys back atleast %50 value, will get you over 1k gold fenced

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  7. This is a matter of opinion. I think that the best PLACE (not store) to rob is the Castle in Chorrol. Believe it or not, it is very easy to steal the Varla Stone in the case up the left stair from the enterance.

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  8. well, I was able to get up past 1k in one run at the magic store in the imperial city (not the staff store, the place you can buy spells (thats actually next door to the staff store)).

    AND 1k is more then you actually need for the entire questline!

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  9. In anvil there is a house titled Skooma den its a geat place to rob theres like 40+ bottles of skooma there great

    Downside not all bottles are stolen though but as 10kirbyt says you can sell non stolen goods as well GL.

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