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    Runner Glyph/Bag Location Guide by Blood_XIII

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       This is a character guideline for the 79 characters in a line restriction
                  If you can see everything up there, you'll be fine.
    Due to varying circumstances and people giving me tips, I am now going to start
    accepting any and all donations that you readers are willing to give. I've
    never done this UP TO this point because I always thought it was pretentious
    and douche-ey, so I'm not EVER going to ASK you to donate, I'm only giving you
    the OPPORTUNITY to do so if you want. I don't care if you only wanna give me a
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    If you DO want to donate to me, please go to the link below:
            M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R
          R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R
          S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G
            E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I
              R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R
                O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O
                    R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R
                      O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I
      R                   R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G
      E M I                   R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S
        E D G                     E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I
        R R O R S                     E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E
          D G E M I R                       R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M
            I R R O R S E D G                       E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R
              O R S E D G E M I R R                     O R S E D G E M I R R O R S
              E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E                 M I R R O R S E D G E M
                I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D             G E M I R R O R S
                    E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O           R S E D G E M
                    I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M           I R R O R
                      S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S         E D G E
                        M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I       R R O
                          R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S       E D
                        G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R      
                        R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D    
                      G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O    
                      R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M                          
                    I R R O R S       E D G E M I R R O R                          
                    S E D G           E M I R R O R S E     D G E M I R R O R S E D
                                        G E M I R R O R   S E D G E M I R R O R S E
                                        D G E M I R R     O R S E D G E M I R R O R
                                        S E D G E M I     R R O R S E D G E M I R R
                              O R         S E D G E     M I R R O R S E D G E M I R
                            R O R S       E D G E M     I R R O R S E D G E M I R R
                        O R S E D G E     M I R R O   R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D
                      G E M I R R O R       S E D     G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I
                  R R O R S E D G E M       I R R   O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D
                G E M I R R O R S E D G     E M I   R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S
            E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E     M     I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R
          S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E         M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R
          S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M       I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S
          E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I       R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E
          D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R   O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E
          M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S   E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R
          R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S E D G E M I R R O R S
                                    Mirror's Edge
                                     VERSION  2.00
                            By: Rebecca Clover (Blood_XIII)
    ===============================TABLE OF CONTENTS===============================
    00. Version History......................[VER#]
    01. Disclaimer...........................[LEGAL]
    02. Introduction.........................[INTRO]
    03. Frequently Asked Questions...........[GFAQ]
    04. How To Use This Guide................[HOWUSE]
    05. Runner Glyph and Bag Locations.......[RGAB]
    ---5.1 Prologue - The Edge...............[PEDG]
    ---5.2 Chapter 1 - Flight................[1FLI]
    ---5.3 Chapter 2 - Jacknife..............[2JAK]
    ---5.4 Chapter 3 - Heat..................[3HEA]
    ---5.5 Chapter 4 - Ropeburn..............[4ROP]
    ---5.6 Chapter 5 - New Eden..............[5NUE]
    ---5.7 Chapter 6 - Pirandello Kruger.....[6PIK]
    ---5.8 Chapter 7 - The Boat..............[7BOA]
    ---5.9 Chapter 8 - Kate..................[8KAT]
    ---5.10 Chapter 9 - The Shard............[9SHA]
    06. Credits..............................[CRDIT]
    07. Contact Me...........................[CNTCT]
    =============================00. VERSION HISTORY=============================== 
    Saturday, November 15, 2008, 11:48pm --- {} Guide Started
    Monday, November 17, 2008, 01:18am ----- {} Ver. 0 (Rough outline) Complete
                                                [] Completed all Glyph and
                                                   bag locations
                                                [] Completed Disclaimer and
                                                   Introduction sections
                                                [] Added Version History, Credits,
                                                   and Contact Me sections
    Thursday, November 20, 2008, 07:33am --- {} Ver. 1.00 (Finished Guide) Complete
                                                [] Refined and reformed all Glyph
                                                   and bag locations
                                                [] Completed all sections 
                                                [] Double checked all lines for
                                                   79 character restriction
    Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 03:29pm --- {} Updated to Version 1.25
                                                [] Added Runner Glyph ASCII
                                                [] Fixed Achievement info and added
                                                   more to Trophy and Achievement
                                                [] Added info on obtaining the 3rd
                                                   bag in "Chapter 4 - Ropeburn" 
                                                [] Added full translation and
                                                   explanation of "Finis Coronat
                                                [] Added a list of sites the guide
                                                   is now allowed on
    Thursday, December 04, 2008, 05:47pm --- {} Updated to Version 2.00 (Revision)
                                               [] Added a Checkpoint Location for
                                                  all 30 Glyphs and Bags
                                               [] Added the "How To Use This Guide"
                                               [] Fixed and added A TON of stuff
                                                  including spelling, spacing,
                                                  information from readers, info
                                                  on a new "Disgruntled Runner"
                                                  message, a whole bunch of little 
                                                  things here and there, and (A
                                                  MAJOR FIX) found a break of the
                                                  79 character limit in my own
                                                  guide. :Shame:
    Saturday, December 06, 2008, 9:24pm --- {} Updated to Version 2.12
                                              [] Added info on the Tic-Tac-Toe
                                                 paper in Chapter 4
                                              [] Added Achievement info for the
                                                 "Hey, It's-a-me!" Achievement
    ================================01. DISCLAIMER================================= 
    This guide is mine and is copyright(c) 2008 Rebecca Clover
    This guide is not to be copied, reproduced, or edited under any circumstances
    except for personal and/or private use. This guide is not to be posted on any
    website except for those listed below: 
    - GameFAQs.com
    - Neoseeker.com
    - GamersHell.com
    - SuperCheats.com
    - GamesRadar.com
    - CheatPlanet.com
    This guide is not to be distributed in any other public manner UNLESS you have
    gotten permission from the author (Me). Any breach of aforementioned guidelines
    is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    I still reserve all rights to discontinue any site's hosting of this guide.
