How do i recharge my enchanted stuff?

  1. I have the sufferthorn from the dark brotherhood and it is already out of magic, i'm currently trying to recharge it at the mages in different citys but i don't know how to recharge it.
    (Were do I go to recharge it and how?)

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    ListerOvSmeg - 8 years ago

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  1. By having empty soul gems in your inventory, you can cast soul trap (apprentice level mysticism) on enemies and once they die, while the spell is still active, the greatest gem that can hold the soul gets filled, then you use that stone from your inventory. For humans however, you need black soul gems which are created from empty grand soul gems (or filled by you) then taken to a necromancer altar. There is a quest to do with this so I won't explain further.
    Another method is using mage's guild enchanters, every guild (including the university) has a mage which whom you can pay to recharge your enchanted weapons.
    A third method would be to use varla stones found in ayleid ruins, however since they recharge 'all' magic items, it pays to hold onto these stones until you gain several magic weapons.

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  1. Get a soul stone(i think that is what it is called. Then click it as if you wanted to equipt it. if the staff is in your inventory you can then use it

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  2. You need to learn a soul trap spell, and I think you need a 25 mysticism skill for that. You can get a basic one in Leyawin I think. Then you need an empty soul gem, or Azura's star if you do her daedric shrine quest, and you have to kill something you have cast the spell on before the spell wears off, then it's soul will fill the gem, and you can use the gem to recharge your stuff.

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  3. You can also pay to have them recharged from certain mages in the guild halls. Though this is rather expensive, so it's best ( I think ) to enchant a weapon with soul trap ( you can find a soul trap spell on a sigial stone* in the oblivion gates) then get Azura's star. Then, you'll trap the soul of every creature that you kill. And if you charge your soul trap weapon first, then you'll never need to worry about running out of charges.

    * The sigial stone you get from the oblivion gates is completely random, so if you save your game just before grabbing it, you can re-load and hold out for the one you really want.

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  4. To add to what phixieous said, once you are able to cast a soul trap spell of your own, if you are in the Mage's Guild and accepted to the Arcane University, you can make your own custom enchantments, for weapons, and then add a few seconds soul trap to them. You need a filled soul gem to do this though.

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  5. If you have any soul gem with any soul in it you can recharge the weapon by using the soul gem in your inventory. Otherwise you can go to mages guilds and there should be at least one person in there that can recharge your magical equipment for a price. It's an icon at the bottom, where the persuasion and barter icons are.

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  6. You can use a soul gem or go to the Mages guild and ask one of the people. They will only charge things at certain times similar to the shops in the imperial city.

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  7. I suggest varla stones or soul gems... i use the sword Umbra from one of the deadric quests

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  8. During the Mages Guild Quest, there is an Aylid Ruin with certain stones that refil your enchanted items completely. Very useful. The ruin starts with an A I think. To go to the ruin with out a quest, you'll need fire spell, ice spell, magic fortify, and magic decrease ( Or something like that ). BTW, the crystals aren't considered Soul Gems.

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