How do you beat the griever on darksiders?

  1. He has a big blue crystal on his belly but you cant get close to him, Ive tried using the throwing star but cant beat him, help please!

    User Info: cfrank1974

    cfrank1974 - 7 years ago


  1. Break the blue crystals that are blocking the train with the gauntlet you received earlier. Then push the train into him by powering up your gauntlet (you have to hold B, of course). Then run up to him and smash the blue crystal that's in his chest with your gauntlet. Once that's broken off, you continue to throw the train at him and continue running up to him to hit the exposed area. Good luck :)

    User Info: akboggs

    akboggs - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Akboggs is right thats very effective, however a much easier way is to save your chaos and as soon as you break off the crystal on her run back and grab the train charge and send it back she'll be getting up as it hits her and floor her again run back down and enter chaos form and you can kill her before she even gets back up

    User Info: Ruins_Rider

    Ruins_Rider - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. READ THIS (This will walk you through the battle)

    First, You must break all of the huge ice like things by holding [Y]. Then, You go to the train cart and Hold [B] And [Y] to charge the tremmor gauntlet which will slam into the geiver, making him stummble a litte. Once that is done the greiver slams on the walls around him, which creates giant bolders to fall from above you. Wait until the griever stops slamming on the walls until you Slam the train cart on the greiver again. Then once he falls down Run up to the ice that is blocking her weak spot and punch it twice with the tremmor gauntlet (press [Y] Twice). Repeat this cycle until she dies (But only the next time he falls use your sword (Press X repeatively) or use chaos form (LT+RB) to unlesh a load of pain on the greiver.

    User Info: StagKahz

    StagKahz - 6 years ago 0 0

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