    ==============================02. INTRODUCTION=================================
    HI! I'm Blood_XIII, long time user of the GameFAQs site, first time guide 
    Throughout the world of Mirror's Edge, there are Runners who deliver packages
    to clients. These clients need Runners to deliver the information because the
    usual methods of package transfer are closely monitored by the City Protection
    Force (CPF), and... Well, let's just say some of these packages aren't exactly
    full of good intentions. The clients of the Runners are mostly activists and
    people against the city, so their clients can't afford to risk their packages
    falling into CPF hands. So instead the Runners deliver the packages for said
    clients. Runners use a distinctive yellow and black bag (Actually looks more
    like a plastic briefcase or something similar) to deliver these packages.
    However in order to keep the information safe, sometimes a Runner will leave
    the bags in a well hidden area for other Runners to later pick up in a sort of
    change of hands, and then complete the delivery. In a similar instance, a
    Runner may find themselves being tailed by the fuzz and decide to drop the bag
    in a safe place so that the package won't be confiscated if the Runner is
    caught. To notify other Runners that they are near a hidden bag, the Runner
    who stashed the bag will whip out their trademark Runner Vision-Red spray
    paint and leave behind what is known as a Runner Glyph (Keen observers will
    note that said symbol closely resembles the shape of Faith's right eye and
    the associated tattoo/eye shadow marking below).
    Personally, I believe that the Runner bags and Glyphs are super easy to find.
    Either DICE wasn't trying too hard to hide them or I spend too much time
    looking around instead of actually going on with the levels. :P
    Some people however are not as explorative and/or lucky as I am, and are
    having a bit of trouble finding the Runner Glyphs and their respective
    hidden bags, so since I have nothing better to do, I decided to write up a
    guide, which is what you are now reading.
    This guide (OBVIOUSLY) will tell you where to find and how to get to every one
    of the 30 hidden Runner Glyphs and bags in Mirror's Edge. I included the
    location of the Glyphs in this guide in case anyone wants to try to find the
    bags just from the location of the Glyph itself, and also because it makes it
    a little bit easier to guide the player from the Glyph. Not to mention that
    the guide would've been way small if it only had the location of the bags.
    As of Version 2.00, I have also added Checkpoint bag locations. These are
    simply a note for those who want to just start from the Checkpoint the bag is
    located in, instead of playing through the entire level for one bag.
    This is my first guide, so don't go b*tching about how shoddy it probably is.
    Due to varying circumstances and people giving me tips, I am now going to start
    accepting any and all donations that you readers are willing to give. I've
    never done this UP TO this point because I always thought it was pretentious
    and douche-ey, so I'm not EVER going to ASK you to donate, I'm only giving you
    the OPPORTUNITY to do so if you want. I don't care if you only wanna give me a
    penny or if you're loaded and wanna give me $100, it's entirely up to you.
    If you DO want to donate to me, please go to the link below:
    ========================03. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS=========================
    Okay, so I haven't gotten any questions yet, but I'm going to go ahead and post
    the questions that I think I'll hear alot and a few that my close friends have
    asked me when they were playing the game.
    Q: What the hell are Runner Glyphs and Runner bags?
    A: Did you even PLAY the game?! Just read the damn introduction.
    Q: Why should I care about collecting the bags?
    A: Other than OCD and something to do, collecting the bags will give you
       Trophies on the PS3 version and Achievements on the Xbox 360 version.
    Q: What Trophies/Achievements can I get by collecting the bags?
    A: [] Collecting all three bags in one level gives you "Bag Lady"
          (Bronze Trophy / 20 Achievement points)
       [] Collecting eleven bags gives you "Ran Out Of Fingers"
          (Bronze Trophy / 30 Achievement points)
       [] Finally, collecting all 30 bags in Mirror's Edge gives you "Packrat"
          (Gold Trophy / 80 Achievement points)
    Q: Can you tell me how to beat (Insert level here)?
