What should i use most, Harvester or Chaoseater?

  1. The Chaoseater can provide you with Chaos form and when your in Chaos form, You are indestructible!
    Harvester is said to do some damage and i think it gets more souls or something.
    Plus it looks cool.

    User Info: AncientGameR666

    AncientGameR666 - 8 years ago

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  1. On minibosses use the Chaoseater, it cant be beaten in single damage. Just dash attack targets, then slash into the air, do a few airhits and summer salt hit them on the way down. Or just dashattack and dash away depending on the miniboss.

    For nearly EVERYTHING else (besides the flying women with the dual swords) just round up the mobs and spam Deaths Rage (?) with the Harvestor (RB+Y) and tornado them around you. You can basicly spam this without taking any damage and anything getting close gets sucked into it. Rince repeat and you get a TON of souls.

    Also note that the Harvester gest you more souls then the default scythe, and that about 2 bosses into the game you get a weapon attachement that increases souls gathered with the scythe even more.

    User Info: Styreta

    Styreta - 8 years ago 5 0


  1. The reason they're in the game is to add some variety to the weapons you get to use. Since you can switch weapons mid combo you can use them both all the time! This is truly a question that you should answer for yourself, based simply on which ever one you like more. I'd assume they'll both be useful in different situations.

    User Info: zAk420

    zAk420 - 8 years ago 2 2
  2. I find it useful to use when your fighting a large group of weak enemies, (Zombies ect.) Though they can still hit you inbetween charges but not very often. The trouble with this strategy is when stronger enemies come at you with the zombies. such as the demon dog things, (they can do a leap slash move which interepts charging your RB + Y scythe attack) for difficult/ painful creatures such as those huge acid guys, i recommend finding some lava, get them in close then dodge them and get behind followed by a couple blows by your horn to blow them in there and kill instantly. On my way to Tiama or what ever her name is i actually came up to 1 of them and some of those skeleton centurian guys. i actually got them to follow me into lava, (i grabbed onto a ledge and went into the middle for saftey) But i defenitly use Chaoseater the most just because all other weapons to this point attack too slow and there are more cominations you can use for Chaoseater. My personal favorite is getting them in the air and slashing the crap out of them because it gives you some cover from other enemies.

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  3. This is more of a personal question than one that involves definite game tactics and strategies. Use whichever weapon you prefer although *SPOLIER* later in the game you exchange the Chaoseater for the Armaggedon Blade which comes fully leveled. Best advice, concentrate on using the Harvester and Tremor Gauntlet in order to level them the same as the Armaggedon Blade as well as to get the achievement.

    User Info: collinds

    collinds - 8 years ago 0 0

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