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"Viva Pinata Not much fun, not much fun!"

Viva Pinata Party Animals Review

I've never watched the show, however I enjoyed the first Viva Pinata game. I didn't really enjoy this one. The series should have stuck with the Sim like feel, but instead it went towards the party genre, which just isn't working out for me.

The characters you can play as are limited. Only a selection of eight? Really? After we experienced so many in the Viva Pinata game, I was expecting more then eight characters, especially since they are basically the same breed just a different gender. In a party game, I would expect a big selection of everything.

Then, after you pick your character you compete in a race. Since there are no story modes, you can only pick from different amounts of races and mini games you want to play- which get boring after awhile.

Racing is really cheesy. The pinatas don't seem like they belong on a race track, and the power ups are really dumb and don't seem to help at all. There are shortcuts- but if you do not know where they are before hand they are really hard to find. Also there are only a select amount of races and many of those you very rarely play on since races and mini games are chosen randomly if you are not in practice mode.

Some of the mini-games are horrendous, but there are many really fun games available here. There are tons to choose from, and will take awhile before you start getting the same game over and over again.

If you can ignore the races and get over the fact you are not playing a game like the first Viva Pinata, this game can be enjoyable for a few hours. It has nice graphics, the announcers are entertaining, and many of the huge selection of mini games are enjoyable- for atleast a play or two. There is multiplayer, but it has the same feel of the single player except you may not be able to win every race.

In the end, Party Animals, while not horrible, does not do justice to the good Viva Pinata name. It is worth a rental, but no more then that. Mini-games can only entertain for so long, especially these, and the lack of any kind of story with an overall really easy difficulty to go with this really seals the deal for a short game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/26/09

Game Release: Viva Pinata: Party Animals (US, 10/30/07)

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