    A: Um... Yeah. I CAN tell you how to beat it, but I'm not going to do so. This
       is a guide for the Glyphs and Bags, not the entire game. If someone hasn't
       written a full guide by January 31st, THEN I'll start work on a full guide.
       Until then, just stick to the message boards young padawan.
    Q: This game sucks / You suck / Your guide sucks.
    A: That's not even a question, and I sincerely hope that you get hit by a bus.
    Q: This game rocks / You rock / Your guide rocks.
    A: Not a question, but thank you very much, kind individual. You get a cookie. 
    ===========================04. HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE===========================
    Not that I've had anyone say my guide is hard to understand, in fact, I've
    gotten a ton of praise, Thanks everyone! However, just in case anyone does find
    my guide a bit confusing, here is a little tutorial of how to use this guide.
     /                                      \
    /     [CODE] Chapter # - Level Title     \
    (This is to notify the reader of which level they are about to see. The "X.X"
    represents the Section. [CODE] is to help readers go to a certain section
    quickly by using the Find (CTRL+F) function and inserting the brackets and
    their enclosed code. "Chapter #" of course is the number of the respective
    Chapter. Finally "Level Title" tells the reader the name of the respective
    Checkpoint: (This tells the reader what checkpoint they can begin from, just
    in case they don't want to play through an entire level to find one bag)
    Glyph X: (The "X" here represents the Glyph number for the level. There are
    three glyphs per level, so the "X" will be either "1", "2", or "3". This tells
    the reader how to reach a Glyph, which signifies that a Runner bag is nearby)
    Bag X: (The "X" here represents the bag number for the level. Like Glyphs,
    There are three bags per level, so the "X" will be either "1", "2", or "3".
    This tells the reader how to reach one of the Runner bags, usually being
    guided from the the bag's respective Glyph)
    ======================05. RUNNER GLYPH AND BAG LOCATIONS=======================
     /                                      \
    /       [PEDG] Prologue - The Edge       \
    Checkpoint: B
    Glyph 1: From the rooftop where a news helicopter swoops in to check out Faith
    (LOL, double meaning). Proceed through the door like usual and follow the
    hallway until you reach 3 sets of stacked boxes. The Glyph is to the left of
    the tallest stack.
    Bag 1: Due to story-progression reasons, it is impossible to miss this bag,
    but just in case you somehow found a way to miss it you need to jump onto the
    highest stack of boxes and do a 180 degree turn. You should see a concrete
    ledge, jump to it and hang from it, then look directly behind you and up
    slightly to see a duct. Jump over to it, grab onto it, and heft yourself up
    there. Look to the right, and you should see the bag on the duct with you.
    Checkpoint: B
    Glyph 2: After you drop out the duct and the lovely group of police starts
    telling you to drop the bag, proceed up the stairs as you normally would. When
    you plow through the FIRST door, instead of going to the SECOND door on the
    right, look left. The Glyph is on the wall, next to the small alcove holding
    the door you just came through.
    Bag 2: Looking at the Glyph, you should be able to see some steel shelving
    further to the right. Run to this end of the hall and face the shelving. You
    will see an empty spot that you can heft yourself up to. Now face left to the
    boxes and heft yourself on top of them as well. The second bag should be right
    in front of you, along with a sharpie-written message on the wall, reminding
    you to "VOTE POPE!"
    Checkpoint: C
    Glyph 3: When you're on the building with 2 cops that you have to get through
    (Before you jump to the blue fire escape on the next building over), deal with
    the first cop and head towards the second, who is standing on the blue walkway
    with springboard-able pipes in front of it. To the left of said walkway and
    pipes is a big metal box that I will refer to as an AC unit throughout this
    guide. The Glyph is in plain sight on the AC unit.
    Bag 3: Go to the left of the AC unit and run alongside it and you will see
    the stairs leading onto the blue walkway. When you reach the end of the AC
    unit, hang a right and go in-between the AC unit & stairs to the walkway.
    Walk up to the column supporting the walkway, swing right, take a few steps,
    and finally look left for bag numero tres.
     /                                      \
    /        [1FLI] Chapter 1 - Flight       \
    Checkpoint: A
    Glyph 1: This one is a little harder to find if you're not paying attention. 
    After jumping over the 2nd electric fence (But BEFORE jumping to the next
    building), you should immediately see a small building to the left, it has
    some ducts coming off it. Attached to the side that you can see there is a
    small white electrical box with two windows, head over to it and look on its
    left side to see the glyph.
    Bag 1: From our small white electrical box, look right and there should be a
    small stack (If you could call it that) of boxes. Jumping on top of these boxes
    provides just the leverage needed to wallclimb up this building, grab the
    ledge, and lift yourself to the top, so do just that. When you're up there you
    will see two ducts. Jump between them and look left for our next bag.
