Review by Skittled_one

Reviewed: 01/11/10

If Link could dismember people . . .

This game follows War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse as he adventures. I'm leaving out detail to avoid spoilers and this is my first review on this site. If I could compare this game to any other I would have to say the Zelda series, but with Devil May Cry 4 or GoW combat. The level layout and feel of the game is much darker, but very similar to the Zelda games.

Game play- 9
The game play on this game was great. Not only was the combat difficult, but so were the puzzles. If you enjoyed God of War less than Portal, then you should look here, because some of the puzzles in this game were incredibly difficult. Most of the time the puzzles would lead you from place to place, with some demon-beating in-between to break up the sequence. Then out of the blue you'd be riding an angel-dragon through a river of fire. The game had a nice way of making the level seem unbeatable and annoying and then bringing you to a boss. The combat was very GoW, with some interesting different weapons. The only problem I have with the game play is the lack of useful powerups. You can find a plethora of new weapons and items throughout the entire game, but most of the fell short when used next to your sword, which you start ou with.

Sound- 6
It wasn't really amazing or really awful. Just music in the back ground and suspense in the cut scenes. No god-awful voice acting at least, that's a relief.

Graphics- 8
The graphics are good for what they are intended to be. I will say that this game isn't the realistic graphics of Fallout 3, but at the same time isn't the cell shaded Borderlands. If you don't mind that, then they are fine. The attacks look cool, and everything runs smooth, but nothing that'll blow you out of the water.

Story- 8
The story in this game is thought out, but to me it feels like they could've done more. I think that the whole three powers of the universe was a really neat idea, but it felt that so much more could've been done. In terms of what was done, not much to complain about. The betrayals and underhand dealings are a clever twist, but I'll save that for you! Also the watcher was an interesting addition to the game . . . ("Hey! Over here!")

Overall- 8
Please note however, I have never, and will never rate a game as a ten.
Ten implies a perfect game, which doesn’t exist. It never will.
So this game is pretty darn good!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Darksiders (US, 01/05/10)

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