    A reader named Adam Ellison sent me a different way to obtain the bag, which I
    tested out for myself; From the glyph, go to the right side of the building
    where you will see a pair of ducts leading to it's roof. Go between them, face
    the building, and wallclimb-turn-jump. You will then be hanging from a bar 
    inbetween the two ducts. Do a 180 on this bar and swing-jump to the roof
    where the bag lies, awaiting Faith's hawt Eurasian body.
    Thanks Adam!
    There is also another sharpie-written message that this time simply reads
    "88.7". I have NO CLUE what it means or even what it could be related to
    (Maybe it's the radio station that the Runners listen to?). If anyone has some
    insight to this please let me know!
    Checkpoint: C
    Glyph 2: Our next Glyph shows up when you are running from the ever so fun
    helicopter that is shooting at you. Proceed until you have to jump onto a blue
    fire escape. To the right of the fire escape is a building with an awning. Jump
    over to the awning and the Glyph should be in plain sight on the wall of the
    building you now stand on.
    Bag 2: While on the awning and looking at the glyph, turn to the right. Unless
    you're at a bad angle, have the worst eyesight in the world, or happen to have
    an elephant standing in front of your TV, you should be able to see the bag
    plain as day.
    Checkpoint: E
    Glyph 3: After emerging from the underground parts of Centurian Plaza, you'll
    be in the open part where you should see at least one cop running at you. Head
    towards the red colored modern-art-sculpture-thing, just before the small set
    of steps leading to said sculpture, turn left. You should see a floor waxing
    machine. Go past it, staying to the left, look a little further left and you
    should be able to see the Glyph midways up a wall, just above a fence.
    Bag 3: Head towards the previously mentioned fence. You may need to turn the
    brightness on your TV up a little to help you see, or if you don't wanna deal
    with it then just look directly at the fence, focusing at the left end, and
    strafe around a bit until you see the bag. Hop your hot ass over that fence
    and grab the last bag of this chapter and the sixth bag of the game.
     /                                      \
    /      [2JAC] Chapter 2 - Jacknife       \
    Checkpoint: A
    Glyph 1: After the first big turn (to the left) in the canal, look for an
    opportunity to springboard up onto the walkway. Instead of taking said
    springboard to the right walkway, jump up onto the left walkway. You should be
    able to see the Glyph is on the wall in front of you.
    Bag 1: Staying on this walkway, go past glyph and run along the narrow path,
    staying to the left. You'll see an opened metal gate in front of you, go
    through it and head left into the alcove. The bag is right in front of you.
    Turn right after picking it up and you'll see a CPF promotional poster that
    once read "We're Family", however someone has x-ed it out and written "Serv
    and protekt??" in red. I'm no English teacher, but I'm damn sure that it's not
    proper grammar to have two question marks. Oh, and the spelling sucks too.
    Above that is yet another sharpie-written message that says "POPE R.I.P" with
    a small gravestone beside it. If you still can't find the bag, then at least
    know that if you've passed a second big turn, this time to the right, then
    you've gone too far.
    Checkpoint: C
    Glyph 2: Your next target is when you're in the part of the sewer where you
    have to jump the green walkways while snipers are trying to pick you off. While
    in this room, you should employ Ender's Game logic, and think of the area being
    oriented so that the brightly lit area is forward and the darker area is to
    your back. Get to the top area where you're jumping from one concrete
    column/platform to the other. Head to the side of the room with all the bright
    lights. Stop jumping when you're one column behind the set that has the
    ziplines. Start heading to the right and you'll eventually see a green platform
    with two snipers (Check +++ section below), if you didn't already headshot them
    yourself. The Glyph is on the left when facing the dark area, just before some
    springboard boxes.
    +++If the snipers are still alive, then this is a good chance to get the hidden
    Trophy/Achievement "Hey, It's-A-Me!!". To get this one, take aim at one of
    the snipers and jump down to him. Hit your attack button while still falling,
    you know you've got it when Faith's legs tuck up like she's doing a mid-air
    coil and she plants both feet on the guy's chest and slams him into the
    ground. Reaction time really helps to pull this off if you're having trouble.
    (Bronze Trophy / 10 Achievement points)
    Bag 2: Take that springboard to get yourself onto a swing bar, from which you
    fly over to another green platform, where the bag rests against a door.
    Checkpoint: E
    Glyph 3: After riding the crane's cargo platform out of the huge storm drain,
    jump over to the safety (You know... Cuz 50 cops shooting at you is SAFE) of
    solid ground. You should see an orange-ish railing in front of you. Head
    slightly to the right of that railing and you should see the Glyph on a white
    plank (board) of wood, which is leaning against a shipping container
    Bag 3: Go to the left of that shipping container and you should see a forklift.
    Go around that forklift to find the last bag of the chapter directly behind it.
    We're up to nine so far, only 21 left!
     /                                      \
    /         [3HEA] Chapter 3 - Heat        \
    Checkpoint: A
    Glyph 1: After dropping out of the first duct in this level, do not move,
    but instead look around. You should easily be able to see a small steel
    barrel with the Glyph on it.
    Bag 1: Still unmoved, look around for a stack of boxes, once you've
    found them, head over that way. The bag is behind the boxes, along with a
    weird kiddy-like drawing of the city skyline, a moon AND a sun together...
    And... Is that a GIANT MOUSE climbing The Shard?! WTF much?
    Checkpoint: C
    Glyph 2: After the damned helicopter leaves and you've dealt with the three
    cops on the rooftop that holds a small blue walkway, continue up the building
    and jump over to the next one like you normally would. On said next building,
    look for a fenced in area with some electrical watchamathings in it. Against
    the fence is a white pallet with the Glyph painted onto it.
    Bag 2: From the Glyph, head over to the left side of the fenced in electrical
    boxes. The bag should be just chillin' there (Wow, that sounds so much cooler
    in my head)
    Checkpoint: D
    Glyph 3: After jumping from the boom of the first crane down to the of the
    payload of the second, and then down to the soft landing area, dismount the
    softness heading towards door, and as soon as you are off the soft landing
    area, do a 180. The Glyph is to the left, on the thing that just saved your
    Bag 3: Jump back onto the soft landing area, and take a look at the crane
    right next to you. Pretty sweet looking, eh? It's cool, I know... Oh, AND
    there's a bag on it! Again look towards the door. You should see the crane's
    ladder. Jump over to it and to quote Jack Black, "Climb that sh*t!" Now head
    right following the walkway to the second ladder. Climb it as well and follow
    it's walkway to bag jyuu-ni... That's Japanese for twelve, in case you can't
     /                                      \
    /       [4ROP] Chapter 4 - Ropeburn      \
    Checkpoint: A
    Glyph 1: Get to the door that takes you inside for the first time in this
    level. Instead of going inside, look left and you should see a pipe. Jump onto
    it and climb up until you can jump over onto the awning to your left. The
    Glyph is practically right next to the pipe.
    Bag 1: Look at the Glyph, then look to the left. Bag is sitting on the ground,
    completely out in the open. Apparently the runner who stashed this bag got
    bored, because next to the bag is a piece of paper that someone has played
    Tic-Tac-Toe on. Also, the PROGRAMMERS must've gotten bored, because with the
    help of a few E-mails, I was able to read a small message below. The writing
    reads, "Things Meatloaf Would Do For Love". Below that is a pie chart where
    red is "Anything" and blue is "That". This is a reference to a singer named
    "Meatloaf", who is from somewhere back in the 70's, and his quite catchy song
    "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)". Give it a listen on
    iTunes or whatever you use to get music, it's a very awesome song.
    Checkpoint: C
    Glyph 2: After falling down the elevator shaft, locate the duct that you have
    to go through to proceed with the level. Don't go through it, but face it and
    then do a 180. From there, walk forward until you can see the left wall past
    the elevator that fell with you. In the corner of the left wall and the wall
    opposite the duct is the Glyph.
    Bag 2: This one is hell to get to, especially on hard mode. Wait until the cop
    opens up the elevator doors above the Glyph. You have to get through him to
    get the bag. Best strategy I used was to climb onto the elevator that fell
    with you, and then do a flying kick into the CPF retard (Wallclimb-turn-jump
    attacks off the wall in front of him work too, but it gives him a clear line
    of fire and it doesn't work everytime). An easy alternative is to just grab
    onto the ledge below the doors BEFORE the guard has a chance to open it. As
    he does so, keep hiting the jump command and youll climb in front of him,
    where you have about 1.5 seconds to hit him before he reacts. Once he's out
    of the picture, get into the tiny and dark-as-hell room he was guarding. The
    bag is to the right, under the only light in the room. Behind the bag is
    another sharpie message, this one reading "I <3 88.7" (Again with 88.7, what
    the hell does it mean?)
    Checkpoint: D
    Glyph 3: When you're in the subway station and you drop down to the tracks for
    the first time, climb the ladder, balance walk across the small I-beam, and go
    through the small duct like any other time. BEFORE YOU DROP TO THE LOWER
    WALKWAYS, look ahead and you will see some bars that you can swing off of, and
    beyond them is a small hallway. If you fall, just place yourself under the
    lowest of the three bars and face the fence before the subway tracks. Jump
    onto the handrails connected to the walkway you're on, and then
    wallclimb-turn-jump onto said bar. You can also get to the lowest bar by
    doing a wallrun-jump on the opposite wall, but I personally find it more
    difficult. Once you make it to this hallway, there will be a corner that turns
    right. From that point you can see another duct across a gap, but that's not
    your objective. When you can see said duct, turn to the right and you should
    see the Glyph on the wall.
    Bag 3: Right of the Glyph are some electrical conduits, don't worry, they're
    safe. Face them and look up a little ways to see some a metal support holding
    the conduits in place. Jump to it and Faith should grab onto and hang from it.
    Look right and you will see another message gone wrong, this one asks,
    "Calahan are you MY FREND" and has a mouse pictured next to it. Jump to the
    ledge above the literary abomination, and the bag is right there. WHOO!! 15
    BAGS!! You're halfway there! Keep it up!
    Just as a side note, did anybody else notice that the janitor’s office in
    this level has a crappy homemade "Janitor of the Month" diploma hanging on
    the wall with TONS of spelling mistakes? Also he has a pet mouse that is
    obviously named Scruffy (As we can infer from the note that says
    "FEED SCRUFFY" and has a picture of a mouse in a cage). Hmm...
    Horrible spelling mistakes in the messages... Pictures of a mouse near several
    (Anyone with further insight please let me know)
     /                                      \
    /       [5NUE] Chapter 5 - New Eden      \
    Checkpoint: B
    Glyph 1: After you finally get back onto the rooftops, proceed like normal
    until you get to a roof with a yellow walkway/platform. Walk onto said yellow
    thing and look right to see an AC unit. Climb on top and you should see a pipe,
    which you need to jump onto and climb to a good enough to clear the gap between
    this pipe and the AC fans to the left. From the fans, wallrun over to the next
    building. the place you're looking for has 2 AC units side-by-side behind a
    barbed wire-rimmed fence. Go towards that barbed fence, and look to the right.
    You should see an area that is between a building and the fence. The Glyph is
    on the wall that connects the two.
    Bag 1: Wallrun-turn-jump-coil over the fence or just hop on small structure
    that connects to the fence, and drop into the fenced in area. The bag is
    blatantly placed between the AC units. On one of the units is a piece of
    paper that reads "Life is nether good nor evel, only PLACE for good AND EVIL"
    and has a picture of a mouse in a cage with "Scruffy" written below it (OH MY
    GOD, THE UNEDUCATED JANITOR MUST BE A RUNNER!). Another sharpie-written
    message says what we were all thinking. "Whoever leaves these stupid things
    PLZ STOP!!"
    Checkpoint: C
    Glyph 2: After performing the zipline transfer worthy of a circus act, continue
    from the rooftop you end up on, and jump over to the next building. There
    should be some AC units in front of a fence that you are supposed to slide
    under. Before doing so, look at the wall to your left and :GASP: It's a Glyph!
    Bag 2: Heft Miss Funbags onto the AC unit to the left of the Glyph and do a
    180. I spy with my little eye something that is yellow. Wallrun over to the
    water-tank-thing and get that bag.
    Checkpoint: C (Unfortunately, starting from D places you on the opposite side
    of an unopenable door, behind which is the bag)
    Glyph 3: After you've entered the mall, get to where you have to swing from a
    bar into a duct. Go through this duct and fall at the first opening you come
    to. The Glyph should be on wall a good ways ahead of you.
    Bag 3: Head into the garage like area. See the big truck? Good. Go to the
    front of it, jump onto the cab and the bag before you in all of its glory.
    Underneath the bag is yet again one of the lovely depictions of a disgruntled
    Runner (Didn't someone JUST RECENTLY ask him to STOP?!). This one features a
    mouse in a cage, that has an eye at both of the cage's top corners. Guarding
    (Patrolling, conversing, waiting-to-execute, I don't know...) the cage are
    three CPF stick people... Yeah, I don't get it either (As a note, this drawing
    may only appear AFTER you have obtained the bag and gone through the level to
    this point again). This brings us to a grand total of 18 bags. Now get ready,
    cuz this business of finding Glyphs and bags is about to get a hell of alot...
    Easier, actually.
     /                                      \
    /  [6PIK] Chapter 6 - Pirandello Kruger  \
    Checkpoint: A
    Glyph 1: The first bag is near start of level. When you get to the area where
    you would normally wallrun over to the zipline, DON'T. Instead, face right and
    head down 2 flights of stairs. At the bottom of the second flight of stairs,
    look to the right and you should see the Glyph on the wall, right next to an
    orange tarp. 
    Bag 1: Jump over the concrete railing to the duct below that orange tarp.
    Follow this duct for short distance and you will drop down to a lower part of
    the same duct. From there you need to run a little bit, and then wallrun over
    to the building ahead. In case you missed it, do a 180 and the bag should be
    right in front of you, along with some splatters of red paint (Or blood...)
    on the ground.
    Checkpoint: B
    Glyph 2: After you open the door to the room where a ton of CPF Mo-Fo's are
    unloading on you, go through the area as you would normally. After doing the
    wallrun-jump onto a duct, then over onto a walkway, head into the office that
    said walkway is connected to. Once inside, look to the right. The Glyph is on
    the wall in-between the window and a door.
    Bag 2: Walk down the semi-dark hallway ahead. Note the shelving on the left 
    side? Go to the last shelf and look down. Y'all see dat? Gettin' baggy wit'
    it. (OMG, someone kill me before I make a complete idiot out of myself)
    Checkpoint: C
    Glyph 3: When you get to the conveyor belt area, proceed as usual and jump the
    fence into the second area (The place with an arseload of Pirandello-Kruger
    boxes). head forward a short distance and hang a right. You should see a
    forklift. Staying to the right of it, go past the forklift and look at the last
    line of platforms holding boxes, the top right box on the second tier has our
    Bag 3: See the Glyph? look right. See the big@$$ "A1" painted on the wall? Go
    into that corner. Put your back to the boxes and wallclimb-turn-jump into the
    alcove. The bag is again in plain sight. To the left of where you landed is a
    bunch of copies of the same picture. All of them feature someone standing on a
    rooftop, circled and question mark-ed in red. Now we're up to bag duo-ichi
    (HAH! Latin AND Japanese!), which if you need a hint, is more commonly called
    Blackjack, or if you're REALLY slow, then here's a math quiz for you: 10+11=?
     /                                      \
    /       [7BOA] Chapter 7 - The Boat      \
    Checkpoint: A
    Glyph 1: This one is practically right in front of you as soon as you start the
    level. Once you have control, drop to the ducts in front of you, turn right and
    you'll see a bar. Jump over to it and swing off of it onto some AC fans. Drop
    down to the blue awning below you and head to the end of it. Just before the
    end, look to the right, where you will see the Glyph on the wall of the
    Bag 1: Even easier. From the Glyph just drop to the street below and look
    around for a forklift. Once you've found it, go up to it and turn right to
    find the bag.
    Checkpoint: B
    Glyph 2: The second is after you've gotten on the boat. Just after the first
    area full of CPF retards, you have to jump onto a pipe, climb up it and
    turn-jump over to a duct, which leads you into a small area full of ducts and
    pipe work. Follow the duct you jumped onto from the pipe, and you should easily
    see the Glyph on the end of this duct.
    Bag 2: From the glyph, look to the right and you'll see another duct. Jump to
    that duct and do a 180, facing back the way you came from. Walk alongside
    this duct until the metal grated flooring below you ends, then jump onto the
    duct. Stay to the right so you don't fall off and simply follow this duct's
    path as it turns left into a small area with the bag awaiting you at the end
    of the duct. Along with the bag is a rather cryptic message that asks, "Are
    the trackers organizing? Is anyone?"
    Checkpoint: D
    Glyph 3: Slightly annoying if you don't work well under pressure. Upon emerging
    onto the deck of the boat (Where our favorite mystery friend is taking quite
    accurate pot shots at your skull), head to the right and follow the wall, which
    turns left after a short distance. After this turn you will see a mechanical
    unit of some sort, head for this object of cover and turn right. You should be
    able to see the Glyph, which rests upon the inner wall of the boat's railing.
    Bag 3: From your place of cover, look slightly right and you will see an open
    doorway. Head in there and then go left. There are some small steel barrels
    and a tiny stack of boxes, behind which lie the 24th bag of the game.
     /                                      \
    /         [8KAT] Chapter 8 - Kate        \
    Checkpoint: A
    Glyph 1: Once you've gone inside for the first time in this level, follow the
    hallways until you can see the elevator in front of you. Look on the left wall
    to see a whiteboard, on which lies the Glyph.
    Bag 1: Looking at the Glyph, do a 180 and you should see a stack of boxes. Go
    over and look behind them to find the bag. (Is it just me or is this getting
    WAAAAAY to easy?)
    Checkpoint: C
    Glyph 2: Upon your entrance into the atrium (The place where you have to scale
    up a bejeesus load of scaffolding and concrete supports), look slightly right
    and you should see a small pile of pipes. Go over to them and turn left. There
    will be a sandbag near some scaffolding, and it just so happens to have a Glyph
    on it!
    Bag 2: Go jump onto that sandbag and face the yellow tarp-like material it's
    pushed against. Do a 180 and you will see a platform. Jump over to it and
    there will be a metal wall in front of you. Wallclimb-turn-jump from this wall
    and you will land right in front of the yelow-ey goodness that is a Runner
    Checkpoint: C (Sadly, starting from D places you on the floor of the room with
    the rifle, giving you no way back up to the ducts)
    Glyph 3: After FINALLY scaling the atrium and jumping into the duct, continue
    onwards until you drop down into another section of duct. Progress forward and
    you will easily see the Glyph resting on the left wall of the duct.
    Bag 3: The Glyph lies at intersection of the ducts. With the Glyph still at
    your left, you can go either left or straight ahead. Take that path dead ahead.
    When you reach the end of this path, turn left and you will find someone's
    lunchbox... Oh wait, that's a Runner bag! Well, you've only got three more to
     /                                      \
    /       [9SHA] Chapter 9 - The Shard     \
    Checkpoint: A (Stupidly enough, starting from B causes the door that you
    normally blow up to return to it's hinges, and even though the door is red, it
    will not open for you)
    Glyph 1: After passing through the first red door you will find yourself in a
    long hallway full of blue pipes. Go down this hallway until you are directly
    under the first overhead light. look to the left and thar be teh Glyph on the
    Bag 1: Aim to the right of the Glyph, wallclimb-turn-jump into the overhead
    area, then look to the right. Paper, plastic, or Runner bag?
    Checkpoint: C
    Glyph 2: After the small cutscene with Miller (Or at the very start of
    Checkpoint C) you will be in big room with "Finis Coronat Opus*" written at
    both ends. Turn right from where you enter, and head to the wall. When you
    reach the wall turn left and you should see a solitary red chair just ahead of
    you. Go up to it and look right at the wall next to the chair to find the
    Bag 2: I swear this is just getting easier. Springboard off the chair to the
    balcony directly behind it, where you will find the bag in plain sight before
    *"Finis Coronat Opus" literally translates to "The End Crowns The Work", which
    can be read as "The End Justifies The Means", and most likely refers to how
    Pirandello Kruger and the CPF have severely limited personal freedom in order
    to create a safer city.
    Checkpoint: D (Starting from E places you outside and puts the metal grate BACK
    ONTO the duct, thus hindering your backtracking plans)
    Glyph 3: Just after the area where you go from swing bars to ducts to swing
    bars again and back to ducts again and all over the place, proceed into the
    duct as you normally would. Continue on until you drop down into a lower
    section of the duct. Without moving, you will see two possible paths; One left
    and one right in front of you. Go to the left path and follow this duct until
    you turn right.Just after the duct turns look on the left wall and you will
    see the final Glyph.
    Bag 3: Directly above the Glyph is a tall duct, which allows you to stand at
    full height again. Facing the Glyph, wallclimb-turn-jump to the duct above.
    Once you're up there turn to the left. You'll see a huge message dramatically
    asking, "WHERE IS NOVEMBER???" (For anyone who is confused, November IS NOT a
    person, but instead refers to the November Riots that you can see mentioned
    throughout the screens in the elevators in-game). Walk up to that message and
    turn right, where you will see the final bag at the end of the path.
    CONGRAT-U-FRICKIN-LATIONS!!!!!!! You, my friend, have just found EVERY ONE of
    the 30 Runner Glyphs and obtained ALL 30 Runner bags in Mirror's Edge! You
    will now receive the "Packrat" Trophy/Achievement, and sense of satisfaction
    from the (Not-so) difficult feat you have just accomplished.
    =================================06. CREDITS===================================
    Personal Thanks to:
    [] DICE & EA Games - For making a truly kickass and beautiful game.
    [] Myself - I wrote this damn thing, so I have the right to praise myself.
    [] Orient Express - The awesome Chinese Takeout I ate while writing this guide.
    [] Maximum The Hormone - The band I listened to while writing this guide.
    Special Thanks to:
    [] Vidiot (Shawn Brandvold) - For the simple yet EXTREMELY helpful idea to
       include the Chapter Checkpoints for each bag's location.
    [] virgil00 and Nick Cooper - For confirming that the Achievements and
       Trophies are the same, and for giving the value of the Runner
       Bag-related Achievements.
    [] darkevildruid, Artemas, Giorgio, Jack Vigil, and Kenny Huguenard - For
       helping in the translation of "Finis Coronat Opus".
    [] Marty - For the awesomesweet ASCII Art of the Runner Glyph.
    [] Fetus Zero, sephiroth97uk, dargon, tronvillain, Greg Walterscheid, and Josh
       Heilbrun - For providing info on how to get back on the damned bars before
       the 3rd bag on Chapter 4 - Ropeburn; Big thanks, guys.
    [] Sean Powers - For telling me the gamerpoint value of the "Hey, It's-a-me!"
    [] Elfin Glade & Mandy Greenleaf - For informing me of the rather difficult to
       see writing on the bottom of the Tic-Tac-Toe paper.
    ================================07. CONTACT ME=================================
    My E-mail Address is Hellsharingan13@yahoo.com, this is also my YIM address.
    My AIM Name is xBloodXIII, but I prefer to be contacted through my E-mail.
    If you send me an E-mail, be sure to put something like "Mirror's Edge Runner
    Glyph and bag Guide/FAQ". I get nearly 200 E-mails in a week, and since I have
    no internet where I live, I can only get on when I go to a coffee shop about 10
    miles away (I live in the fricking middle of nowhere in Kentucky... Go figure),
    So I only get online about once, twice, maybe three times a month. So if you
    don't title it properly IT WILL NOT BE SEEN.

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